68 th Independence day celebrations with photographs

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The 68th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence day was celebrated yesterday at the Galle face green. This was the secnod independence day celebration of the victorious Rainbow revolution which successfully... Read more >>

Last updated :   06-02-2016

Americans welcome Sinhala traditions at Independence day !

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka (SL) Atul Keshap and his wife… Read more >>

Harin gives awakening answer to Rocket Rohitha’s threat ‘dont trample the Lion’s tail and awake it’ (video)

(Lanka-e-News -04.Jan.2016, 7.30PM) If Rajapakses’ small brat cum big ‘rat’ Rocket Rohitha can threaten so… Read more >>

Bhikkhus acting as chandiyas (tough guy rowdies ) not suited for monkhood ; They are trying to shed blood again- Prof. Bellanvila Thera

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Jan.2016, 7.30PM) Rowdy tough guy role is not congruous with the life of a Bhikkhu , and such Bhikkhus are not suitable any longer to lead a bhikkhu’s life .The new Sinha Le ‘game’ is also another myth , said , Professor Ven. Bellan Read more >>

Sorry plight of SLT and Mobitel ! IDD earnings drop by 50% : president’s bro via ‘call termination’ gobbles up in millions

(Lanka-e-News -03.Jan.2016, 9.00PM) Kumarasinghe Sirisena the chairman of SLT and younger brother of president has lined his pockets by siphoning off the revenue of Rs. 2 million to 3 million per day of the SLT via the ‘Call termination business’ into h Read more >>

'I did not arrest your son Mr. Rajapaksa, nor did I make you lose the election' -Dulanjalee Premadasa hard hits to MR

(Lanka-e-News -03.Jan.2016, 4.45PM) ''I did not arrest your son Mr. Rajapaksa, nor did I make you lose the election, you did it all by yourself with the help of your family. My revered parents President Premadasa and Mrs Hema Premadasa, did a stellar j Read more >>

National anthem sung in Sinhala and Tamil even in 1949 ! it is not something new- herein is evidence..

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Jan.2016, 9.45PM) Some blind Sinhalese morons have expressed their opposition to the national anthem being sung in Sinhala and Tamil at this year’s independence day celebrations. Perhaps, stupid nitwit Warnasinghe who arrogantly rides Read more >>

Yoshitha Rajapakse, Nishantha Ranatunge, Rohan Welivita of CSN are the record breaking culprits in SL’s biggest ever fraud investigation ! Why they were put behind bars?

(Lanka-e-News -31.Jan.2016, 1.25PM) It is very unfortunate the unscrupulous media coolies of Sri Lanka in keeping with their sordid traits tried to paint a picture that the arrest and remanding of the five high ranking officers of the CSN channel inclu Read more >>

Like Gnanassara did Rajitha too stick his spout into the plantain tree ? Strike threat by AG’s dept. for the first time in SL.

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The utterances made regarding the appointment of the Attorney General by Minister Rajitha Senaratne the cabinet spokesman at the media briefing to announce the cabinet decisions held yesterday(28) , created a stir in Read more >>

Gnanassara’s bail application rejected ! Even if pistol is pointed at me decision will not be changed –Homagama magistrate

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The motion filed in Homagama court requesting bail for Gnanassara the hooligan robed monk who was remanded on charges of contempt of court was dismissed on the... Read more >>

Cases to be filed against Gnanassara henchmen too – Bar Association takes action

(Lanka-e-News-28.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) It is not only Galagodaathe Gnanassara who was remanded yesterday on charges of committing contempt of court after the Ekneliyagoda case was concluded , even action is to be taken against the Gnanassara robed henchmen ‘ Read more >>

Gnanassara remanded ! ‘Monks’ disciplinary code shall be followed’ –P.M.; no luxury comforts while in remand custody – people insist

(Lanka-e-News- 27.Jan.2015, 1.00PM) Galagodaathe Gnanassara the robed monk who all along been a very antithesis of a true Buddhist while parading as a champion of the Buddhist cause and whose brain was not duly functioning because of his excessive drin Read more >>

Punish Those Who Disrupted the Court Hearing of PrageethEknaligoda Abduction Case -Free Media Movement

(Lanka-e-News -27.Jan.2016, 11.45AM) The Free Media Movement condemns in strongest terms the unruly behavior of few extremist Buddhist Monks who tried to disrupt the court hearing of the journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda disappearance case... Read more >>

Danger lurks ! President to sacrifice FCID in order to fortify SLFP – Maithri’s conspiracy while P.M. has gone abroad.

(Lanka-e-News -26.Jan.2016, 8.30PM) The FCID (Financial crimes investigation division) that was established to reinforce the police force following the victory of the rainbow revolution last year, which was in fact the... Read more >>

Gnanasara‘s satanic dream to become hero by going to jail turning true ! warrant issued on 4 charges against him in Ekneliyagoda case

(Lanka-e-News -25.Jan.2016, 11.45PM) When Prageeth Ekneliyagoda case was taken up for trial today(25) , Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara the monk in robes addressing the court forcibly, threatened and scolded Ekneliyagoda’s wife in foul and filthy language . Ow Read more >>

Maithri visits Indian super warship “Vickramdhithya” (photographs herein supplied by India)

(Lanka-e-News -25.Jan.2016, 8.15PM) The Sri lanka president Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (23) visited the Indian naval ship ‘Vikramadhithya’– the largest Indian vessel that also... Read more >>

President’s bro on the sly plots to foil ‘Google Loon’ services , a great boon for country bypassing even minister

(Lanka-e-News 24.Jan.2016, 11.45PM) While plans are already there to sign an agreement with the latest express internet service -Google loon service that can cover every inch of the land of the country , and permits easy access to the internet... Read more >>

Ranil takes full advantage of world economic Forum :reaps many benefits for country ! Picture report…

(Lanka-e-News- 23.Jan.2016, 4.45PM) ‘While taking into consideration what special rules and regulations prevail in HongKong and Dubai , special unique rules and regulations shall be introduced pertaining to the Si Lanka’s Colombo Port ,with a view to Read more >>

Somersault of Medamulana MR beats even ‘Bulti Baba’ sold on pavements: Gives green light to new constitution

(Lanka-e-News -20.Jan.2016, 3.45PM) Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse has done a sudden political somersault and given the green light for the determined efforts made by the government of good governance to adopt a new constitution for the country... Read more >>

Hakeem’s brother Hafeez resigns from his M.P.post

(Lanka-e-News -20.Jan.2016, 3.45PM) UNP national list M.P. A .R .A .Hafeez today sent his letter of resignation from his post of M.P. to the Parliamentary secretary... Read more >>

I have nothing to do wth the ‘gonpart song’ that put president on illusory pedestal of ‘King’- Dep. Minister media Karu Paranavithana

(Lanka-e-News -17.Jan.2016, 11.45PM) Following the news report of Lanka e news dated 15 th ,the deputy minister of mass media Karunaratne Paranavitharne speaking to Lanka e news over the phone said that he had nothing to do with the ‘gonpart song’... Read more >>

SL cricket abounding with match fixing coaches, players, wheeler dealers , teledrama sleaze balls – an Exposé..

(Lanka-e-News -16.Jan.2016, 8.20PM) In the Sri Lanka cricket history of match fixing there are many including Arjuna and Aravinda who have been tainted with such charges. Based on a report of Indian secret espionage service , during a match in Lucknow i Read more >>

How did two students who went missing during war appear with president in Maithri’s campaign poster ?

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Jan.2016, 11.50PM) Following the discovery of a poster with a photograph of Maithripala Sirisena posing along with two students (boy and girl) in school uniforms who went missing in... Read more >>

Powerful pro corruption groups trying to cancel transfer of Royal principal : Theeniyawala Palitha monk leads ‘broker’ front

(Lanka-e-News -13.Jan.2016, 9.00PM) Following the transfer of the corrupt crooked principal Upali Gunasekera of Royal College Colombo by the education minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam over the principal’s surreptitious activity of illegally conducting a c Read more >>

Conspiracy to rescue rapist Abrew and thereby Rajapakses pulverized : Abrew’s FR petition disdainfully dismissed !

(Lanka-e-News -12.Jan.2016, 3.30PM) The fundamental rights petition filed by the notorious rapist Supreme court (SC) judge Sarath Abrew to counter the charges filed by the Attorney General (AG) against him , was dismissed today without a hearing by the Read more >>

If army is impeding the Ekneliyagoda murder probe file action against the army commander under Penal code - magistrate

(Lanka-e-News -11.Jan.2016, 8.10PM) ‘File action against the Army commander under section 185 of the penal code if what are relevant are not provided, and if it is in a manner that impedes the investigation conducted by the army crime investigation d Read more >>

Crooked Royal principal caught conducting classes illegally on the sly ! Akila boots him out

(Lanka-e-News -10.Jan.2016, 11.15PM) The principal of Royal College, Colombo who was conducting a class on the sly without the knowledge of the education ministry was caught red handed , and the minister of education Akila... Read more >>

Two legged beast that should be examined by Vet. is behind ‘Sinha Le’- Rajitha exposes Ruwan and Co. -Full data and details of Gota’s espionage store house..

(Lanka-e-News -09.Jan.2016, 1.05PM) Except the parents of his to claim as humans, and if he himself fastens the label of beast and if the blood coursing through his veins is that of a beast , such a creature should immediately be subjected to an ex Read more >>

President wreaking havoc : Blocks arrest of Rajapakse siblings in Thajudeen murder ; interferes in Ekneliyagoda investigations and with FCID

(Lanka-e-News -07.Jan.2016, 1.05AM) Based on the evidence that have surfaced in connection with the ghastly cruel murder of Thajudeen the Rugby player , though it is possible to arrest both Namal Rajapakse and Yoshitha Rajapakse , but because of the pres Read more >>

Advent of good governance govt. opens flood gate wide for influx of foreign state leaders and Diplomats.!

First visit of a Norway foreign minister after 2005 !

(Lanka-e-News -07.jan.2016, 10.15AM) With the advent of the government of good governance Sri Lanka’s (SL) international relationships are once again blooming. The influx of foreign state leaders... Read more >>

Maithri betrays wholesale the masses that installed him in power ! Takes ruthless extreme racists into his embrace !!

(Lanka-e-News- 06.Jan.2016, 11.30AM) It is only just a year has passed since president Maithripala Sirisena became the president . Yet , sad to note , within this short period the president has become the center of yet another unsavory traitorous incid Read more >>

617 acres of land to be acquired for construction of Navy camp in Mulaitivu even though war is over

(Lanka-e-News -05.Jan.2016, 6.30AM) While a group of officers of the Navy were preparing to acquire a land 617 acres in extent at Mulaitivu purportedly to build a new Navy camp , the owners of the land had mounted their opposition against it... Read more >>

President’s younger bro cheating on ‘Free WiFi’ to destroy Ranil’s most welcome project

(Lanka-e-News -04.Jan.2016, 1.45AM) At the last presidential elections it was promised that free WiFi will be made available to the people of Sri Lanka (SL) ,and that was a most essential project launched by prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for the ben Read more >>

Face book accounts banned within Air force..! Daughter’s frustration contracted by father -doubly mad

(Lanka-e-News -03.Jan.2016, 6.30PM) The Air force commander Gagan Bulathsinghala who is unable to treat the itch at the wrong place of his daughter Ayendra Bulathsinghala who disgraced herself , the Air force commander (if he has any grace) and the count Read more >>

Maithri by getting more and more MaRa stooges and scoundrels into his fold is rushing headlong into disaster !

(Lanka-e-News -02.Jan.2016, 01.10PM) Another low bred stooge of the Rajapakse regime who stripped even his clothes to do the sordid biddings of the regime then has been appointed by president Maithripala Sirisena now as Director media international affa Read more >>

Humaneness among humanity is not enough: Human nature must radiate the divine..! -New year blessings from Lanka e News

(Lanka-e-News -01.Jan.2016, 10.00PM) This is an Island which enjoys sunshine and moonlight, and lashed by winds - This is an Island that belongs to you, me and all in general... Read more >>

JHU Warnasinghe is architect of his own misfortune: loses his ministry post in WPC !

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2016, 10.00AM) Western provinical council (WPC) member and JHU media spokesman Nishantha Warnasinghe has been divested of his ministry in the council , and the chief minister of the council Isuru Devapriya has been appointed... Read more >>

That is called brassiere; she is called daughter of Air force commander; I know not how to lash my son and son in law

(Lanka-e-News -28.Dec.2015, 3.40PM) It was none other than the daughter of the Sri Lanka Air force commander who darted from the rear stage at the concert in Colombo to kiss and hug Latin Amercian pop singer Enrique Iglatius most passionately and publicly Read more >>

If you can’t provide internet package to suit present time better you get back to felling trees – SLT customer

(Lanka-e-News -27.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The internet chain had rapidly grown in Sri Lanka (SL) Consequently , unlike the other media , the Lanka e news media website that stands out from others breaking new ground... Read more >>

Good governance govt. rescues SL woman sentenced to death..! Sirisena preparing for second hopper ‘clout’..?

(Lanka-e-News -25.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) The verdict delivered on the Sri Lankan woman in Saudi Arabia wsentencing her to death by stoning was commuted to an ordinary jail sentence because of the initiatives taken on time and the intelligent approach... Read more >>

Dayasiri nudists get together to dress president and make him ‘Black belt Sira’ !

(Lanka-e-News -25.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) Maithripala Sirisena who was hitherto known as the government of good governance president , is from now on identified as ‘Black belt Sira’ in much the same way as... Read more >>

GROBR ! Siri Ranasinghe ousted from Lankadeepa..! Good governance steps in to create scrupulous private media Institutions

(Lanka-e-News -23.Dec.2015, 3.00PM) The most welcome end is in sight at last for the obnoxious media culture that was created by Lankadeepa editor Siri Ranasinghe , a notorious scoundrel who during his tenure of office absorbed his village cronies and Read more >>

Secretary of 'Sinha le' spills the contaminated le (blood)! It is a shadow of BBS : Maithri and Duminda entrapped ?

(Lanka-e-News -22.Dec.2015, 8.00PM) The campaign of barbaric brutes in Sri Lanka (SL) under the name of ‘Sinha le’ is another shadow campaign of Bodhu Bala sena that was originated , nursed and nurtured by Gotabaya Rajapakse going by the communique issue Read more >>

The Ranil Wickremesinghe Factor in 2016 and beyond

By Krishantha Prasad Cooray

(Lanka-e-News -21.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) One year ago, around the time of Christmas, there was tension in the country. The people were about to vote in a presidential election which would decide the destiny of the country, one way or the other. Today, one y Read more >>

Conspiracy hatched by SC judges to save Rapist Abrew and thereby Rajapakses in their crimes !

(Lanka-e-news -21.Dec.2015, 5.00AM) A Supreme court (SC) conspiracy to provide relief to notorious judge of the SC , the rapist Sarath Abrew and thereby to Rajapakse corrupt brutes is under way , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside informat Read more >>

People oriented budget after 16 changes made for people’s benefit passed with 2 /3 rd majority: One vote more than at last reading

(Lanka-e-News -20.Dec.2015, 9.00AM) The third reading of the budget 2016 that was presented in parliament by the Finance minister Ravi Karunanayake on the 20 th of November concluded today, and it was passed with... Read more >>

Civil organization chameleons gone crazy ! Then against hate speeches now for with devil incarnate Weerawansa

⦁ Nothing untoward in the proposed laws –senior HRC lawyer Weliamuna

(Lanka-e-News -19.Dec.2015, 6.00AM) While the government is preparing to introduce two amendments pertaining to hate speeches and publicising hateful ideas against any race , religion or a minority group and make them an offence... Read more >>

Navy hands over Avant Garde business to Singapore and Malaysia : Whither Rajitha and Anura’s stinking patriotism ?

-Navy loses Rs. 90 million foreign exchange after taking over

(Lanka-e-News -18.Dec.2015, 9.50AM) From the very outset Lanka e news had been exposing that the handing over of Avant Garde Co. to the Navy is a camouflage in order to cover the evil design of Kili-Rajitha-Arjuna team to take over this most lucrative b Read more >>

Thajudeen murder : MR’s driver cum ‘food tester’ Tissa probed by CID

LeN reported in detail about this MR’s hired assassin as far back in 2012 !

(Lanka-e-News -17.Dec.2015, 3.30PM) An army officer cum driver of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse known by the name of Tissa who was in the presidential security division (PSD) at that time is involved in the cold blooded... Read more >>

SC gives a slap across the face of Dr. Pavadeniya ‘caste’ and Inter University primitive group

(Lanka-e-News -15.dec.2015, 11.45PM) The Supreme court (SC) today (15) agreed with the secretary to the health ministry , when he told court the students of Malabe private Medical College could be provided with clinical training at government hospita Read more >>

Two SL Brigadiers engage in fisticuff in public –Disgrace to country but no disciplinary action

(Lanka-e-News -15.Dec.2015, 3.30PM) Two Sri Lankan (SL) army brigadiers have engaged in a fisticuff in public in a foreign country thereby tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka (SL) . However , based on reports reaching... Read more >>

Trade union leaders call off tomorow's general strike ! -clear their clogged minds to think sanely and sensibly

(Lanka-e-News -14.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The Islandwide strike (the general strike) that was to be staged tomorrow by the State , semi government and private sectors jointly has been supended , the joint convenor Saman Rathnapriya addressing a media briefing Read more >>

Sirisena ‘Vasalahothis’ in Act two : Rajapakse money launderers replace good governance activists !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) Lanka e news is constrained to publish a very unsavory report that though it is the pro good governance masses that made sacrifices including life risking dangers to elect Miathripala Sirisena as the president, it is Read more >>

Thajudeen murder : Investigate doctor who gave false report and DIG Anura Senanayake – magistrate orders

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) Based on the second mortem report furnished by the medical council on the death of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen which confirms that it was a murder , the Colombo additional magistrate Nishantha Peiris declared that do Read more >>

Avant Garde acquisition sparks legal complications ! Defense secretary’s omission can result in US $3 billion loss to government !

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Dec.2015, 1.20AM) When the most lucrative business of providing security to vessels was being handed over to the Navy based on the ulterior motives of Kili-Rajitha-Champika – Arjuna to get the Avant Garde business into their hands thro Read more >>

Kidney disease curative task force under agri crop care Companies! –Kidneys of Rajitha and president ‘down and out’

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Dec.2015, 8.30PM) The kidney disease curative presidential task force located in the presidential secretariat has organized a national workshop on December 16 th at Galle Face hotel spending many millions of rupees.The chief guest at th Read more >>

I am very pleased to announce that Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN will be signing the International Convention on Enforced Disappearances today in New York -FM Mangala on Human Rights Day 2015

( Lanka-e-News -10.Dec.2015, 8.45PM) Today is International Human Rights Day. And as in the past, Sri Lanka will join the countries of the world in commemorating this important even. But this year, Sri Lanka’s commemorations will not only be symbolic – Read more >>

The ‘digital TV gold mine’ created by Rajapakses to earn billions secretly and selfishly destroyed by P.M. Ranil..!

(Lanka-e-News -09.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) A massive corruption oriented effort to make all television users in Sri Lanka (SL) to pay commissions to the Rajapakses not only today but everyday even in the future which would have precipitated a catastrophe in Read more >>

Defense secretary from loony bin clearly confirms LeN’s Avant Garde exposure :

- ‘Rescinds agreement, ignores laws, imitates MR ; whither justice’

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Dec.2015, 1.35PM) The news report of Lanka e news on 12 th November under the caption ‘President to hand over Avant Garde to Navy : Rescinds agreement, ignores laws, imitates MR ; whither justice?’ was confirmed as absolutely true based Read more >>

Godahewa who illegally gave Rs. 5 million of securities exchange commission to Namal arrested -All suspects remanded until 14 th

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Dec.2015, 1.40PM) The former chairman of securities exchange commision , Dr. Nalaka Godahewa who was absconding arrest was at last taken into custody last morning (7). He was later remanded ... Read more >>

FM Mangala's Speech in Parliament on the PTA, Secret Detention Centres and Suicide of Student in Jaffna

(Lanka-e-News - 07.Dec.2015, 10.30PM) Hon. Speaker, I rise to respond to the questions raised by the Hon. Douglas Devananda. First I would like to thank the Hon. Member of Parliament for the questions... Read more >>

It is Namal not Yoshitha who killed Thajudeen ? Hans Wijesuriya in hot water: Arrests imminent

(Lanka-e-News -06.Dec.2015, 8.30PM) The murder of Rugby player Thajudeen was committed not because of a love affair conflict between deceased and Yoshitha, but to satisfy the needs of Namal Rajapakse and on his instructions , investigations have reveale Read more >>

Karunaratne Paranavithana who entered parliament 3 months ago is deputy minister parliamentary affairs !

(Lanka-e-News -05.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) Karunaratne Paranavithana the Ratnapura district M.P. a newcomer to parliament who polled only 47257 votes and was last in the UNP list , was appointed as deputy minister of parliamentary affairs... Read more >>

HRC full report on HNDA student assault : compensation to 9 students and new methodologies to be evolved

(Lanka-e-News - 05.Dec.2015, 3.40PM) The police had violated the fundamental rights of the students as stipulated in sections 11, 12 (1) of the constitution in the incident at Ward place where the students of Higher National Diploma (HND) were allegedly Read more >>

Maithri saves Rs. 1476 million on expenditure which amount MaRa wasted ruthlessly ! P.M. reveals -MaRa exploited death too to show expenditure

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Dec.2015, 10.35PM) During the brutal barbaric reign of corrupt lawless Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse, and while keeping the masses trampled under his despotic iron boots , a sum as large as Rs. 15 million had been allegedly spen Read more >>

Doctors and State officers hurt by withdrawal of tax free vehicle permits – strike on 3 rd.

(Lanka-e-News- 03.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) Following a radical decision taken by the government in its latest budget to stop issuing duty free vehicle permits to Ministers down to State officers , the Government Medical Officers... Read more >>

Sirsenas run amok : SLT chairman Sirisena gives jobs in SLT to misfits of Dudley Siriena’s Araliya Co.

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) The brothers of president Maithripala Sirisena are enjoying the State ‘s assets according to their own whims and fancies, based on reports reaching Lanka e news .The most important of them is the younger... Read more >>

Dr. Saman Weerasinghe new SL ambassador to Russia: Presents Credentials to Putin

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) Dr. Saman Weerasinghe, the newly appointed Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation, presented his Credentials to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin... Read more >>

War Crimes Investigations with International Involvement: An integrative treatment for healing deep rooted wounds

-Australian Advocacy for Good Governance in SL

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) A hard-hitting UN Human Rights Council report in September this year contained details of numerous allegations of what it said could amount to war crimes committed during the last phase... Read more >>

Ethics, Idiosyncrasy, and blind man - Migrant’s Column

(Lanka-e-News- 30.Nov.2015, 11.45PM) It is really pathetic to see what is happening in Sri Lanka at this present moment. It is becoming true what I have commented in this site few months ago; two leaders are in full throttle of achieving... Read more >>

Maithri blunders again: makes another unsuitable appointment -This time to Auditor General post

(Lanka-e-News- 30.Nov.2015, 6.45PM) President Maithripala Sirisena has once again appointed a most unsuitable individual to a most high ranking post .The most perplexing and reprehensible part of this deplorable appointment is , it has been approved by Read more >>

World’s first bunch of jokers emerge in SL parliament - No confidence motion while budget debate is in progress !

(Lanka-e-News -29.Nov.2015, 8.40AM) 44 MPs of the SLFP and UPFA parties , the leader of which parties is none other than the president Maithripala Sirisena himself, Friday(27) handed over a no confidence motion... Read more >>

Maithripala Sirisena in his desperation to rescue his millionaire bro lies brazenly and blatantly

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2015, 11.00 PM) President Maithripala Sirisena in order to rescue his millionaire younger brother was profusely lying come what may after arriving at the ‘display’ box of Kili Maharaja’s.. Answering the question.. Read more >>

Vehicle emission test levy raised to increase the 'kappam' earnings of Sirisena and daughters & sons Co.

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2015, 9.45PM) Even before had elapsed after the exposure that behind the dismissal from the SLT Mobitel board of Krishantha Cooray and Thusitha Haloluwa , the two gentlemen Directors who worked with commitment to form a good gover Read more >>

Sirisenas expelled good governance gentlemen in order to gobble up Rs.11400 million !

Will Maithri tell his corrupt brother what he told Arjun Mahendran ?

(Lanka-e-News -25.Nov.2015, 11.45PM) Following the dismissal of Krishantha Cooray , Thusitha Haloluwa and Sharook Fero the gentlemen of the government of good governance from the board of Directors of the SLT Mobitel , and with the re entry of ‘Laugfs’ We Read more >>

Teach our High commissioners sign language – Sri Lankans in Seychelles urge

(Lanka-e-News -24.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) Tikiri Herath Gunatileka an infamous rotter who calls himself as a professor has been appointed as SL’s High Commissioner to Seychelles Island .Lanka e news on 1 st November reported on this under the.... Read more >>

Incredible but true ! Kappam Champika and Namal Baba’s ‘kudu baba’ together have cleared 48 containers of drugs!

(Lanka-e-News -23.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) Following the arrest of Champika Karunaratne alias Kappam (extortion) Champika , the crony and close sidekick of Namal Rajapakse ( son of Alibaba - ex president Mahinda Rajapakse) who extorted a sum of Rs. 20 million Read more >>

Banned 8 Ex LTTE front groups lifted, 8 remained : Annual Review of Proscribed Entities under UN Regulation No. 1 of 2012

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) The Government of Sri Lanka proscribed 16 organisations and 424 individuals under Gazette Extraordinary No. 1854/41 on 21 March 2014 using powers under the United Nations Act No. 45 of 1968. The proscription was annou Read more >>

Maithri ‘s good governance lorry with ‘Buddhu saranai’ board transports stolen cattle : Shame, Shame !

(Lanka-e-News -20.Nov.2015, 5.00PM) It is a matter for deep regret that president Maithripala Sirisena who claims and proclaims to the world that he is a president in favor of good governance , is in fact with the rogues and rascals , and standing strip Read more >>

UN expert group urges Sri Lanka to seize the moment to fulfil the rights of the families of the disappeared

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Nov.2015, 10.30AM) “Sri Lanka has the opportunity to once and for all meet the rights and legitimate expectations of thousands of families of disappeared” a delegation of the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disap Read more >>

Maithri’s lies to conceal aims to become dictator and earn exposed..! Rajitha’s self humiliating conversation with LeN…

(Lanka-e-News -18.Nov.2015, 9.00PM) Following Lanka e news exposing the controversial acquisition by the Navy of the Avant Garde Co. a private Institution , and expressing its opposition to it ,the health minister Rajitha Senaratne spoke to Lanka e news i Read more >>

Rajitha speaking like a puritan and parading as paragon of virtue shamelessly collected Rs. 5 million from Avant Garde Co.! (video)

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Nov.2015, 9.30PM) Minister Rajitha proudly said recently, when other ministers accepted cash from Avant Garde Co. , he too was approached by the Company to pay him, but he did not accept. Lanka e news inside information division however Read more >>

Maithri’s conspiracy : Lethal dose administered to Marapone tried on Wijedasa , Vajira and finally Ranil

(Lanka-e-News -15.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) A conspiracy to oust Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and to replace him with a defeated prime minister of the SLFP has come to light , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. A pro Sajit Read more >>

Wijeweera ‘s wife files action against JVP for trespassing on her intellectual property rights

(Lanka-e-News- 14.Nov.2015, 7.45PM) Shrimathie Chithrangani Fernando, the wife of late Rohana Wijeweera the founder of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has filed legal action against the JVP. She had claimed that 7 books written by her husband had been pub Read more >>

Maithri who didn’t abolish executive presidency vows to fulfil that dream of Sobitha Thera after death at funeral - nation in tears

Full Report with photos

(Lanka-e-News 13.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) ‘It was the cherished dream of late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera that a just society is established , and the executive presidency shall be abolished . In fulfilment of his wishes , a just society shall be establishe Read more >>

President to hand over Avant Garde to Navy :Rescinds agreement, ignores laws, imitates MR ; whither justice ?

(Lanka-e-News -12.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) The government has decided to rescind all agreements that existed between Avant Garde maritime Co. and the government. All the activities and affairs of the Co. are to be brought under the control of the Navy , minist Read more >>

Mean and manipulative activities to entrust lucrative business of security to vessels to Maithri’s henchmen exposed !

(Lanka-e-News- 10.Nov.2015, 8.30PM) The lackeys of president Maithripala Sirisena who were sent to investigate the illicit transactions and deals of Avant Garde Co. are instead on the sly trying to take those businesses into their hands , based on report Read more >>

Unofficial Sri Lankan ambassador in Washington passes away

(Lanka-e-News -09.Nov.2015, 9.30PM) Sri Lankan community leader, an honest patriot and right activist Sanath de Silva passed away after battling with long time illness on Friday. Sanath de Silva lived in the United States for four decades and he was well Read more >>

The remains of Late Ven. Sobitha Thera arrives at Katunayake tonight ; 12 th declared a day of mourning

(Lanka-e-News -08.Nov.2015, 8.00PM) The remains of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera is scheduled to reach the Katunayake airport tonight at 9.15 by flight , and from there it is to be taken in a motorcade to the Jayarathne funeral parlor. The organizers have Read more >>

‘Zombie’ officers of the army brutally devour new officers..! Victims complain to president, premier and CJ

(Lanka-e-News- 07.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) A group that turned brutal among the officers who were recruited to the Sri Lanka army during the period of the LTTE war are inflicting torment and torture on efficient army officers and those newly recruited , b Read more >>

Eye opening speech..! Economic Policy Statement made by Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe in Parliament today

(Lanka-e-News -05.Nov.2015, 10.00PM) Hon. Speaker, On the 08th of January, the people of Sri Lanka elected Maithripala Sirisena as the President in pursuit of much needed change. This was confirmed at the Parliamentary Election.... Read more >>

The sapling planted by good governance blossoms ! SC issues notice on president Maithri

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Nov.2015, 11.55PM) The blossoming of the sapling planted by the victorious rainbow revolution of 8 th January became most fragrant when the Supreme court issued notice on president Maithripala Sirisena . This notice was issued in r Read more >>

Earlier Hambantota natives tormented the masses ; now Polonnaruwa natives have taken over that task !

(Lanka-e-News -03.Nov.2015, 11.55PM) Previously , it were those born in Hambantota who inflicted the worst torment on the Lankans and courted disaster for Lanka. Now, it is those born in Polonnaruwa who have taken over that devastation process from the Read more >>

MR ‘s harming civilians is unending: Earlier by design now by accidents -Couple knocked down by MR security jeep!

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Nov.2015, 10.30PM) Following a vehicle of ex president ,the brutal corrupt de facto deposed dictator , and present Kurunegala district M.P. Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse knocking against a motor cycle , a couple travelling on it Read more >>

Maithri takes in yet another cow stealer – January 8th pilgrimage profaned

(Lanka-e-News -01.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) President Maithripala Sirisena has taken in yet another cattle stealer as a member of his good governance pilgrimage that was commenced by 6.2 million people on 8 th January 2015. That cow stealer is the notorious pr Read more >>

Ekneliyagoda investigation : Army obstructs CID that visited Girithale; Dialog too hampers (Video)

(Lanka-e-News -31.Oct.2015, 4.30PM) The army hindered the CID officers who went to Girithale in connection with the investigation into the abduction and brutal murder of Lanka e news journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda, and the Dialog Co. is also not assist Read more >>

''This is a moment we cannot afford to lose'' -Mangala

Speech for the Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Muslims of the Northern Province

(Lanka-e-News -30.Oct.2015, 4.50PM) I would like to thank the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress for organizing this commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Expulsion of Muslims from the North. At this historic juncture, when Sri Lanka is grappling... Read more >>

Field Marshal SF refutes MR’s bunker story : never a security council meeting in such a bunker (video)

(Lanka-e-News -29.Oct.2015, 1.00PM) During the period of the war, never was a meeting of the security council held in an underground bunker in the way Mahinda Rajapakse has revealed , and as army commander he had never seen such an underground bunker . Read more >>

Loku Seeya murder via white van of Rajapakses-4 years gone by –none arrested yet -Chooti Seeya writes to the highest in the hierarchy

(Lanka-e-News -28.Oct.2015, 1.45PM) Exactly 4 years ago today ,Loku Seeya alias M.S.M. Niyaz , the Ragama Devale rituals performer was killed brutally after abducting him at Shell gas high security zone , Wattala. He was killed most ruthlessly after bein Read more >>

4 corrupt Rajapakse reign officers kowtowing to good governance unashamedly to secure posts -Mahanayake too with the rogues !

(Lanka-e-News -26.Oct.2015, 7.45PM) Four traitorous most corrupt government officers in association with the Rajapakse family who indulged in all the cardinal sins on earth are now claiming that all those corrupt and criminal activities were committed b Read more >>

''Madam Sirimavo appointed Commonwealth judges: Sri Lankan judges have served on International Criminal Tribunal'' - Foreign Minister Mangala

(Lanka-e-News -25.Oct.2015, 6.40PM) Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera's Speech at the Conclusion of the Parliamentary Debate on the UN Resolution (Sinhala + English) as follows... Read more >>

Ex army chief Jagath Jayasuriya now Ambassador in Brazil robbed: Disgraces his own country..!

(Lanka-e-News -24.Oct.2015, 6.00PM) Jagath Jayasuriya the infamous army commander of Sri Lanka during the Rajapakse era who was made ambassador to Brazil by president Maithripala Sirisena, by trying to have fun and frolic on the sly in Brazil had tarnishe Read more >>

Double faced ,double tongued, double dealing Weerawansa finally arrested with double passport..!

(Lanka-e-News -23.Oct.2015, 11.45PM) Double faced , double tongued , double dealing Wimal Weerawansa who hitherto escaped arrest despite all his criminal propensities , was today arrested at the Airport on his double passport criminality , when he tried t Read more >>

Like MaRas aren’t Sira (serious) to the people, Siras aren’t Maara Porawal (fabulous beings ) to them; Maithri abuses all and sundry on behalf of bro

(Lanka-e-News -22.Oct.2015, 7.00PM) Following the exposure that Kumarasinghe Sirisena the younger brother of president Maithripala Sirisena is attempting to raise his monthly salary to Rs. 10 million , it is reported that the president instead of reformi Read more >>

One of the hopes of Rainbow revolution fulfilled: 4 independent commissions come into being...

(Lanka-e-News- 22.Oct.2015, 10.30PM) The main demand of the people in the rainbow revolution of 8 th January was the etsablishment of independent commissions. Accordingly , The members of the first four commissions have commenced their duties. These membe Read more >>

First independent Bribery Commission –sequel to rainbow revolution comes into being today !

(Lanka-e-News -21.Oct.2015, 1.30PM) The first independent commission of Sri Lanka (SL) to investigate bribery and corruption was appointed today. The relevant appointment letters have been sent to the members of the commission,... Read more >>

UN Assistant Secretary-General Jenča to visit Sri Lanka

(Lanka-e-News -20.Oct.2015, 11.30PM) From 21 to 25 October, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr. Miroslav Jenča, will be visiting Sri Lanka. The visit follows recent discussions between... Read more >>

Disgrace ! Arjuna Ranathunga who screamed against nepotism appoints his brother not even A/L qualified as Ports chairman !

(Lanka-e-News -19.Oct.2015, 11.00PM) Minister of Ports, Arjuna Ranatunge is one of those who castigated and condemned the Mahinda Rajapakse regime over their raging nepotism, cronyism and family rule. Sadly, it is this same minister Arjuna even before som Read more >>

Army soldiers in novel robbery : police ambush them on A 9 road

(Lanka-e-New- 19.Oct.2015, 3.20AM) 8 army soldiers who were removing the advertisement hoardings along both sides of Jaffna A 9 road to be sold as scrap iron were arrested by the Chavakachcheri police on... Read more >>

Skeletal remains of murdered women discovered: Slippers , comb , clothes etc. found

(Lanka-e-News -18.Oct.2015, 5.11PM) A number of skeletal remains have been discovered at Thendukalam , Aryalai, Jaffna in an abandoned garden , according to the police media spokesman’s office. The latter revealed that after the remains were produced befo Read more >>

Right to information bill before parliament next week

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Oct.2015, 5.00PM) The long awaited ‘Right to information bill’ that was earnestly anticipated by the Democracy loving masses is to be tabled before the cabinet next week , a chief in charge of its draft preparation Dr. Jayampathy... Read more >>

''White Van godfather and criminals still free ; Illegal firearms and phones still with them'' : LeN Editor reveals to Lankadeepa

(Lanka-e-news -30.July.2015, 11.10PM) The godfathers of the white Van murder culture are still free and the telephones that were utilised in connection with these crimes had still not been discovered , Lanka e news editor Sandaruwan Senadheera revealed. Read more >>

Ranatunges a byword for corruption are responsible for the first strike at an Institution under good governance !

(Lanka-e-News -04.Jan.2016, 7.30PM) The raising of Ports entry fee by an unimaginable unconscionable 4000 % by the mentally deranged Ranatunge family in charge of Port administration provoked the joint Ports users association staged a strike... Read more >>

UNP and DP sign MOU : future political journey forward is under Ranil’s leadership – Field Marshal Fonseka

(Lanka-e-News -03.Jan.2016, 11.00PM) The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the UNP and the Democratic party was signed today (03 )at the official residence of the prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe .The leaders of the two parties... Read more >>

Cases galore against Gnanassara ! His crony Vitharandeniye Nanda flees -Warrant issued

(Lanka-e-News -02.Jan.2016, 9.50PM) Galagoda Aththe Gnanassara Thera ‘s bosom pal and closest crony Vitharandeniye Nanda had fled the country dodging the court order ! When a case against the robed murderous monks... Read more >>

Monks who desired self immolation and incarceration that day queued up and remanded..!

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Jan.2016, 9.45PM) Two more robed monks who created bedlam on the court premises when Gnanassara was remanded, and voluntarily invited incarceration were today remanded by the Homagama magistrate .... Read more >>

Police officially reveal shocking crimes of record breaking culprits Yoshitha and Nishantha ! our media hunting dogs must learn lesson from British journalists

(Lanka-e-News -01.Jan.2016, 8.00PM) The unscrupulous media coolies of Sri Lanka who are even descending beneath the level of latrine coolies in order to go hunting for the Rajapakses and his notorious crook of a son Yoshitha Rajapakse who is the pivot and Read more >>

Rajapakses’ ‘interval’ is over ! 5 CSN higher ups including Yoshitha , Nishantha (Arjuna Ranatunge’s brother), Mara’s media spokesman remanded until 11 th Feb.

(Lanka-e-News -30.Jan.2016, 11.45PM) It is the end of the road for the corrupt Rajapakses who were plundering and pillaging public wealth and resources of the country for nearly a decade to most selfishly fatten themselves !... Read more >>

20 officers of intelligence division of the forces were among Gnanassara supporters in court : Gnanassara urinates with robe on

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The police had been able to identify that about 20 members of the intelligence divison of the armed forces were among the civilians who were present on the day Gnanassara the robed drunkard monk... Read more >>

P.M. lashes out at unscrupulous media coolies and racists -I have hundred people to come to the road to each one of yours ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News -29.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) ‘In Sri Lanka there are two groups of media : a group that champions the cause of media freedom while the other is the ‘ hunting’ group that goes hunting in seach of prey for others, said prime minister... Read more >>

President absent at Thai Pongal celebration of Tamil people who cast 80 % of their votes to him ; Chandrika and speaker are the chief guests

(Lanka-e-News-28.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) It is an incontrovertible fact that at the last presidential elections , 80 % of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka (SL) cast their votes to make Maithripala Sirisena the president of this country.. Read more >>

There was ample time to punish Rajapakse era criminals and scoundrels; Enough is enough – Citizens Force leaders (video)

(Lanka-e-News-28.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) At the last presidential elections ,though the president Maithripala Sirisena and the prime minister (P.M.) focused on the corruption ,frauds, and murders under the brutal ,lawless corrupt Rajapakse era... Read more >>

‘Need safeguards against majoritarianism’ -Jayampathy Wickramaratne on the importance of an inclusive Constitution in Sri Lanka

(Lanka-e-News -27.Jan.2016, 12.15PM) Jayampathy Wickramaratne, 67, is one of the most keenly watched persons in Sri Lanka at the moment. He chairs the committee appointed by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to provide technical support to the Constitut Read more >>

Huge demonstrations demanding a presidential Commission to probe into Rajapakse era crimes against media

(Lanka-e-News -27.Jan.2015, 3.45PM) Pressures are being brought to bear on the present government of good governance to appoint a special presidential Commission to investigate the assaults , murders and abductions committed , as well as... Read more >>

Speech in Parliament on Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements -By Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera

(Lanka-e-News -26.Jan.2016, 11.45PM) This government was elected on a mandate to create one million jobs within five years by increasing investment and boosting exports. It is now the responsibility of... Read more >>

Group sent by Maithri to reconcile with Mahinda’s ‘rogues on behalf of rogues’ group returns rejected and dejected ! – Mahinda’s new party confirmed

(Lanka-e-News -25.Jan.2016, 8.15PM) The attempts made by preisdent Maithripala Sirisena to re build the unity between the Maithri group and the Rajapakses’ ‘ rogues on behalf of rogues’ group , of the SLFP had foundered... Read more >>

40 of 50 world’s Blue chip Companies to invest in SL ! Sir Richard Brenson world renowned entrepreneur too to visit SL !

(Lanka-e-News -25.Jan.2016, 8.10PM) This was the first time Sri Lanka (SL) was invited to participate in this year’s World Economic Forum . At this Forum , about 50 Blue chip Companies of the world , that is 50 of the richest companies held clear and le Read more >>

Prageeth Ekneliyagoda ! We are with you though you are gone for the last 6 years !! Attend the ‘Reminiscences’ Day on 26 th

(Lanka-e-News -24.Jan.2016, 8.20PM) It is six years ago today, Lanka e news journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda was abducted , and subsequently murdered. He left Lanka e news office at Rajagiriya on 24 th January 2010 at about 7.30 in the night... Read more >>

The crisis of the Medical education and Sri Lankan Health Sector -Migrant’s Column

(Lanka-e-News -24.Jan.2016, 9.30PM) The students of the faculty of medicine at Ragama and Karapitiya have started a strike and if I am correct they are heading for the hunger strike. I am not going to state the issue that triggered them for the strike. In Read more >>

World famous Microsoft Co. comes to SL ! new technology provided free ! Microsoft chief stands by his promise to Ranil

(Lanka-e-News- 23.Jan.2016, 4.45PM) World famous Microsoft Co. chairman John Philip Kottisch had today notified Sri Lanka ‘s (SL) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe that he is ready to sign a technology agreement... Read more >>

Bribe-taking school principals on the run! Two more nabbed in two days- a monk too arrested !!

(Lanka-e-News- 23.Jan.2016, 4.45PM) The relentless actions and alertness of the Anti Bribery and corruption commission under the government of good governance had enabled the nabbing of two prinicipals of two schools... Read more >>

Indian Aircraft Carrier visits Colombo

(Lanka-e-News -20.Jan.2016, 6.30PM) India’s largest naval ship, the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, will visit Colombo from 21 - 23 January 2016. INS Vikramaditya will be accompanied by a destroyer, INS Mysore. The ships are transiting from the West Co Read more >>

M.K.D.S. Gunawardena -Another stalwart who came forward come what may to support good governance passes away

(Lanka-e-News -20.Jan.2016, 3.45PM) The minister of lands M.K.D.S. Gunawardena passed away on the 19 th at a Colombo private hospital at age of 69 years . Late Gunasekera was among the first group who left the Rajapakse regime... Read more >>

Proposed enactment : Registration of book of rules for Bhikkhus provokes the crooked and goons; delights pure Bhikkhus..

(Lanka-e-News -17.Jan.2016, 11.30PM) The outcome of the agreements arrived at ,following discussions with the Mahanayakes of the three Nikayas had been presented in parliament ,however the government is not enacting any laws except that to give legal p Read more >>

British Tamil People thank UK prime minister for his Thai Pongal message

(Lanka-e-News -16.Jan.2016, 11.20PM) British Tamil People thank our prime minister Rt Hon David Cameron for his Thai Pongal message to the community. We also wish to express our gratitude for the efforts... Read more >>

His majesty’s investiture, His stupid monkeys’ acrobatics and advertisement gimmickry -Analysis by Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Jan.2016, 11.50PM) Maithripala Sirisena who came forward making solemn, proud and loud promises to abolish the executive presidency a year ago , celebrating the first anniversary of the successful rainbow revolution of 8 th January 201 Read more >>

Song that puts Maithri on illusory pedestal of King is a ‘Buffalo style song’ -Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 15.Jan.2016, 11.50PM) The official song produced in cunjunction with president Maithripala’s first anniversary celebrations of his presidential victory , and which mounts him on an illusory pedestal... Read more >>

Ekneliyagoda murder : Army commander’s new ploy- sealing offices of camps is violating court order.!

(Lanka-e-News -14.Jan.2016, 11.00PM) The sealing of a number of offices of the army camps in Girithale yesterday, linked to the murder of Ekenliyagoda’s ghastly murder by the military police on the orders of the army commander Lieutenant General Krisha Read more >>

What is the logic or law behind punishing a principal who collected Rs.3.6 million , while Ananda college principal is scot free over Rs. 11.9 million collection ?

(Lanka-e-News -13.Jan.2016, 9.00PM) If the principal of Kingswood College . Kandy can be interdicted because he collected Rs. three million six hundred and twenty five thousand (Rs. 3,625,000/-) from students in violation of the ministry circular , ho Read more >>

Rapist Abrew appears in court ;charge sheet served -. out on bail

(Lanka-e-News -13.Jan.2016, 9.00PM) Sarath Abrew the Supreme court (SC) judge who is charged with committing rape on the domestic working in his house was served with the charge sheet... Read more >>

Akila takes the cudgel to chase out corrupt super grade school principals and to clean up; Kingswood principal out !

(Lanka-e-News -12.Jan.2016, 3.30PM) The corrupt crooked Royal College Colombo prinicipal Upali Gunasekera better known as ‘Royal kendaya’ who was transferred following the discovery that he was conducting a class illegally and... Read more >>

The Nation addresses the President on first anniversary of the Rainbow revolution

(Lanka-e-News -10.Jan.2016, 4.15PM) Your excellency the dearest president Maithripala Sirisena , We learn through media reports that you are getting ready to address the nation on the first anniversary of the victory of the rainbow revolution of 8 th Ja Read more >>

Yesterday marks a watershed in SL’s history ! P.M . presents proposal for new constitution - inside story…

(Lanka-e-News -10.Jan.2016, 7.15PM) Yesterday marked a watershed in Sri Lanka ‘s history when prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe tabled a proposal in Parliament to appoint a select committee to formulate a new constitution.... Read more >>

President’s act of benevolence !

(Lanka-e-News -09.Jan.2016, 1.05PM) President Maithripala Sirisena has performed an act of benevolence .That is he has decided to pardon the suspected assassin Selvaraja Jeneevan... Read more >>

Ranil held the Key..!

By Krishantha Prasad Cooray

(Lanka-e-News -07.Jan.2016, 2.45AM) Victory never falls from the sky. In politics victories are produced when the conditions for meaningful and effective struggle mature and more importantly those who struggle are empowered by single minded determination Read more >>

Journalists should agitate to ban press briefings of racists who say Ekneliyagoda is tiger and journalists be punished- Range Bandara

(Lanka-e-News -07.jan.2016, 10.15AM) Some members who claim to be in the united opposition and engaged in national politics have begun reviving the bogus ‘chantra manthra’ that the country is going to be divided, State minister Palitha Range Bandara re Read more >>

Major Gen. (R) Jayanath Lokuketagodage, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Pakistan presents credentials

(Lanka-e-News -07.Jan.2016, 2.45AM) Major Gen. (R) Jayanath Lokuketagodage, the new Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Pakistan, presented his credentials to Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain... Read more >>

Pakisthan PM's SL Visit and Address to the Lakshaman Kadirgamar Institute

(Lanka-e-News- 06.Jan.2016, 11.00AM) Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was welcomed by President Maithripala Sirisena when the premier arrived at the Presidential Secretariat last morning. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was also present... Read more >>

This journey seeks prosperity for all Sri Lankans: It cannot be held back - Special speech by Ranil

(Lanka-e-News -05.Jan.2016, 6.30AM) This special speech made by the Prime Minister to all who gathered at Temple Trees on yeasterday... Read more >>

Efforts of Ranatunges to make SL cricket their family belonging crushed humiliatingly ! Thilanga triumphs , Ranatunges trounced !!

(Lanka-e-News -04.Jan.2016, 9.45AM) When the election of bearers to the Sri Lanka (SL) cricket board was held at the Sports ministry auditorium yesterday(03), Thilanga Sumathipala was elected as the president , and Jayantha Dharmadasa of Thilanga Sumath Read more >>

May lightning strike..! As New year dawns so Sirisena family safe fills -Many millions of public funds siphoned off !!

(Lanka-e-News -03.Jan.2016, 11.30AM) With the dawn of the new year , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division, LeN is constrained to reveal a most disgusting and distressing piece of news that public funds amounting to many mi Read more >>

Rita's struggle for 14 long years to mete out punishment to the criminals who raped her or the lame and faltering justice that prevails in Sri Lanka

Justice delayed is justice denied..!

(Lanka-e-News -02.Jan.2016, 01.00PM) On 28th December 2015, the Nuwara Eliya High Court delivered a historic judgment: two men were each sentenced to 23 years rigorous imprisonment and ordered to pay Rs. 200,000 in compensation after... Read more >>

Ekneliyagoda trial: Good governance president yet again unashamedly renders aid to criminals !

(Lanka-e-News -01.Jan.2016, 10.00PM) While it is being repeatedly accused that the legal division of the army now under the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena who is the commander in chief of the forces ,has officially entered the Guiness book... Read more >>

Avant Garde chief under death threat from Navy chief ! - Complaint lodged with Mirihana police.

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2016, 10.00AM) A team operated by Navy Commander Ravindra C. Wijegunawardena has made threats to the life of Avant Garde chief Nissanka Senadhipathy . The latter has lodged a complaint to this effect with the Mirihana police last eve Read more >>

‘Sira the Bra’ uses his Madu walge : Black lists Company of Sanga –Mahela !

(Lanka-e-News - 31.dec.2015, 6.00PM) President ‘Sira the Bra’ making full use of his madu walge (Ray fish tail) has blacklisted ‘Light Events Ltd.’ Co. belonging to Sangakkara and Mahela which organized the Singer Enrique’s musical concert through the Co Read more >>

Second phase of conspiracy of SC judges to save rapist Abrew and thereby Rajapakses...

(Lanka-e-News -30.Dec.2015, 9.45AM) Lanka e news inside information division in its report on 20 th December exposed the conspiracy hatched by Supreme court (SC) judges to rescue the notorious SC judge Sarath Abrew the rapist in his criminal involvement, Read more >>

Danger lurks ! Good governance president enters Guinness book by shouldering criminal militarization !!

(Lanka-e-News -27.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) It is a well and widely known fact that president Maithripala Sirisena who is now the defense secreatary cum commander in chief of the three forces ,during the last two elections made loud and proud announcements on e Read more >>

Don't intimidate Ekneligoda investigators -Lawyers Collective tells fanatic elements

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) ‘Lawyers Collective’ views with deep concern the attempt being made to intimidate, by public pronouncements, the police officers conducting investigations into the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda.... Read more >>

Presidential award to even a defunct Co. long closed down !

(Lanka-e-News -25.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) This is not a story taken out from Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not ‘. Rather this is a story that would even make Ripley to disbelieve because of its egregious ridiculousness.This is based on a true event... Read more >>

Polonnaruwa born 65 years old Maithripala Sirisena employs Royal Cosmetic Expert to enhance his looks !

(Lanka-e-News -23.Dec.2015, 7.00AM) President Maithripala Sirisena with a view to boost his cosmetic appearance has given a permanent government job to a Royal beautician , and he is paid a salary plus perks out of public funds , according to Lanka Read more >>

Rajapakses’ hired assassin Tissa with Yoshitha (many photographs)

(Lanka-e-News -22.Dec.2015, 8.00PM) Many photographs of Yoshitha Rajapakse with Tissa the hired assassin of Rajapakses and driver of Mahinda Rajapakse who goes by many names... Read more >>

He who should be hanged by his test…cles mercilessly is hanged by the waist mercifully !

(Lanka-e-News -22.Dec.2015, 8.00PM) Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse the cheat cum brute who deserves to be hanged mercilessly by his ‘test….cles’ for the crimes he committed during his reign is seen here hung mercifully by his waist... Read more >>

Holidays of MPs curtailed ! new Parliament meets on 6 th January: New constitution dream soon a reality !

(Lanka-e-news -21.Dec.2015, 5.10AM) It is usual after the budget is over , for the parliament to have a one month vacation , but under this government of good governance determined to serve the people , this time the holidays... Read more >>

Group of Politicos form new committee purportedly to to resolve issues in the North sans political motives

(Lanka-e-news -21.Dec.2015, 5.10AM) The people of Jaffna elected representatives via two elections to represent them and address their grievances, yet one group that was elected and is in the opposition currently... Read more >>

Pa(va)deniya‘s doctor mafia again threatens to strike ! 'These doctors would have been trishaw drivers but for one mark' – Minister Dr. Wijedasa Rajapakse

(Lanka-e-News -20.Dec.2015, 9.00AM) The Government medical officers Association (GMOA) of Pavadeniya which is hell bent on finding some pretext or another to stage strikes and sabotage the government of good governance which in contradistinction... Read more >>

‘If you don’t want we don’t want it absolutely ‘ –hate speech amendment abandoned as Sampanthan opposes

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Dec.2015, 6.40AM) The amendment that was to be introduced by the government to impose a maximum jail sentence of two years under the Penal code on those who make hate speeches against race or religion... Read more >>

Dr. Bahu rewarded – Good governance government acts in keeping with its name !

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Dec.2015, 6.40AM) At a time when the Leftists were metamorphosing into Red wheeler dealers letting down their own side selling their policies wholesale , and because of them society was being torn apart , it was Dr. Wickremabahu... Read more >>

Maithri the staunch Buddhist (or is he?) remembers to pay homage to Pope but forgets Vihara in Rome ! -Buddhists in Rome bemoan

(Lanka-e-News -18.Dec.2015, 9.30AM) President Maithripala Sirisena and his team that went to Rome’s Vatican city to pay homage to his holiness the Pope and St. Basilica , had forgotten to visit or pay homage to the Buddhist Vihara in Rome... Read more >>

Mathri saluted by the forces for clipping the wings of MR’s security contingent..!

President urged to probe how MR’s security personnel became millionaires

(Lanka-e-News -17.Dec.2015, 3.30PM) The decision taken by president Maithripala Sirisena to withdraw the 500 army security personnel contingent provided to ex president Mahinda Rajapakse and replace with 130 STF police personnel , has been warmly... Read more >>

We won on ‘threat to strike’ -Saman Ratnapriya : CBEU in solitary struggle

(Lanka-e-News -15.dec.2015, 11.45PM) The common convener of the joint trade unions of the Government, semi Government and private sectors , Saman Ratnapriya issuing a communiqué stated because of the threat to strike , it was possible... Read more >>

Sounds incredible but true -whopping Rs. 29,000,000,000.00 spirited away ! Basil indicted !!

Government’s answer to people’s query ‘where no case against Rajapakse cheats?’

(Lanka-e-News -15.Dec.2015, 3.30PM) The former economic development minister Basil Rajapakse (the brother of Mahinda Rajapakse the ex president of Sri Lanka ) and ex Director of Divineguma , R.K.E Ranawake were indicted by... Read more >>

‘Kassippu Johnny’ and Rajapakse hoodlums make Parliament the August assembly a violent bedlam !

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Dec.2015, 10.45 AM) It is a matter for deep regret that despite the people convincingly defeating and crushing the Rajapakse lawless, criminal and corrupt regime on two occasions , three lawless pro Rajapakse MPs yesterday in parliamen Read more >>

Defense secretary gets cold feet after Lanka e news exposure: Sends document he viciously hid to AG !

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Dec.2015, 10.45 AM) Following the exposure by Lanka e news by a report yesterday under the caption ‘Avant Garde acquisition sparks legal complications ! Defense secretary’s omission can result in US $3 billion loss... Read more >>

Ven .Sobitha Thera and Ravaya editor win anti corruption ‘integrity’ awards –anti corruption march staged (photos herein)

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) A number of civil organizations of Sri Lanka , the Commission inquiring into allegations of bribery and corruption ,and Transparency International headed a campaign on 9th December coiniciding... Read more >>

Foolish court jester is cabinet spokesman: Rajitha’s blunders plunges government into Diplomatic faux pas !

(Lanka-e-News -11.Dec.2015, 8.45AM) The falsehoods and uncalled for un –diplomatic utterances of Minister Rajitha Senaratne , the cabinet spokesman of the Sri Lanka (SL) government , has driven the government of good governance into a grave predicament Read more >>

Retired police Inspector, actress and lawyer in the net over LTTE treasure mining !

(Lanka-e-News -10.Dec.2015, 8.30PM) Based on the information elicited from the four suspects arrested by the police in connection with an illicit treasure mining incident at Manalkadu in the Peduruduwa police division , Jaffna... Read more >>

Murder trial on Raviraj starts in January: Red alert Interpol warrant issued on murderer whom LEN exposed earlier (New photo evidence)

(Lanka-e-News -09.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The Raviraj murder trial is to be heard from 4th January 2016 without interruption , the court decided yesterday(08) . To arrest the two suspects who have fled the country , a red alert with warrant was issued.. Read more >>

Avant Garde chief summoned to CID; Rajitha makes 7 calls to CID to arrest Senadhipathy

JVP Anura’s wild accusations pulverized once and for all.!

(Lanka-e-News -09.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The chief of Avant Garde Nissanka Senadhipathy was summoned to the CID to record a statement last noon .This is a sequel to the complaints made by Ministers Rajtha Senaratne , Champika Ranawake and... Read more >>

While president is transforming into a crooner the Rajapakse hooligans attack law abiding citizens !

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Dec.2015, 11.40PM) The gangs and goons of the South nursed and nurtured by the former murderous lawless Rajapakse regime are still on the rampage attacking officers who are lawfully and honestly carrying out their duties, even after... Read more >>

Appeal against stoning to death in Saudi successful : We produce successful results silently and effectively- Dr. Harsha

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The efforts of ministry of foreign affairs of Sri Lanka (SL) to halt the stoning to death of Sri Lankan woman in Saudi Arabia had reaped dividends . The earlier sentence is now to be subjected to an appeal... Read more >>

Ex Directors of Security Bonds Commission Dhammika Perera and Ronnie Ibrahim arrested ; Chairman Godahewa bolts..!

(Lanka-e-News -06.Dec.2015, 8.30PM) The former deputy Director General and a Director, Dhammika Perera and Ronnie Ibrahim respectively ,of the Security Bonds Commission a most notorious corrupt body during the former regime were arrested by the FCID ye Read more >>

Island wide strike on 15 th against 9 ‘unsavoury’ budget proposals

(Lanka-e-News -06.Dec.2015, 8.30PM) In protest against some of the budget proposals of Minister Ravi Karunanayake , trade unions of a number of sectors are to jointly stage an Island wide strike on 15 th December,.. Read more >>

Corrupt Welgama is threatening now ‘look after you outside ‘ because Rainbow revolution didn’t ‘look after’ him then

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Dec.2015, 8.00PM) When the former minister of transport Kumara Welgama was questioned in Parliament over a massive bribe of Rs. 3000 million taken by him in a bus import deal , the culprit made... Read more >>

Ex OIC Gunathileke of Narahenpita police prime suspect in bribery case arrested after a determined effort

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Dec.2015, 8.00PM) Following a great concerted effort made by the Commission inquiring into allegations of bribery and corruption , the ex OIC of Narahenpita police was arrested... Read more >>

President Maithri creates yet another glorious record !

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Dec.2015, 10.15PM) President Maithripala Sirisena created a record in Sri Lanka ‘s (SL) political history by being present at the budget debate in parliament in his official capacity as president when his budget expenditure allocation Read more >>

Government relents -‘Give a duty free car’ demand of Government officers successful

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Dec.2015, 10.15PM) The strike staged under the theme ‘Give a tax free car’ conducted by the Doctors and State officers ‘caste’ was successful. The government relented and has agreed to withdraw the proposal... Read more >>

Maiden budget of United government passed with 2/ 3 rd majority ! JVP as always takes faltering step !

(Lanka-e-News- 03.Dec.2015, 11.30PM) The maiden budget of the United government was passed with a two third majority after the second reading yesterday (02), that is by 107 votes with 159 for and 52 against !... Read more >>

‘System change’ -The main hope of the masses for good governance blossoms..! people salute welcome changes..!

(Lanka-e-News -02.Dec.2015, 11.00PM) The main hope of the people for good governance who introduced a ‘system change’ , that is a change on the 8th of January and on 17 th of August 2015 , is now blossoming. We take pride in announcing this :... Read more >>

Don’t camouflage emission levy by talking of sea pirates : Reveal audit report on Wegapitiyas without duping

At Balapitiya workshop government itself bluffs

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) A workshop on the budget proposals 2015 was conducted at a popular hotel during the weekend. About 125 ministers and MPs participated in this workshop. This workshop was conducted... Read more >>

Nobel prize or Marbles prize for Maithri..? True background of this false portrayal…

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) The UNP and the SLFP which formed the United government has on its behalf proposed Maithripala Sirisena for the Nobel peace prize, Minister John Amaratunge revealed in parliament , and the pro Maithri group... Read more >>

Juergen Weerth, former German Ambassador to SL is appointed as Sri Lanka's Consul for North Rhine Westphalia in Germany

(Lanka-e-News -01.Dec.2015, 11.45PM) Mr. Juergen Weerth has assumed responsibilities as the new Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka to North Rhine - Westphalia with consular jurisdiction covering the regions of Bergisches Land,... Read more >>

Doctors to strike..! Hurt over duty free vehicle permit withdrawal

(Lanka-e-News- 30.Nov.2015, 11.30AM) The government medical officers asociation (GMOA) which considers itself as a ‘Doctor caste ‘ that is superior to others has decided to stage a strike in the next few days to the detriment of the helpless patients th Read more >>

Queen who did not attend Rajapakses’ CHOGM warmly welcomes Maithripala at same conference in Malta -6.6 million pounds aid promised

(Lanka-e-News - 29.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) The 24 th commonwealth conference under the theme ‘Commonwealth is a new strength to global value ’ was commenced in Malta day before yesterday forenoon (27) .... Read more >>

Rajapakses’ contract killers (ex) DIG Vaas Gunawardena and son sentenced to death along with four others !

(Lanka-e-News -28.Nov.2015, 9.00 PM) Ex DIG Vaas Gunawardena the ‘licensed underworld killer’ who did a number of contract killings for cash rewards (blood money) during the Rajapakses’ most brutal and corrupt era, for and on behalf of the Rajapakses wa Read more >>

Withdraw the emission certificate levy - an ‘extortion’ designed by Sirisena and family Co. - In India it is only Rs. 270

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2015, 10.00 PM) After Lanka e news revealed that the vehicle emission test fee was raised to Rs. 5000.00 ( four fold more than before) , in order to increase four fold also the annual collection ( extortion monies)of many millions Read more >>

Vigie’s wig drops down - Was it Vasu’s b-i-l Vigneswaran who pushed the student before the train in the North?

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2015, 11.00 PM) The pro government of good governance people of the South are harboring suspicions whether it was the chief minister of the north Vigneswaran , the brother in law of Vasudeva who pushed the 18 years old student yest Read more >>

Student commits suicide after leaving letter to release Tamil political prisoners

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2015, 9.00 PM) A student from Kokuvil, Jaffna committed suicide last morning (26) by jumping before an oncoming train after leaving a letter demanding the release of the Tamil political Read more >>

‘My mouth is not full with millions’ -Harin explains Hutch -Mobitel deal

(Lanka-e-News -26.Nov.2015, 7.00AM) Harin Fernando the digital minister after reading Lanka e news report telephoned to say no amount of money was thrust into his mouth or down his throat.Lanka e news exposing the alleged... Read more >>

Legality of “THE BUDGET”: The Citizen’s Power over the Public Purse - Chrishmal Warnasuriya

(Lanka-e-News -25.Nov.2015, 11.45PM) Introduction - Theory Behind Spending “Public Money” In a Democracy? Given that one-in-every-ten words we hear these days have something to do with “the budget”, I thought of posting a few related thoughts,... Read more >>

Justice finally triumphs..! Rapist Sarath Abrew caught : Case filed against a SC judge for the first time in SL !

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Nov.2015, 7.30AM) Supreme court judge Sarath Abrew was indicted on two counts of using force and committing rape on 37 years old Nilusha Damayanthi on 26 th June or thereabout while she was working as a domestic aide... Read more >>

Prabhakaran commemoration banned yet LTTE handbills at several places

(Lanka-e-News -24.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) 26 th November is the day of the birth anniversary of former LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. Handbills were pasted in Vavuniya and the North on the 20 th inviting people to mark the ‘Heroes day’ to be commemo Read more >>

SL is a beacon to the world – Ms. Power the US top notch foreign Diplomat lauds new government’s programs !

(Lanka-e-News- 24.Nov.2015, 8.00PM) Samantha Power, the UN organization US permanent representative cum close associate of US president Barack Obama arrived in Sri Lanka (SL) on 21 st on a two day tour of SL. Incidentally , this year alone, arrival of t Read more >>

Kili Maharaja is the robber of priceless paintings of David Paynter ! – Maithri goes out of the way to save bosom pal.

(Lanka-e-News- 23.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) Sri Lanka is famous for producing many world renowned artistes and artists. David Paynter (1900-1975) is one among them. He was an artist of rare talent. His father was born in Britain , while his mother was Sri Lank Read more >>

Maithri and younger bro ban news websites ! whither media freedom ?

(Lanka-e-News -23.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) It is an unequivocal fact that the erstwhile corrupt Rajapakse regime banned the websites which exposed their robberies , perfidies and villainies. Now when the right to information bill is to be tabled in parliament.. Read more >>

Are Maithri laws only for the UNP members ?

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Nov.2015, 4.35 AM) Retired major general Gamini Hettiarachchi who was in charge of secret operations room on 8 th January - the day of the presidential elections, that was run by Gotabaya Rajapakse on the instructions of ex president Ma Read more >>

Marapone resigned because he was lawyer to Avant Garde; Shouldn’t Rajitha who extorted Rs.5 million resign ?

This is the time to compare and contrast Ranil’s ethics with Maithri’s

(Lanka-e-News -19.Nov.2015, 11.45AM) If Thilak Marapone the ex minister of law and order honorably resigned the portfolio because of the charges mounted against him by the people on account of his alleged involvements as the lawyer for Avant Garde Co., Read more >>

Parippu not above R190, Chicken R400 only: CAA fixes new maximum prices for six items

MRPs for the first time: Dhal, Potatoes, B-Onions

(Lanka-e-News -18.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) As the year-end festival season drew nearer, Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority has brought in a new set of Maximum Retail Prices (MRP) for six new essential consumer items... Read more >>

'Politics and Development in Sri Lanka' -Lecture by Mangala Samaraweera at Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

(Lanka-e-News -16.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) It is a pleasure for me to join you here today, to speak on ‘Politics and Development in Sri Lanka’, soon after the official visit just last month to Singapore, by Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe. As I stand Read more >>

President Maithri ominously reveals his despotic teeth : Bypasses cabinet and sans gazette notification gives over business to Forces

(Lanka-e-News -14.Nov.2015, 11.55PM) The measures taken by president Miathripala Sirisena against Avant Garde Co.has baffled the entire business community. The Navy that went on board the ship yesterday (13) of that company with a letter from the defens Read more >>

City of Paris rocked by shocking terrorist attack-bomb explosions and suicide bombers : 168 dead so far !

(Lanka-e-News- 14.Nov.2015, 7.45PM) Following a number of terrorist attacks launched at midnight on the city of Paris , 168 civilians have lost their lives, 180 injuered, the government of France revealed. Three suicide bomb attacks ,.. Read more >>

31 political prisoners released : yet government knows not how to reap the fruits of its labor

(Lanka-e-News -12.Nov.2015, 11.45PM) 31 LTTE suspects who were in detention for a long period without cases being filed by the terrorist investigation division against them under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) were released on bail.. Read more >>

Marapone’s portfolio split into two : Sagala and Swaminathan take oaths

(Lanka-e-News -11.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) The ministerial portfolio of Thilak Marapone who resigned has been divided between two ministers. The ministry of law and order, and southern development has been allocated to Sagala Ratnayake, while Swaminathan... Read more >>

Sri Lanka is deeply concern about arrest of two Sri Lankan nationals in the Maldives

(Lanka-e-News -10.Nov.2015, 8.00PM) Sri Lanka is deeply concerned about recent developments in the Maldives and events that have impacted on Sri Lanka, including the recent arrest of two Sri Lankan nationals in the Maldives, the questionable removal of a Read more >>

Most Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera passes away !

(Lanka-e-News -08.Nov..2015, 6.30 PM) We announce with deep sorrow that Kotte Naga Vihara chief prelate most venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera who spearheaded the victorious campaign to restore Democracy in the country by dethroning the Rajapakse regime Read more >>

Somawansa from garbage bin and Weerawansa from loony bin form unholy alliance !

(Lanka-e-News -08.Nov..2015, 6.30 PM) The former JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe characterized by senile mental decay and loss of memory has preferred to jump into his grave from a garbage bin close by , despite having the better option of retiring. Read more >>

Incredible but true ! 80 police officers as security for 4 Tamil detainees !

(Lanka-e-News- 07.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) About 80 police officers of various ranks have been summoned to the Boosa camp headquarters which is maintained under the Terrorist investigation division (TID) by DIG Nalaka Silva , the Director and Lal Gamage... Read more >>

‘Venda Lenin’ pseudo socialist Rajapakse stooge arrested : Shameless and ’faceless’ yet identified ! full story……

(Lanka-e-News -06.Nov.2015, 6.30PM) Premakumara Gunaratnam alias Noel Mudalige, is the infamous Australian citizen who violated the Immigration and emigration laws of the country while citing bogus reasons in defence, and in collusion with the corrupt an Read more >>

Identify the latest fraudster toeing the line of ‘Sakvithi’… after posing with president in photographs !

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Nov.2015, 11.55PM) Like how the notorious fraudster Sakvithi Ranasinghe posed for photographs with ex president Mahinda Rajapakse , and used those photographs to defraud people in many millions of rupees, Lanka e news is now in receipt o Read more >>

Sri Lankan wins golden award at Steve Business Annual Ceremony – equivalent to the Oscar award in the Film Industry!

(Lanka-e-News -04.Nov.2015, 10.30PM) The annual ‘Steve’ awards ceremony is considered the world’s apex business award ceremony in business world. The ‘Steve’ award is very similar to that of the Oscar awards in the World Cinema Industry. It is with grea Read more >>

Can you beat that ? Hultsdorf Tamil lawyer is a mafia boss- plunders properties of innocent Tamils using his underworld gang

(Lanka-e-News -03.Nov.2015, 11.55) Believe it or not ! an attorney at law at Hultsdorf is plundering lands and properties of innocent Tamils with gay abandon while acting as a Mafia boss for an underworld gang in Hultsdorf. This lawyer is... Read more >>

Pro MaRa uneducated opportunistic brute as information advisor –Media Minister crazed or dazed?

(Lanka-e-News -01.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) A cabinet paper has been tabled by minister of media Gayantha Karunathileke to appoint a most villainous, vacuous, uneducated opportunist as an advisor to the department of information... Read more >>

LTTE suspects to be released on Deepavali ! Incarceration methods to be changed (video)

(Lanka-e-News -01.Nov.2015, 11.30PM) The LTTE suspects who are now in prison can be released on November 10 th , the Deepavali day , if there are no cases against them , said minister... Read more >>

Presidential media mud plastered mud slinging villain identified !

(Lanka-e-News -31.Oct.2015, 4.30PM) In a country it is the presidential media division that should be exemplary and stand out from the rest when it comes to maintaining its reputation . However in Sri Lanka it is this very division... Read more >>

School peon who sexually abused 6 school boys arrested – whither SL?

(Lanka-e-News -29.Oct.2015, 1.00PM) A peon who sexually abused boys six below the age of ten years in a school , Uduthurai Hindu College, Jaffna was arrested by the Palay , Kilinochchi police lastday... Read more >>

HNB’s phobia against employees’ social media cured by district court – lesson to other maniacs too !

(Lanka-e-News -28.Oct.2015, 10.00PM) The Hatton National bank (HNB) which prohibited its employees under its ‘social media policy of HNB,’to access the social media chain thereby transgressing the fundamental laws of the country was issued an enjoinin Read more >>

Bull in a China shop at Hultsdorf..!

(Lanka-e-News -26.Oct.2015, 7.45PM) The judge of Hultsdorf traffic court No.7 , Colombo ,Amila Ariyasena , is conducting himself with the enthusiasm of a bull in a China shop . It is reported this traffic court judge has descended rather to the level Read more >>

Complaints to Bribery and corruption Commission against AG, Solicitor General, Balapatabendi, and Law College principals

(Lanka-e-News- 26.Oct.2015, 5.00AM) A number of social and civil organizations are to request the new Bribery and corruption investigation commission that is appointed by the president based on the proposals of the constitutional council shall launch inv Read more >>

350 bulbs each worth Rs. 150,000 at Premadasa stadium given for Rajapakse night race missing! Is Nishantha punishment immune ? Where is the committee report ?

(Lanka-e-News -25.Oct.2015, 4.55) Like those who get themselves elected to official positions of the Sri Lanka (SL) cricket board , those appointed to its sub committees too are drooling at the sight of the colossal funds flooding the cricket board , an Read more >>

Murders and unidentified bodies proliferation lately –to wipe out evidence of Rajapakse era murders.?

Pillayan’s secretary too arrested over double murder

(Lanka-e-News -25.Oct.2015, 4.45) With the on going investigations which are being conducted successfully into the raging murders during the brutal Rajapakse regime (which has now been discarded by the people) , there have proliferated mysterious murders Read more >>

MaRa’s hidden underground palace surpassing Gaddafi’s uncovered - escape route passage too!!

(Lanka-e-News - 24.Oct.2015, 10.45AM) It is a universally acknowledged fact that during the reign of Medamulana brutal corrupt Mahinda Rajapakse the economy of the country was routed irretrievably , and while residing at Temple Trees, he had been plunder Read more >>

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