FCID serving political agendas? If not , why Dilan the ace crook even confirmed by Auditor General not arrested? -12 grave charges of frauds against him.!

(Lanka-e-News -19.Oct.2016, 7.20PM) We are herein revealing an incident which makes one wonder whether the allegation made by the president recently that the Institutions conducting investigations are working according to political agendas are indeed tr Read more >>

Last updated :   21-10-2016

Retired army officers trusted by Rajapakses paid out of Intelligence division slush funds under spurious names for committing murder !

(Lanka-e-News -18.Oct.2016, 9.00PM) Following the incident in which an Army sergeant major Edirisinghe Jayamanne ,… Read more >>

Bribery Commission GM Dilrukshi quit because of president‘s odious speech ?

(Lanka-e-News -18.Oct.2016, 8.20PM) The Commission GM of the Commission investigating allegations of Bribery and Corruption,… Read more >>

President promised to Amaraweera he would protect Rajapakse family ! (video)

- Maithri’s speech draws heavy flak; remove defense secretary and army intelligence chief forthwith – Prof. Wijesuriya

(Lanka-e-News -16.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) In a book published by an M.P. of president’s national list it is mentioned that Maithripala Sirisena after becoming the president gave a promise to Mahinda Amaraweera that he would protect the Rajapakse family , and Read more >>

2 hours discussion between president Maithri and culprit Gota ! Maithri’s ‘cyanide’ tale and how he burnt his tail..

(Lanka-e-News -15.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) President Maithripala Sirisena the ‘great villager’ who had never heard of the tale of of the long living prince ‘ look far without looking near’ even when his aachi (grandmother) was feeding him , related a ‘ cyani Read more >>

Reason behind president’s inflammatory speech known ! Impeachment imminent as attempts are made to rescue criminals !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) Lanka e news inside information division has been able to track down the reason behind yesterday’s odious and offensive speech of president Maithripala Sirisena which compromised the Independent Commissions including t Read more >>

Leaders of Civil Organizations who made Maithripala president up in arms against his speech defending Gota !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Oct.2016, 7.20PM) The leaders of Civil and professional organizations who were in the vanguard to steer incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena to victory at the last presidential elections have expressed their bitter and fierce opp Read more >>

Social media engulfed by Pyramid disaster..! Facebook enthusiasts beware..!

(Lanka-e-News -11.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) A corrupt ‘Pyramid scam’ like campaign is on a wild spree after having crept into the space of ‘face book’ which is most popular in Sri Lanka (SL) .This scam is being publicized via diverse methods in different co Read more >>

Joint opposition alias ‘joint self destruction’ rally lusterless !

Mahinda unable to win on votes, says will win by changing sheets in parliament

(Lanka-e-News -09.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) The deposed discarded Mahinda Rajapakse who is fully aware that he can never ever win at elections , in desperation said yesterday(08) , he would change the sheets in parliament , and form a government . The Machiav Read more >>

True story behind Gota’s ‘security conference tour’ of China…. Is this Good governance ?

(Lanka-e-News -06.Oct.2016, 11.00PM) It is an unequivocal fact that lawless Gotabaya Rajapakse was all along a byword for murder and mayhem during the Rajapakse nefarious decade , while he was the defense secretary under the Rajapakse brutal and corrup Read more >>

Kaduwela MC and UNDP kick start Waste to Energy Project

Co-Financed Project looking at Effective Solid Waste Management to Generate Bio Gas Energy

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Oct.2016, 4.45PM) The United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) entered into its first Government Co-Financed project with the Kaduwela Municipal Council to effectively manage solid waste in the area to generate bio gas energy.... Read more >>

True war heroes frown on corrupt cardboard heroes who insulted the medals !

(Lanka-e-News -03.Oct.2016, 10.30AM) Seven former high rung officers of the forces were hauled up before Colombo High court yesterday (30) on charges of causing loss to the government. It is most significant to note ,this is the first time in Sri Lanka ‘ Read more >>

‘Public opinion plays a crucial role in modern Democracy; freedom to form public opinion is of great importance’- Three judge bench including CJ

-Fatal blow to those stifling media which criticize scoundrels who disgrace judiciary !

(Lanka-e-News -30.Sep.2016, 10.15PM) It is a well and widely known fact that lawless and villainous judges of the nefarious decade are being bitterly castigated by the electronic media, print media and social media . Sadly, these scoundrels are seeking Read more >>

Hemantha Warnakulasuriya who could not rescue kudu Dumiya starts mudslinging using kudu TV channel..!

-Rs 12 million collected from Wele Sudha and kudu Wasantha

(Lanka-e-News -29.Sep.2016, 6.50PM) Hemantha Warnakulasuriya well and widely known more as a hideous monstrous liar and less as a lawyer , and considered by the legal fraternity as a ‘shit bucket’ is now engaged in a shitty and stinking campaign to rescu Read more >>

President Maithripala Sirisena to appear in court !

(Lanka-e-News -27.Sep.2016, 10.30PM) The president Maithripala Sirisena of good governance is getting ready to demonstrate that the notion hitherto harbored that the executive president is above the law is no longer tenable,... Read more >>

Gota who rode the high horse has a heavy fall after Duminda’s death sentence ! Won’t contest elections !

-Those sentenced to death cannot contest elections

(Lanka-e-News -25.Sep.2016, 11.00PM) Clear signals are now on the horizon that Sri Lanka’s toffee nosed ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse who lined his pockets with a colossal sum of US dollars 10 million (Rupees 1500 million) on the MiG jet illici Read more >>

Gagan Air Force Commander wears uniform even after being sent home ! Demented or delusive ?

(Lanka-e-News -23.Sep.2016, 6.45PM) The former Air Force Commander Gagan Bulathsinhala who was best known for his worst corrupt activities during the period he held the post , and who got thrown out from his position within the shortest period in the his Read more >>

Public express resentment and rude shock against release of Yakada Sudha and Anusha Pelpita by AG in child molestation case

(Lanka-e-News -22.Sep.2016, 9.30PM) In the child molestation case filed against 12 suspects including Sudharman Radeliyagoda alias Yakada Sudha and Anusha Pelpitiya , the Colombo additional magistrate Ms. Aruni Attygalle decided to release... Read more >>

Malik Samarawickrama underscores Sri Lanka’s interest to deepen economic cooperation with the Republic of Korea

(Lanka-e-News -22.Sep.2016, 10.00PM) Minister of Development Strategies and International Trade Malik Samarawickrama underscored Sri Lanka’s interest to further strengthen economic relations with Korea, at a meeting with the Korean Deputy Prime Minister a Read more >>

The stark truth behind the ‘Dr. Unconscious and the ambulance’ drama and play acting at Isurupaya.. (Photos)

(Lanka-e-News -21.Sep.2016, 10.00 PM) Actors and actresses crying , sorrowing , laughing , falling sick and dying are common features on stage. But , of course these are not real because these are dramatsed stage performances. However those watching t Read more >>

‘We shall imperil patients’ lives if our children don’t get Royal or Visakha’ - Let us teach these doctor beasts a lesson ! (video)

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Sep.2016, 5.00PM) It is a universal fact that when a fool tries to commit suicide , a most difficult task is to save him. In like manner , when some foolish professionals are voluntarily seeking to incur the wrath and displeasure of the Read more >>

President’s coordinating secretary who sells president’s name and honor !

Exploits his position with venal and selfish aims saying ‘President told’

(Lanka-e-News -18.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) Information regarding a President’s co ordinating secretary who is ‘selling the name and honor’ of the incumbent President Maithripala Sirisena in order to rescue the Blue Brigand rogues and rascals has been unearthed Read more >>

Meethalawa crook Mahindananda who used his illicit earnings to purchase assets in wife ‘s name remanded.!

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Sep.2016, 11.00PM) Former Sports Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage who could not explain how he collected a sum of Rs.27 million to buy a super luxury house (condominium) assessment No. 70 3/1 at Kynsey road , Colombo 07 was arreste Read more >>

A most sorrowful odious news ! A robber of lands and a Rajapakse lickspittle as military attaché to New York

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Sep.2016, 11.00PM) Major General Sumedha Perera a despicable lackey and lickspittle of Rajapakses , a close crony of ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse , and a notorious robber of lands... Read more >>

Weerawansa alias Modawansa and his nitwits snubbed by Malwatte Mahanayake and warned !

(Lanka-e-News -14.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) The grade nine qualified (disqualified) moron cum corrupt crooked Rajapakses’ minion was warned by Ven. Malwatte Asgiriya Mahanayake Thimbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Thera not to indulge... Read more >>

Re shuffle to purge cabinet of corrupt and inefficient ministers..! Special court to hear corruption and frauds expeditiously

-President promises to civil organization leaders

(Lanka-e-News- 14.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) After holding discussions with the Prime Minister (P.M.) there shall be a cabinet reshuffle to rid the Cabinet of corrupt and inefficient ministers , and steps will be taken to establish a special court to uninterrupt Read more >>

Isn’t there anybody on this soil to chase this crook of the soil who is soiling the public service ?

-Are the spineless officials encouraging the public to take the law into their hands?

(Lanka-e-News -13.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) Stories are doing the rounds about a most infamous scoundrel of a State officer and a State Institution that are not adhering to the directives of the Public Service Commission and Public administration ministry.... Read more >>

Decision of ‘Tinkering Baas’ that Duminda is not guilty was written by another judge.! Conspiracy hatched in Gota’s house

Full details exposed including names and phone Nos.

(Lanka-e-News -11.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) The dissenting judgment of High court judge Shiran Gunaratne alias ‘tinkering baas’ when the majority verdict was delivered by the three judges panel in the murder of four individuals including Bharatha Lakshman, h Read more >>

‘Sri Lankans wake up’ president reiterates at UNP’s 70 th anniversary before mammoth crowds ! P.M. apologizes for UNP’s past faults !!

(Lanka-e-News -11.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) The 70 th anniversary of the UNP was held at Campbell Park , Borella ,Colombo yesterday (10) attended by a mammoth crowd. At the invitation of UNP leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe , president Maithripala Read more >>

A laudatory judgment after half a century : Duminda sentenced to death..! Facts hitherto unknown and dissenting Tinkering Baas

By Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News -10.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) The High court , Colombo Thursday (08) delivered a judgment sentencing to death an ex monitoring M.P. of the defense ministry Arumaadura Lorenz Romelo Duminda De Silva alias Duminda Silva to death, , who is a most n Read more >>

Yet another High Court judge led by erection in broad daylight ! Whither justice ?

(Lanka-e-News -09.Sep.2016, 8.00AM) These photographs herein epitomize the disgraceful and despicable state of affairs prevailing among the courts in Sri Lanka , signaling that justice is now on its last journey with pimps , prostitutes, the corrupt and Read more >>

Sniper weapons smuggled in to assassinate Maithripala ! Present law and order ministry secretary released those !

(Lanka-e-News -09.Sep.2016, 8.00AM) Based on a most confidential letter pertaining to national security it has come to light via reports received by Lanka e news inside information division , that Jagath Premalal Wijeweera the present permanent secre Read more >>

Duminda Silva and five others sentenced to death in Bharatha Lakshman murder !

(Lanka-e-News -08.Sep.2016, 9.00PM) Colombo High court delivered today the verdict in connection with the murder by shooting down four persons including Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra on the evening of 2011-10-08 at Kolonnawa . Six suspects including Read more >>

Attack on SL High Commissioner in Malaysia takes a dramatic turn !

-To crush extremists there must be a proper appraisal of the Diaspora.

(Lanka-e-News -07.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) According to latest developments , the attack launched on Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Malaysia , Ibrahim Ansar and second secretary Majintha Jayasinghe is in furtherance of a ‘contract’ arrangement , and investigat Read more >>

Vitol the blacklisted “Dirty” Fuel Supplier is cleaned and re-instated by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation for the third time : Await.., the next dirty fuel consignment shortly.!

(Lanka-e-News -05.Sep.2016, 7.20PM) Supply of petroleum to Sri Lanka, is a thriving business for a few oil trading companies and for their local agents in Sri Lanka. Of course the majority of these oil trading companies are engaged in a fair business wi Read more >>

SL High Commissioner and assistant get thrashed in Malaysia when trying to bootlick and pamper corrupt brutal MR !

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Sep.2016, 7.30PM) Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Malaysia , Ibrahim Ansar had been a victim of an assault launched yesterday (04) by a group of Tamil protestors living in that country. He is now being medically treated. His assistant M Read more >>

Senior DIG Pathirane who transported suicide bomber to murder Major General Janaka Perera plans to bolt from country !

(Lanka-e-News -04.Sep.2016, 11.45PM) Former Senior DIG K.P.P Pathirane who was directly responsible for 27 murders including that of Major General Janaka Perera which was committed through a suicide bomber , has planned to flee the country , based on re Read more >>

Where on earth is a government servant allowed to ‘rot’ in one post and place for 24 years ? president asks

-Gets rid of a most corrupt environmental director Saman Senanayake

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Sep.2016, 7.20PM) About a year ago , president Maithripala Siirisena declared , if he is to use his executive powers , it will only be against the enemies of environment . Yesterday , in confirmation of this firm stand , the president c Read more >>

Awarding of compensation to families of deceased migrant workers

(Lanka-e-News -18.Oct.2016, 8.30PM) 25 families of deceased/disabled migrant workers in the Middle East and Malaysia were given Rs.51 million as compensation and salary dues by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mangala Samaraweera and the Minister of Foreig Read more >>

Case of Malwana mansion plunder continues: Basil’s accomplice Thiru Nadesan too arrested !

(Lanka-e-News -17.Oct.2016, 11.55PM) Thiru Kumar Nadesan who invested the illicit earnings (black money ) of ex minister Basil Rajapakse in his name was arrested by the FCID and produced before Pugoda court today. It is a well and widely known indisputab Read more >>

‘No.No. I did not tell that ..You have not heard my speech in full’ – President at special meeting after his ‘cyanide’ speech !

(Lanka-e-News- 16.Oct.2016, 11.55PM) Following the inflammatory speech made by president Maithripala Sirisena in a fit of rage at the Foundation Institute which created a storm of controversy , a group of UNP ministers , MPs and the Prime Minister Rani Read more >>

A retired army officer leaves a note ‘I killed Lasantha’ and hangs himself under suspicious circumstances..!

(Lanka-e-News -14.Oct.2016, 11.50PM) An individual has hanged himself after having supposedly left a letter saying that it is he who committed the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge and not sergeant Major Premananda Udalagama alias Ananda Udalagama who i Read more >>

Deposit sale proceeds of Basil’s Malwana mansion in court –magistrate ! he cannot escape by simply disowning it

(Lanka-e-News -14.Oct.2016, 11.50PM) The land 16 acres in extent with a super luxury mansion situated in Mapitigama , Malwana which Basil Rajapakse has claimed as not belonging to him , was today ordered by Pugoda magistrate D. A. ... Read more >>

President Srisena who appointed and motivated rogues and murderers de -motivates FCID , CID and courts ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News -13.Oct.2016, 7.00PM) Gotabaya Rajapakse the ex defense secretary who was a byword for murder and mayhem during the nefarious decade of corrupt lawless Rajapakse reign was summoned to court recently based on a relatively less serious charge Read more >>

President and P.M. hold special meeting; Civil organization leaders to resign their posts

(Lanka-e-News 13.Oct.2016, 8.00PM) Following the odious ‘cyanide capsule’ speech of the president , the latter and Prime Minister (P.M.) were to hold special meeting tonight at 7.00 . The P.M. this morning had not been startled by the president’s speec Read more >>

Video reporter of President trips and falls into swimming pool in Thailand ! Has a close shave !!

(Lanka-e-News -11.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) A video camera reporter of the presidential media division had tripped and fallen into the swimming pool while he was reporting on the president’s events , according to a most intriguing report reaching... Read more >>

Minister of Justice Wijedasa Rajapakse the Judas among disciples..! Shocking details herein...

(Lanka-e-News -10.Oct.2016, 11.55PM) In the multiple murder of 10 students who were most ruthlessly and brutally killed after collecting extortion monies by officers in the Navy during the nefarious decade of the corrupt criminal Rajapakses , it is the Read more >>

Court performs shameless circus acrobatics to save mastermind behind multimillion scam and dupe the public !

(Lanka-e-News -09.Oct.2016, 5.20PM) If a supreme court gives a directive that a notorious crook shall not be arrested who lined his pockets with a colossal sum of money of the State amounting to many of rupees under the guise of building houses for Tsu Read more >>

Enforce the law against all those involved irrespective of status or rank in night club incident – President instructs from Thailand

(Lanka-e-News -09.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) President Maithripala Sirisena who is currently in Thailand had instructed the security chiefs to conduct an impartial investigation into the incident that took place in a night club at Slave Island this morning(09), Read more >>

More Australian students to study in Sri Lanka

(Lanka-e-News -06.Oct.2016, 11.00PM) 100 Australian undergraduate students will study and undertake work placements in Sri Lanka in 2017 through the Australian Government’s flagship New Colombo Plan education program.... Read more >>

Joint Statement by New Zealand and Sri Lanka

on the Occasion of the Official Visit to New Zealand by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe

(Lanka-e-News -06.Oct.2016, 11.00PM) At the invitation of Rt. Hon John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, Prime Minister of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is paying an official visit to New Zealand from 1-3 Oc Read more >>

MR who stokes racism in the South enjoys double speak before Tamil journalists ! Requests them not to divulge to Sinhala media (Audio and Video)

-MR’s lie factory works overtime

(Lanka-e-News -04.Oct.2016, 10.15PM) Ex president Mahinda Rajapkase who foments racial hatred and racism when addressing the Sinhala media , made an entirely deceiving speech taking a distinctly separate stance before the Tamil media on the 3 rd . His Read more >>

Good governance president must halt bathing and cuddling Rajapakse rabid dogs ;otherwise SL will be an ownerless fowl coop !

(Lanka-e-News -04.Oct.2016, 5.00PM) Asanka Abeygunasekera yet another stray rabid dog of the nefarious decade who is still living among those contagious fleas , while functioning as the advisor to the nerve center - Sri Lanka (SL) defense ministry , an Read more >>

Yoshitha Rajapakse has taken High court judge for a ride.! Photos testify !!

(Lanka-e-News -04.Oct.2016, 5.20PM) Notorious Yoshitha Rajapakse well skilled in cheating has deceived and duped the court by furnishing false information . This was confirmed when he participated in the LSR Colombo marathon... Read more >>

New party constituted of five ‘great’ forces- robbery ,murder , violence, vileness and villainy gets stuck ! Namal and Mahinda avoid party membership

(Lanka-e-News -03.Oct.2016, 10.30AM) The new five pronged party made up of the five forces of evil : robbery , murder , violence , vileness and villainy which the Medamulana Rajapakses are moving heaven... Read more >>

Building Buddhist statues where there are no Buddhists , and building Kovils where there are no Hindus are both wrong- NP Health minister

(Lanka-e-News -03.Oct.2016, 10.30AM) The forces of the South building on the issue that sprung up in the North , and registering protests is a huge threat to the reconciliation process that has been under way for a long time... Read more >>

Shame ! Medical specialist and a Director of hospital pummel each other like stray dogs over trifling issue !

-Whither professional dignity ?

(Lanka-e-News -30.Sep.2016, 10.30PM) Following a dispute erupting between a medical specialist Dr. R. Pallewala and Dr. D.R.H. Herath a director of Peradeniya Sirimavo Bandaranaike children’s hospital , these two Doctors have fought like stray dogs! Beca Read more >>

Budget is based on the country’s development agenda; hence political agendas are immaterial -Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

(Lanka-e-News -29.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) Political agendas are immaterial for the current administration of Good Governance in preparing its national budgets, Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake reiterated. He pointed out that the government is marching for Read more >>

Digital revolution soon ! Taxes on Smart phones to be withdrawn – 2 million dollars saving per day –Harin (video)

(Lanka-e-News -29.Sep.2016, 6.50PM) There are only 28 % users of smart phones in Sri Lanka (SL) at present, and in the next budget the taxes thereof are to be totally withdrawn in order that that SL will experience... Read more >>

Always for his fellow-citizens and the nation, කරු

By Krishantha Prasad Cooray

(Lanka-e-News -28.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) Much can be written about any individual who has lived 76 years. A lot happens over a period of 76 years after all. However, most lives are marked by fairly common... Read more >>

Anura Senanayake to be interrogated over Lasantha murder too : Did he destroy Lasantha’s diary ?

(Lanka-e-News -25.Sep.2016, 10.20PM) The CID has asked permission from court to interrogate Ex senior DIG Anura Senanayake over the broad daylight brutal ,cold blooded murder of former Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha... Read more >>

Justice Minister Wijedasa R subordinates sacrosanct laws and traditions to make an exhibition (boru show) of himself !

(Lanka-e-News -24.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) Minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse by toeing the line of the most notorious ex chief justice Sarath Nanda Silva is moving off the rails and ‘bending the laws’ thereby attempting to act in breach of accepted subli Read more >>

AG had not acquitted Yakada Sudha and Anusha Pelpita ; no pressures exerted or conspiracy -if necessary case can be filed again !

(Lanka-e-News -23.Sep.2016, 5.05PM) The case filed by the Children and Women’s Bureau against 12 suspects including Sudharman Radeliyagoda the ex news Director of ITN , Anusha Pelpita the ex Director of Telecom Regulatory Commission , and Sepala Ratnayak Read more >>

Sagala in action ! spells out ‘changes’- CCTV cameras to be installed in Police prison cells ! Police to recruit Tamil speaking officers

(Lanka-e-News -22.Sep.2016, 9.30PM) Minister of law and order , Sagala Ratnayake revealed that he has issued instructions to IGP Poojith Jayasundara to install CCTV cameras in the prison cells of police stations Island wide.... Read more >>

A leader who values books visits Book Exhibition which is in contradistinction to erstwhile brutal rulers who burnt those ! (photo)

(Lanka-e-News -22.Sep.2016, 9.30PM) Needless to recall , during the past nefarious decade , it were the cruel and wicked rulers who nibbled at everything good belonging to the country like rats , and were responsible... Read more >>

Audio tape of Dr. Dracula exposing sordid ‘games’ of Doctor jokers seeking Royal and Visakha for their children (Audio and video)

(Lanka-e-News -20.Sep.2014, 5.00PM) Dr. Aurudha Padeniya alias Dr. Dracula who is eager to kill patients if the children of doctors do not get admissions to Schools like Royal and Visakha had been engaging in various nefarious and.... Read more >>

We‘ve no private agendas ! Chandrika pledged and said to trust you - Leaders of 49 civil organizations to Maithri : Message hereunder..

(Lanka-e-News -18.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) It is an unequivocal truth 49 civil organizations which were with Late Ven. Sobitha Thera extended their support to the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena during the rainbow revolution.... Read more >>

'After all, Oceans engendered life in the first place' -Mangala represents Sri Lanka at the 'Our Ocean' Conference 2016 (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Sep.2016, 11.00PM) Participating at the Our Ocean Conference 2016, at the invitation of the US Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, on 15 September, outlined several commitments Read more >>

Sri Lanka Parliament and U.S. House Democracy Partnership -launch Collaboration Agreement

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Sep.2016, 11.00PM) The Sri Lanka Parliament and the House Democracy Partnership of the U.S. House of Representatives launched a Collaboration Agreement to strengthen partnership between the two legislatures... Read more >>

Chanuka Ratwatte , Isira Dassanayake and Entrust Co. bigwigs remanded over Rs. 10,000 million colossal fraud ! LeN expose`

Rajapakse siblings were biggest beneficiaries !!

(Lanka-e-News -16.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) The largest financial fraud in Sri Lanka’s history running to the tune of over Rs. 10720 million (over Rs. 10 billion ) ! committed by ace rogues cum fraudsters including Chanuka Upendra Ratwatte (brother of Lohan Rat Read more >>

Even now corrupt MaRa is a burden and parasite on the people.! Rs. 2 million electricity bill of MaRa is inevitable

-Maithri says, on the contrary he wastes not a cent on the bill !!

(Lanka-e-News -14.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) Corrupt, brutal, Machiavellian Mahinda Rajapakse the ex president of Sri Lanka who drove the country into an unprecedented economic abyss and was a burden on the people while he was in power... Read more >>

119 police emergency service commences in Tamil language too ! One more issue resolved !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Sep.2016, 11.30PM) The popular 119 (one one nine) phone communication system of the Police available to provide emergency service to the public was commenced in Tamil language too , and its inaugural... Read more >>

Gagan Bulathsinghala the corrupt and crooked Air Force Commander sent home ! Air Vice Marshal Kapila Jayampathy takes over !!

(Lanka-e-News -13.Sep.2016, 3.00PM) Air Vice Marshal Kapila Jayampathy was appointed as the new Air force Commander by president Maithripala Sirisena on the 11 th evening. His predecessor infamous Gagan Bulathisnghala a most corrupt fraud... Read more >>

Conspiracy to provide paying ward jollity to Duminda the murderer sentenced to death ! Shouldn’t that be halted ?

(Lanka-e-News -11.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) Duminda Silva who was sentenced to death over the murder of four persons including Bharatha Lakshman , and is now remanded (death row) at ward B3 of the prison is to be provided with ‘paying ward merriment’... Read more >>

MR the ‘great Sinhala Buddhist’ now seeks prayers of US Christian Pastor to dispel his fears after Duminda’s death sentence!

-So desperate has discussions until midnight

(Lanka-e-News -10.Sep.2016, 11.45PM) Mahinda Rajapakse the former corrupt brutal ruler, who treated Duminda Silva as a watchdog and allowed to commit all the crimes including drug peddling had got so frightened... Read more >>

‘We shall remain as drunkards cum Pilots - Pilots Guild: Work to rule if you obstruct us !!

(Lanka-e-News -10.Sep.2016, 11.45PM) A media briefing was held Friday(09) which revolved around doubts that have proliferated lately regarding the irresponsible drunken pilots of Sri Lanka. It is being seriously questioned whether the Sri Lankan pilots Read more >>

Attack on SL High Commissioner in Malaysia is in pursuance of a contract : The intermediary is a lawyer and spy of Rajapakses !

Why did Mahinda go to Malaysia as MEP member ?

(Lanka-e-News -09.Sep.2016, 8.00AM) Following the investigations into the attack launched on Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Malaysia , Ibrahim Ansar and the second secretary Majintha Jayasinghe based on the premise that it was by a Tamil group... Read more >>

Royal College fund raiser or fund plunder..? Concerned Old Royalist makes shocking revelations.!

(Lanka-e-News -07.Sep.2016, 11.55PM) Hereunder is a text of a letter addressed to the Hon. Minister of education with copies to his secretary, and Lanka e news by a concerned Old Royalist and parent exposing the outrageous corruption, bribes and fraud Read more >>

Secretary of the Ministry calls in High Commissioner of Malaysia

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Sep.2016, 7.30PM) The Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called in the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning, 5 September to express the condemnation... Read more >>

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No he will not get arrested . Because he is currently washing…

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How many cases already filed against corrupted politicians by Bribery commission is…

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Shocking revelation by Len Lanka. Thank you so much for your investigations!

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The President did not ask why are you not arresting . He…

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LEN Don't mix pears and apples. The issue here is the President…

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