Basil to be arrested on arrival: request to vacate earlier order rejected by court

(Lanka-e-News- 31.March.2015, 10.00PM) The former economic development minister Basil Rajapakse who is implicated in multi million financial irregularities , and suspected of having committed these frauds was yesterday (30) ordered to be arrested and pro Read more >>

Last updated :   01-04-2015

Ajith Nivad Cabraal grilled for 4 long hours ! over illicit hedging deal which entailed many million dollars loss to country

(Lanka-e-News- 31.March.2015, 10.00PM) The former Central bank governor Ajith Nivad Cabraal was grilled for four… Read more >>

Government of good governance dethroning rule of force and enthroning rule of law – Central PC chairman jailed

(Lanka-e-News- 31.March.2015, 10.00PM) Under the newly elected government of good governance which is committed to… Read more >>

Passive investor to partner in crime: How China lost the plot in Sri Lanka - South China Morning Post

(Lanka-e-News- 30.March.2015, 11.30PM) The sprightly 30-something engineer at Hambantota port reels off the benefits of this port-industrial complex on the southeastern tip of Sri Lanka about 240km from the capital... Read more >>

Charges of Rajapakses and their racists of foreign conspiracy to divide country pulverized once and for all –EU bans LTTE again..!

(Lanka-e-News- 29.March.2015, 5.00PM) The stinking mendacious mouths of the defeated despicable racists of the Medamulana Rajapakses and their opportunists who claimed a foreign conspiracy was behind the people's force that is with the government of goo Read more >>

Amendments proposed to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution Bill

(Lanka-e-News -28.March.2015, 10.00PM) Amendments to be moved at the Committee Stage to the proposed 19th Amendment to the Constitution Bill 30. (1) There shall be a President of the Republic of Sri Lanka, who is the Head of the State, the Head of the Exe Read more >>

Mahinda Rajapakse’s relative Udayanga the ex Russian ambassador who sold arms to Ukraine terrorists has now disappeared !

(Lanka-e-News- 26.March.2015, 11.30PM) The exposure made by Lanka e news some years ago that the Sri Lanka ambassador in Russia , Udayanga Weeratunge , a relative of former President Mahinda Rajapakse is a dealer in weapons , and this has been confirmed n Read more >>

As Sarath Fonseka is decorated as field marshal , so those uniformed war criminals of north , Rathupaswala, Alutgama should be punished

(Lanka-e-News- 23.March.2015, 11.50PM) For the first time in Sri Lanka , a field marshal was appointed. This is the highest rank in the forces and that rare honor was bestowed yesterday (22) on former army commander Sarath Fonseka. This ceremony offici Read more >>

Yesterday marks a watershed in SL’s history : National government officially born – new SLFP ministers appointed

(Lanka-e-News- 23.March.2015 -4.30PM) Following an unprecedented turn of events , for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka (SL) the two main political parties , the UNP and SLFP formed a national government yesterday with ministerial portfolios sha Read more >>

10 SLFP ministers tomorrow : National government broadens and barriers to 19 th amendment cleared

(Lanka-e-News-21.March.2015, 11.55PM) Instead of supporting the government while being in the opposition , it has been decided now by the president and prime minister to appoint 10 ministers of the SLFP to form a national cabinet , while also not obstruct Read more >>

Kili –Mahinda- Tiran meet : Kili Maharaja undertakes to chase Ranil out and make Mahinda P.M.

(Lanka-e-News -20.March.2015, 5.00PM) R. Raja Mahendran alias Kili Maharaja the chairman and managing Director of Capital Maharaja establishment had met ex president Mahinda Rajapakse on the 18 th and promised to the latter (who was thrown out lock , stoc Read more >>

Munasinghe, leader of navy white van killer squad arrested : ex Navy Commander Karannagoda was fully aware of the operation

(Lanka-e-News- 19.March.2015, 11.00PM) The killing of ten Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil students residing at Matakkuliya and Trincomalee who passed the GCE adv. Level and had the eligibility requirement to enter Universities during the period 2008-2009 ,a Read more >>

Why did Maithri sign agreements with 48 organizations to abolish executive presidency if he can’t ? he is the architect of his own misfortunes- Citizen’s Force declares

(Lanka-e-News -17.March.2015, 8.40PM) Maithripala Sirisena who fielded as a common candidate at the last presidential election signed agreements with 48 organizations including the citizens force and parties in the run up to the presidential elections Read more >>

JHU that joined with defeated SLFP breaks all promises - conspires against abolition of executive presidency

(Lanka-e-News -16.March.2015, 9.30PM) It is with deep regret we reveal that the JHU and SLFP most disdainfully and damagingly repudiated the solemn assurance given to the people at the last presidential elections that the executive presidency will be abo Read more >>

Good hearted Big brother successfully concludes tour of SL and leaves for India (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 15.March.2015, 4.30PM) The Indian Prime Minister (P.M) Narendra Modi , who visited Sri Lanka (an Indian P.M. touring SL after 28 years), after a very successful and fruitful two day tour and left the Island at 8.00 last night. The Indian Read more >>

Opposision Leader Nimal Siripala kicks out President Maithri’s victory mandate: sabotages abolition of executive presidency

(Lanka-e-News- 12.March.2015, 3.15PMM) The SLFP and opposition leader Nimal Siripala De Silva is making every desperate and diabolic attempt to sabotage the mandate given by the people to President Maithripala Sirisena on the 8 th of January 2015 to aboli Read more >>

President Maithreepala Sirisena met the UNP UK Branch

(Lanka-e-News -11.March.2015, 11.45PM) HE the President Maithreepala Sirisena met the UNP-UK Branch officials at Park Lane Hilton on Sunday 8th March 2015. He was in London in a busy schedule to attend the... Read more >>

Appointment of Nonis isn’t even a semblance of good governance – Sri Lankans in London bemoan

(Lanka-e-News- 09.March.2015, 11.30PM) The appointment of Chris Nonis who was Sri Lanka’s ex High commissioner to London as advisor on foreign affairs to President Maithripala Sirisena has come in for heavy flak from the Sri Lankan community in London. T Read more >>

Sabotage activities begin to mar the people’s victory – MR uses Govt. officers for his conspiracies

(Lanka-e-News- 08.March.2015, 11.00 PM) Mahinda Rajapakse who has by now been proved beyond any doubt as the most crooked corrupt ruler Sri Lanka (SL) ever produced in its whole history , and one who was rejected wholesale by the heroic people who thre Read more >>

Rajitha’s mendacious utterances continue: lies again that elections will be held after elections system is changed

(Lanka-e-News -05.March.2015, 11.45PM) The announcement made by Dr. Rajitha, the Cabinet spokesman that the next Parliamentary elections will take place only after the elections system is amended, and since this cannot be effected within the time frame, Read more >>

Unscrupulous Nimal Siripala gives a kick on the teeth for people’s mandate and Maithri

(Lanka-e-News- 28.Feb.2015, 9.00PM) After 6.2 million people of the country had given a clear mandate on the 8 th of January 2015 in favor of the abolition of the most obnoxious executive Presidency which is a thorn in the flesh of every citizen of the co Read more >>

aMahinda’s monthly water bill Rs. 1.3 million ! never did so many toil so much to keep so few brutes in power for so long !!

(Lanka-e-News- 26.Feb.2015, 11.30) It is not just truly incredible but incredibly true that the charges for monthly water usage of the President’s house during the brutal ,callous and profligate reign of President Rajapakse who kept the subjects trample Read more >>

Weerawansa’s wife Seerja remanded for possessing forged passport issued at husband’s written request..!

(Lanka-e-News-23.Feb.2015, 11.45PM) Seerja Udayanthi Weerawansa alias Sashi Weerawansa , the wife of UPFA ex minister Wimal Weerawansa was arrested yesterday based on a number of charges including bogus passport, identity card, birth certificate obtaine Read more >>

Engineering force (Baas) Krishantha De Silva who gave false evidence against Fonseka is Army Commander -Whither SL ?

(Lanka-e-News -22.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) President Maitripala Sirisena and ministry of defense lastday appointed major general Krishantha De Silva as the new army commander replacing army commander Daya Ratnayake who is due for retirement. Krishantha is an ol Read more >>

Anura Senanayake suddenly became a philanthropist from his CD earnings or Wele Sudha heroin deals ?

(Lanka-e-News -21.Feb.2015, 9.30PM) The senior DIG , Colombo Anura Senanayake had donated a sum of Rs. 10 million to the police Seva Vanitha unit to be used for construction of houses for the police officers , a police notification reveals. This money ac Read more >>

Over 700 Tamils detained in ‘Gotabaya camp’ in Trinco -Their fate unknown..!

(Lanka-e-News- 20.Feb.2015, 11.50PM) 700 Tamil nationals and 35 Tamil families were detained separately in a secret Navy camp in Trincomalee known as ‘Gotabaya’s camp’ according to TNA M.P. Suresh Premachandra . The latter said he has... Read more >>

Urgent reshuffle of Cabinet after Maithri returns: tainted John to be ousted

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) Urgent changes are to be effected to the ministerial cabinet after President Maithripalal Sirisena returns to the Island from India after the conclusion of his tour , based on highly placed sources within the governme Read more >>

Forgers and politicos dealing in Ethanol , heroin , gold, of former government free while police persecute UNP people’s representative

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) While all the fraudsters , heroin peddlers , swindlers and rogues of the former government (which was thrown out lock, stock and barrel by the people ) who indulged in large scale illicit businesses including drugs a Read more >>

Release 'Frontline' - Advised Ranil

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Feb.2015, 11.50PM) Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has advised to release the "Frontline" Magazine which had been detained by the customs. Customs had detained the magazine as it had re-published an interview... Read more >>

Rajapakse roller coaster derailed..! All Rajapakse foreign service cronies and crooks recalled: List is here

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) It is a well and widely known unequivocal fact that the country’s international image was tarnished on an unprecedented sale in the history of Sri Lanka (SL) because of appointments made to it based on the reprehensi Read more >>

Major general on whom Gota took revenge victimized by government of good governance too –is it to deny him army commander post?

(Lanka-e-News- 16.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) In the past when General Sarath Fonseka who was the army commander ,a witch hunt was carried out against him after the war was won . With him 14 other high ranking army officers who made a large contribution to the wa Read more >>

Gotabaya’s arms sale proceeds to most feared international terrorists deposited in 58 accounts of Duminda Silva-CID reveals

(Lanka-e-News -15.Feb.2015, 11.30P) Ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse who was Friday(13) summoned to the CID for questioning had asked for another date after going there. It is reported that the attention of the government has been drawn to th Read more >>

Who is this most powerful bigwig unlawfully overriding government of good governance just within a month ? (Video Reveal)

(Lanka-e-News -14.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) Who is this bigwig so powerful as to carry out unlawful activities even overriding the government launched for good governance legally elected by 6.7 million people ,which was formed by the union of 5main political p Read more >>

What happened to the one month old complaint against most heinous treason ?

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) Regarding the most grave crime of conspiracy against state that was hatched with the participation of ex President Mahinda Rajapakse , Gotabaya Rajapakse , Prof. G.L Peiris , Udaya Gammanpila and ex chief justice (CJ) Read more >>

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, at Kothelawala Defence University is the worst working place in Sri Lanka.

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Feb.2015, 11.00PM) This faculty cater five degree programmes (Nursing, Radiography, Pharmacy, physiotherapy and Medical laboratory science). However, it is sorry to mention that, there is no academic freedom to the civil academic staff, Read more >>

Discussion Paper on Constitutional Reform

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The following are the main proposals for constitutional reform under discussion - President - The President will be the Head of State, the Head of the Executive and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. The Pre Read more >>

67 th Independence day celebrations and General’s absence

(Lanka-e-News- 07.Feb.2015, 10.00PM) After the new government for good governance took over the reins , two State celebrations were held in close succession. One was the visit of Pope Francis to Sri Lanka (SL) , and the other was the 67 th independence Read more >>

Classic examples of a power mafia destroying CEB day by day. We wonder why a party like JVP is keep their silence on this critics -CEB Engineers

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Feb.2015, 2.00PM) Dear Mr. Wasantha Samarasinghe - JVP, We being a group of professional electrical engineers associated with Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) would like to share few information with you.... Read more >>

Can you beat that ? Tissa victim of Sumane’s predictions ordered a chair worth Rs. 1.2 million to sit in his 20 days old ministry !

(Lanka-e-News- 04.Feb.2015, 7'30PM) Believe it or not ! the first thing Tissa Attanayake did after becoming the health minister and to hold that portfolio for just 20 days is , indulging in unalloyed self glorification and self aggrandizement at the Read more >>

How keep our Army clean..? No Politicize, Be Professionalize..!

(Lanka-e-News- 03.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) The present Sri Lanka Army is highly politicized and qualified, experienced, most suitable officers do not get their due places unless they have political influence. At the same time those who do not have any qualifica Read more >>

Gota is Avant Garde ‘s shoulder and shareholder ! providing maritime ocean security to countries even without a ship?

(Lanka-e-News- 01.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) Following the most controversial and shocking exposures pertaining to Rathna security Lanka and Avant Garde maritime security service which are affiliated to the clandestine paramilitary service of Gotabaya Rajapakse , Read more >>

This is a humble appeal I am making to your Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena, and The Hon. Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of the republic of Sri Lanka

(Lanka-e-News -30.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) It is four years ago today ( 2011-01-30) ,the Lanka e news website portal and its most precious library were set on fire thus reducing the entire building and all that were in it to ashes. It is four long years since Read more >>

Mammoth demonstrations from 28 th until CJ is ousted ! over 50 organizations join in for good governance

(Lanka-e-News-26.jan.2015, 11.50PM) Like how the erstwhile Rajapakse regime which was pillaging the rights of the people and the country’s assets while staying in the Temple Trees and leading a most luxurious life at the expense of public and treasury fun Read more >>

Is this the beginning of a ‘Maithri regime’..? watch out..!

(Lanka-e-news- 25.Jan.2015, 9.00PM) It is an indisputable and obvious fact the protesting people of the country, on 8th January 2015 ,at last succeeded in destroying almost insurmountable obstacles in the face of the gravest odds , to get rid of a most br Read more >>

“This Presidential Election Was a Real David and Goliath Sort of Fight”-Opposition Political Strategist Krishantha Cooray

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Jan.2015, 7.45PM) The Daily FT spoke with UNP Working Committee Member, Media Director and Political Strategist for the Opposition, Krishantha Cooray about what led to the fall of a seemingly-invincible President Mahinda Rajapaksa and wh Read more >>

Plot to sideline abolition of executive powers – Maithri entrapped by JHU

(Lanka-e-News- 23.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) It is an incontrovertible fact that over 6.2 million of the population voted to abolish the executive Presidency. Yet it has come to light that there is a most grave conspiracy to induce and instigate Maithri... Read more >>

Leaders of all parties meet to clean up devastated country –most crucial and vital decisions taken

(Lanka-e-News-21.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) At the meeting of the party leaders of the government yesterday (20) , it was decided that the JVP be entrusted with the formulation of a code of conduct for MPs , as well as the task of conducting transparent inquiries Read more >>

Rs 1500 million in hard cash discovered at Temple Trees..! -left behind when Rajapakses panicked and fled; Rs.13500 million of defense fund missing.!

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Jan.2015, 8.00PM) As huge as Rs.1500 million in cash !! had been discovered by accident at Temple trees after Medamulana crook Mahinda Rajapakse (better known now as the modern ‘Alibaba’ ) who ruled the country brutally for 9 years fled Read more >>

SC judges to boycott if CJ who committed un-bailable offence of treason continues tomorrow : arrest on 20 th ?

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Jan.2015, 11.15PM) Based on reports from inside sources of the highest courts in Sri Lanka , all Judges of the supreme court and appeal courts have decided to demonstrate their opposition as professionals against the chief justice (CJ) M Read more >>

Gota’s hidden house and truths exposed !

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Jan.2015, 11.50PM) On the 15 th evening at a secret house belonging to Sri Lanka’s ex criminal defense secretary located at the end of 4 th lane , Pengiriwatte road , Embuldeniya murky and suspicious activities including transport of goo Read more >>

Bar Association of Sri Lanka urges Chief Justice to Resign

(Lanka-e-News-17.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) At an Emergency Meeting of the Executive Committee of the BASL, which was attended by close to 90% of its members, it was unanimously decided to issue a Statement calling for the resignation of Hon. Mohan Peiris, PC, in Read more >>

Government of good governance appoints National Executive Council which decides future course of the country

(Lanka-e-News- 16.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) We are pleased to announce to the people of the country that the first government in Sri Lanka ‘s history that is treasuring and cherishing the value of good governance laid the foundation stone yesterday (15) to appoi Read more >>

Even as MaRa‘s lackey cum lickspittle’s house is raided , Maithri and Medamulana MaRa hold secret discussions at speaker’s house !

(Lanka-e-News 15.Jan.2015, 9.30PM) Mirihana police yesterday (14) laid siege to the house at Jambugasmulla and another house belonging to Gamini Senarath , who was the former chief of the staff of the secretariat of deposed brutal barbaric President Mahin Read more >>

Yet another Rajapakse booted out ! Harin Fernando sworn in as chief minister Uva province replacing Sashindra Rajapakse

(Lanka-e-News 15.Jan.2015, 9.30PM) The victory march of the opposition that began with the Uva provincial council (PC) elections when Harin Fernando the UNP candidate won with an overwhelming majority , has by now been proved unstoppable... Read more >>

Basil who fled the country is said to return on 22 nd February -vide evidence herein

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Jan.2015, 10.30PM) Lanka e news inside information division is in receipt of a copy of the air ticket (photograph herein ) of Basil Rajapakse who fled the country . He has stated that he is coming back to Sri Lanka on 22 nd February , an Read more >>

Mohan Peiris CJ kneels before Maithri and Ranil : begs to give any judgment in their favor provided they extend his term

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Jan.2015, 2.23PM) The chief justice (CJ) Mohan Peiris (the cheat justice) who met the newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe within the the Medamulana premises has begged and pleaded with... Read more >>

Army chief and Cabinet say ‘No’ to Rajapakses :Latter desperately request Ranil for security , and hand over power

(Lanka-e-News- 09.Jan.2015, 5.00PM) The Medamulana Rajapakse family having failed miserably after making frantic attempts using its every trump to illicitly perpetuate its brutal ,corrupt, murderous despotic power, had a little while ago accepted defeat a Read more >>

Elections Commissioner decides to bar ITN , National Rupavahini and Sirasa from announcing election results for violating laws

(Lanka-e-News-06.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) The Elections commissioner has decided to disallow the announcement of official election results by two State media Institutions and a private media Institution by halting the official election results... Read more >>

As Rajapakse citadel crumbles families of Dallas and Sashindra flee the country –Maithri rally mammoth crowds paralyze regime

(Lanka-e-News- 06.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) With the brutal barbaric Rajapakse family’s rule beginning to totter and flicker as its end is disastrously and inexorably nearing, the wife and children of Dallas Alahaperuma a despicable main stooge of the Rajapakses Read more >>

A final letter to President Rajapakse

(Lanka-e-News- 05.Jan.2015, 11.50PM) Dear Mr. President.., This is the final letter I will be writing to you as President Rajapakse. This is because, if, on the 8th of January, the people of this country are given the opportunity to vote in freedom and wi Read more >>

Traitorous secret agreement between Basil and LTTE Transnational Eelam govt. P.M. Rudrakumaran exposed with evidence..

(Lanka-e-News -04.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) The secret e mail message sent by Sri Lanka’s Minister of economic development Basil Rajapakse to the Transnational Eelam government Prime Minister Rudrakumaran which is formed outside Sri Lanka ,that payments can be m Read more >>

Cat is out of the bag ! Dr. Harsha and Anusha Pelpita election computer fraud plan and Longden place premises exposed

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) It has come to light just as Lanka e news reported on the 31 st under its caption ‘Victory that cannot be secured through clean elections to be sought via computer fraud’, it has fully come to light that the Rajapakse Read more >>

Srilanka Presidential election 2015: Rajapaksa’s Military Plan for the Western Province Colombo District : Rajapaksa regime’s plan to employ retired military officers -List here

(Lanka-e-News- 01.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) Joint opposition has obtained Rajapaksa regime’s complete plan of military operation during the upcoming presidential election on 8th January 2015. In a internal document called ‘Western province, Colombo district Segm Read more >>

Lawyers urges Election Commissioner to give binding directives to ITN and other state owned business undertakings

(Lanka-e-News- 01.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) It has been brought to our notice that the Election Commissioner has expressed the view that no steps can be taken against Independent Television Network (ITN) as it is not a state corporation. This misconception woul Read more >>

Let us strengthen the Law, Justice and democracy..! - Maithree's New Year Wishes

(Lanka-e-News- 31.Dec.2014, 10.30PM) May 2015 be the year in which you become truly free and are able to reap the full benefits of good governance. We are a people who suffered much on account of the fears generated by war, unrest and of course blood-lett Read more >>

Rajapakse regime’s avarice knows no bounds : robs even national anthem after robbing national resources and assets- Ranil

(Lanka-e-News- 30.Dec.2014, 5.00PM) The Rajapakse regime that has outrageously robbed all the resources and assets of the country had not spared even the national anthem , opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe bemoaned when he addressed a Presidential el Read more >>

Name, date and place of birth altered many times fraudulently- Minister Weerawansa and wife guilty

(Lanka-e-News- 29.Dec.2014, 11.30PM) There is one thing common among to all living beings who trod this planet earth. That is every one of them have a date of birth or birthday. That should not and cannot be changed by anyone. Hence, to ensure this, civil Read more >>

Even as Namal spends Rs. 500 million on Indian actor Salman Khan and group to attend President’s election rally , his Nil Balakaya attacks own local artistes

(Lanka-e-News- 29.Dec.2014, 6.00PM) A group of hoodlums who are members of Nil Balakaya of Namal Rajapakse , the son of the President of Sri Lanka has just a while ago launched a violent attack on the local artistes organization of the new generation (Alu Read more >>

Priyantha Sirisena alias ‘Weli Raju’ brother of president who fell victim to axe attack dies

(Lanka-e-News- 29.March.2015, 5.00PM) Buddhadasa Priyantha Sirisena the younger brother of the incumbent president of the country Maithripala Sirisena and chief of Rajarata builders who was attacked with an axe following a personal dispute on the 26 th Read more >>

Ex army commander Daya Ratnayake without handing over official residence throwing parties in it at army’s expense

(Lanka-e-News- 29.March.2015, 5.00PM) The former army commander Daya Ratnayake who retired recently has still not handed back his official residence ‘duty house’, and is treating it as his private asset , according to reports reaching... Read more >>

Divi Neguma is a colossal swindle! – Basil who fled abroad is to be got down immediately for questioning !

(Lanka-e-News- 26.March.2015, 11.30PM) Ex minister Basil Rajapakse the brother of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse of the Rajapakse regime presently abroad who is allegedly involved in a number of financial irregularities that took place... Read more >>

Hip Hip Hurrah ! Victory for people -19 th amendment totally abolishing executive presidency in parliament

(Lanka-e-News- 26.March.2015, 12.30PM) It is with great pleasure and utmost delight Lanka e news breaks the salutary news to all those in favor of good governance that the brutal vicious executive presidency that plagued and paralyzed Sri Lanka for 36 lo Read more >>

This is the first time that national selectors had selected potentially six opening batsman's for a single tour: Explanation call about Sri Lanka’s downfall at the World Cup 2015 - Shammi Silva writes

(Lanka-e-News- 23.March.2015, 4.30PM) As you are aware the performance of the Sri Lanka team during the World Cup was not up to the expectations of the cricket loving public of this nation. Unfortunately this has been due to some of poor decisions taken Read more >>

4 ethanol dealers in Parliament: no more licenses to politicos !

(Lanka-e-News -20.March.2015, 5.00PM) With the new government coming into power on 8 th January, the ethanol business that was carried on illicitly with the direct involvement of four MPs who dodged the taxes payable on the business... Read more >>

We proud of as Sri Lankans make up our diaspora and we must enable them to take part in our journey to make Sri Lanka a truly multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual democracy -Mangala Samaraweera

(Lanka-e-news- 19.March.2015, 11.30PM) Presenting amendments to the United Nations Act giving effect in Sri Lanka to the UN Security Council Resolutions against money laundering and financing of terrorism, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera made a State Read more >>

Dear Patali Champika, Do you think coal supply tender to Lakvijaya power plant is clean..?

(Lanka-e-News -19.March.2015, 11.30PM) This continues the Power Mafia story published recently ( on LEN around CEB and LTL Holdings. There we established the relationship between... Read more >>

Colombo chief magistrate sets fire to the sacrosanct laws with his own petrol

(Lanka-e-News -17.March.2015, 8.40PM) It is doubtless that there are so many students around the world who while learning law have worked as pump attendants at fuel pumping stations to earn some money. But it is only in Sri Lanka (SL)... Read more >>

Brigadier who committed Rathupaswala mass murders enjoys diplomatic luxuries –Good governance Commander in chief in deep slumber

(Lanka-e-News- 16.March.2015, 10.30AM) Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardena the murderer who shot and killed two students and another youth on Gotabaya’s orders when the unarmed Rathupaswala residents staged protests demanding pure water to drink is still Read more >>

Gota to be arrested under money laundering Act on charges of earning colossal sale of weapons to International terrorists

(Lanka-e-News -14.March.2-15, 9.30PM) The former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse is to be arrested on charges under the money laundering Act by the CID. The latter is on the verge of arresting him. While ostensibly running a legally established secur Read more >>

India and SL should be the two engines of development of South Asia says Mody in SL parliament

(Lanka-e-News- 13.March.2015, 11.00PM) ‘The world looks at India as a main partner of the international economy , and it is India’s interest to make Sri Lanka (SL) its assistant . India and SL should be the main engines of development in South Asia’, Read more >>

Field Marshal post with Lifetime cabinet powers for General Sarath Fonseka..!

(Lanka-e-News -11.March.2015, 11.45PM) The good governance government has decided to promote Gen. Sarath Fonseka, leader of the Democratic Party, to the ranking of a Field Marshal and grant him privileges and powers of a cabinet minister, according to rep Read more >>

Ranil Wickremasinghe straightforward with a Indian Media (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 08.March.2015, 11.30 PM) The Indian Media named Thanthi TV exclusive with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on March 6th 2015... Read more >>

Open the road behind the Temple Trees -Residents behind Temple Trees humbly appeal to the PM

(Lanka-e-News- 08.March.2015, 11.00 PM) We the residents living behind TEMPLE TREES, R A Demel Mawatha, Colombo 3, appeal to you to open the road that has been closed since 2003... Read more >>

Sri Lankan Cricket Team honoured at the Victorian Parliament Australia

(Lanka-e-News- 07.March.2015, 6.10) The Sri Lankan Cricket team received a very special welcome at the Victorian Parliament in Australia in the Cricket World Cup tour in Australia recently... Read more >>

'Requesting for an impartial investigation about Jaliya Wickramasuriya’s misconducts' -Sri Lankans residing in the USA writes to FM Mangala

(Lanka-e-News -05.March.2015, 11.55PM) Embassy represents a country. It gives the image, dignity of the country while maintaining friendship and other political and trade interests. As the Sri Lankan community in USA, we have seen and heard of many misco Read more >>

Why not arrested Dr. Maheshi Wijerathna ? : Was it Duminda Silva's power ?

(Lanka-e-News -05.March.2015, 11.45PM) Ms. Rhonda De Ley (“Ms. De Ley”) was attacked by a person who was later identified to be Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne (“Dr. Wijeratne). The attack took place inside the Main Ball Room of the Galadari Hotel in Colombo at or Read more >>

Details of Gotabaya’s murder squad leader out , who killed two Red Cross workers after abducting them at Fort

(Lanka-e-News -02.Feb.2015, 11.45) Two individuals who were abducted at the Fort railway station on 3 rd June 2007 after attending a workshop organized at Mt.Lavinia by the Sri Lanka Red Cross organization at its headquarters, and later killed , was don Read more >>

Queen Elizabeth expresses awe and amazement at the salutary change in SL -Minister Wijedasa from London

(Lanka-e-News- 27.Feb.2015, 8.30PM) Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain had expressed her awe , amazement and delight at the manner in which the new minority government of Sri Lanka (SL) is carrying on its Parliament after the victory at the President Read more >>

More frauds exposed in court of cardboard patriot Weerawansa and wife: 19 accounts ; gem and drug smuggling operations in billions !!

(Lanka-e-News- 26.Feb.2015, 11.30) Although those who do not know the actual facts surrounding the possession of bogus diplomatic passport by Shashi Weerawansa blabber that the Weerawansa couple (ex minister Weerawansa and wife Shashi Weerawansa ) ob Read more >>

UN Senior Official to visit SL

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Feb.2015, 9.00) Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman will arrive in Sri Lanka on Saturday, 28 February. He plans to meet with senior officials... Read more >>

Navy Commander, When Are You Going to Establish the Real Discipline within the Navy?

(Lanka-e-News- 22.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) Lieutenant YK Rajapaksa commanded the Navy so far, the way he wanted. He was active in politics and was a businessman too. You tolerated all his blunders and left him to command the Navy the way the first family... Read more >>

Rajapakse era of gang rapes and killing tourists like Khurram Sheikh over; In Maithri era tourists are rescued (video)

(Lanka-e-news- 22.Feb.2015, 11.50PM) It is with utmost delight that we are revealing herein a report of an incident where an individual who fell from the ‘world’s end’ top was saved .This pleasantly shocking escape took place yesterday (21) in Sri Lanka ( Read more >>

Court orders to investigate assets of Sajin Vaas, Mahindananda and Bandu Wickrema who is hiding in Ports minister’s brother’s house

(Lanka-e-News- 21.Feb.2015, 5.45PM) The Colombo chief magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya gave an order to the CID to conduct an investigation into the assets of former sports minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage ,former monitoring M.P. Sajin Vaas Gunawardena , for Read more >>

Basil to return on March- fled in fear of Mahinda’s sons

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) Basil Rajapakse the former minister of economic development who fled the country following the election of Maithripala Sirisena as the country’s president , after contesting as... Read more >>

Vigneswaran’s request put aside ; UN investigation report postponed: 'victory for SL' -Says Minister Ajith

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Feb.2015, 11.30PM) Seyid Radh Al Hussain , the UN human rights commissioner (UNHRC) has sent a letter to the Human rights council (HRC) chairman notifying his consent to postpone the report... Read more >>

Changes in the army to release it from the evil grip of Rajapakses

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The new government made a number of major changes yesterday in the ranks of the army to release it from the evil grip of the Rajapakses .Accordingly a number of major generals and brigadiers who were victimized by Read more >>

End of the road for Nil Balakaya ! – Susil dismantles it : Nil Balakaya, its origin and Namal’s robbery revealed

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The SLFP youth organization will no longer be functioning as Nil Balakaya , and its name will be scrapped , said the new SLFP national organizer of the party Susil Premajayantha. Recently when new appointments were Read more >>

Commission to investigate colossal frauds , malpractices and corruption that raged at last Presidential election under Mahinda

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The government has decided to appoint a commission to probe into the corruption that raged during the last Presidential election held during the reign of ex president Mahinda. Based on a proposal made by Minister... Read more >>

Dear President Sirisena, we can no longer salute this sycophant and call him our Commander

(Lanka-e-News- 16.Feb.2015, 5.10AM) The Sri Lankan army is possibly the biggest employer in Sri Lanka and military personnel and their families, including families of war veterans and those of deceased and injured servicemen and women... Read more >>

MaRa’s SLFP that was devil’s disciple becomes deceiver’s disciple : Chandrika who aided Maithri to win ignored; Basil, Dallas, Karuna Amman ousted

(Lanka-e-News -15.Feb.2015, 11.30P) The SLFP working committee convened yesterday(14) at ‘apey gama’ vicinity at Battaramulla , and its main objective was to appoint a committee comprising new members based on the needs of President Maithripala... Read more >>

27 of 48 new SLFP office bearers face criminal charges : Ace rogue is advisor – SLFP party genuine politicos reveal

(Lanka-e-News -15.Feb.2015, 11.30P) 27 of the 48 new office bearers of the SLFP appointed today ,are those against whom there are grave criminal charges of corruption , rape, frauds and malpractices according to the views expressed by a large number Read more >>

What Corrupted Piyadasa Kudabalage MD/CEO of Litro, did under MaRa

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) Perpetration for Corruption- For the purpose2011 Tender bid evaluations and making recommendations, a Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) and a Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee (CAPC), under the leadership of Read more >>

Gota’s Main Man..!

(Lanka-e-News-13.Feb.2015, 7.40PM) Daya Ratnayake was Gota's main man. Gota's wish was Daya's command. Daya really was just what Gota needed. There wasn't a thing Daya wouldn't do for him. He let out battalions of soldiers to attend Gota's personal tasks, Read more >>

'Sri Lanka after the Presidential Election' -Mangala Samaraweera, Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace in Washington

(Lanka-e-News-12.Feb.2015, 11.00PM) Remember, this is also a sensitive process involving the participation of a multitude of political parties that are essential to ensure the success of this journey. There are still some extremist elements within and ou Read more >>

The need is an international and not local investigation into war crimes –Resolution adopted by PC north

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Feb.2015, 8'00PM) The resolution presented to the provincial council (PC) of the north by the northern chief minister that during the war there was genocide committed on the people of the north by the forces of the government, and that s Read more >>

'Embattled Media' -Democracy, Governance and Reform in Sri Lanka- New book on media law and policy released

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Feb.2015, 7.00PM) Sage, India has released the first comprehensive study that analyses the evolution of the media in post-colonial Sri Lanka. Published by Sage, the book, edited by William Crawley, David Page, and Kishali Pinto-Jayawarde Read more >>

Never will bestial Rajapakses reform – Shiranthee relies on bili pooja (sacrifice of life ritual ) to avert retribution

(Lanka-e-News- 10.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The most moronic and demonic Rajapakse family which ruled the country most brutally and unlawfully ,who by now with the recent exposures after the defeat of Mahinda Rajapakse at the recent elections ,has become a syno Read more >>

Red alert..! 114 masqueraders under guise of no confidence motion to undermine 100 days interim program

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Feb.2015, 11.00PM) Following the victory at the Presidential elections on the 8 th of January , Maithripala Sirisena was elected by the people as President of the country by a majority of over 400,000 votes , and based on the promise Read more >>

Influence of Astrology & Astronomy in day to day life -Lecture by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan

(Lanka-e-News- 07.Feb.2015, 11.00PM) Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo in association with Kerala Samajam is organising a lecture by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan on Influence of Astrology & Astronomy in day to day life... Read more >>

Revolutionary changes effected within three days: now judiciary can stand upright with dignity and honor

(Lanka-e-News- 03.Feb.2015, 8.30PM) Within just three days ,that is on the 28 th , 29 th and 30 th of January 2015 ,most welcome measures were taken to elevate and exalt the judiciary of Sri Lanka and make it stand upright with honor and dignity on its ow Read more >>

Tissa who sold his soul for billions , betrayed opposition and prepared forged document remanded

(Lanka-e-News- 03.Feb.2015, 10.25PM) Retribution struck like lightning yesterday(02) on Tissa Attanayake who became minister of health under the former regime after betraying his party (UNP) he belonged to and the whole country during the run up to the la Read more >>

Corrosive Peiris out but two more corroded screws still remain – couple that admitted students to University on Namal ‘s letters

(Lanka-e-News -02.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) The government for good governance which succeeded at last in ridding itself of a lethal nail in its flesh has still two more rusty nails spreading tetanus infection ,to be discarded which are militating against good g Read more >>

Demand for Resignation from the Position of Vice-Chancellor

(Lanka-e-News- 01.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) It is now over 20 months since you were appointed as the Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo in May 2013. We, the members of the Colombo University Federation of Teachers' Associations... Read more >>

More about Yoshitha and Navy..!

(Lanka-e-News -01.Feb.2015, 11.55PM) These facts will shed more light into Yoshitha issue. Enlistment of Yoshitha Rajapakse into the Navy was totally an endeavour of Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda. Because from the junior period... Read more >>

JVP complains to defense secretary against Yoshitha Rajapakse’s frauds but Navy commander is accused ’s relative

(Lanka-e-News- 27.Jan.2015, 11.45PM) The JVP yesterday (26) lodged a complaint with the Defense secretary against ex President Mahinda Rajapakse’s son Yoshitha Rajapakse based on allegations of fraud , corruption... Read more >>

Mahindananda’s era of mirth and merriment ends; Transport Director of ex President’s secretariat also served with same order

(Lanka-e-News- 27.Jan.2015, 11.45PM) When bribery and corruption charges against former sports minister Mahindananda Aluthgamamage involving a sum of Rs. 14 million rupees that was suppressed hitherto was taken up again by the commission inquiring into... Read more >>

Avant Guard have a secret dealing of weapons smuggling to the rebels in Eritrea and Somalia ?

(Lanka-e-news- 25.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) I have seen that they have having investigations for the Ship Security (Sea Marshals) operated by the Avant guard Sri Lanka. Once I was sailing from Singapore to Safaga, Egypt... Read more >>

Rajapakse Crimes with Access Group

(Lanka-e-news- 25.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) Why did Sumal Perera give 100 Million US dollars famously to Mahinda Rajapakse just before the Poll. Chinese company under Access Engineering... Read more >>

4 horses of Rajapakses found at Gonamaditha , Piliyandala ; sold for a song when fleeing

(Lanka-e-News-21.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) Four horses that were belonging to the family of Mahinda Rajapakse had been abandoned in a land at Gona maditha , Pilyandala when Mahinda Rajapakse and his family fled on the 9 th from Temple Trees... Read more >>

The AG department 130 th anniversary celebration invitation sent to CJ cancelled by AG –told not to attend

(Lanka-e-News-20.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) It is incredible but true ! For the first time in Sri Lanka’s judicial history , an invitation sent to the chief justice (CJ)to attend a most prestigious colorful event of the attorney general’s department... Read more >>

Dr. Wickremebahu to National executive council : Anura (JVP) makes two untenable proposals

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) It has been decided to include Dr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne in the historic national executive council that was launched on the 15 th of this month for charting the course of the future of the country , according to re Read more >>

Mohan Peiris CJ (cheat justice) to be arrested ? 20 years jail term if found guilty

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Jan.2015, 6.45PM) Mohan Peiris the chief justice of Sri Lanka in a dramatic turn of events following the dethronement of the brutal barbaric regime of Mahinda Rajapakse is to be arrested on charges of attempting to destabilize the countr Read more >>

Mervyn complains openly to CID with evidence on how Rajapakses committed murders and thefts

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Jan.2015, 11.15PM) Former Minister Mervyn Silva lodged a written complaint with the CID yesterday against the Rajapakses along with concrete evidence. He charged that it was Gotabaya who committed... Read more >>

Sajin Vaas one of the Medamulana fraudsters has cheated fuel pumping stations in a sum of Rs.170 million!

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Jan.2015, 11.50PM) Sajin Vaas has duped fuel pumping stations of Ambalangoda in a sum of Rs. 170 million! In addition , he had collected Rs. 1.35 million each from 120 students on the false Read more >>

P.M. appoints leader of house and ruling party chief organizer ; opposition leader is Nimal and opposition chief organizer is John

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Jan.2015, 11.50PM) With the change of government , the new Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed minister of plantation Industry Lakshman Kiriella as the leader of the house , and media minister Gayantha Karunatileke as the c Read more >>

Police again under defense ministry ignoring good governance:Mahinda Balasuriya still a clinging leech

(Lanka-e-News- 16.Jan.2015, 11.55PM) The police force , an important department which contributes to good governance of the new government has been brought under the defense ministry again via a gazette notification No.1896/28 dated 10 th January ( append Read more >>

Coup plotted by MaRa -G.L. -Gammanpila -Mohan Peiris alias Pachoris exposed – Mangala complains to CID (video)

(Lanka-e-News 15.Jan.2015, 9.30PM) Minister of foreign affairs , Mangala Samaraweera lodged a written complaint ( vide copy herein) with the CID this last evening (14) , that on the night of the Presidential elections (8 th)... Read more >>

Fonseka again in Parliament as M.P.!

(Lanka-e-News 15.Jan.2015, 9.30PM) The present Maithri-Ranil government is making arrangements to exalt and elevate the former army commander Sarath Fonseka who was made a most tormented victim of worst trials and tribulations despite his... Read more >>

New Cabinet of ‘Maithri Yugaya’ comprises 27 ministers , 11 ministers of State and 9 deputy ministers

(Lanka-e-News -13.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) On yesterday(12), the cabinet of ministers appointed by the new President Maithripala Sirisena took oaths at the Presidential secretariat , Colombo. ‘This cabinet has been appointed temporarily... Read more >>

Mangala reveals Mahinda – Gotabaya attempted coup in the wee hours of 9 th morning

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Jan.2015, 10.30PM) ‘During the counting of votes after it became very evident that the election results are definitely going to be in favor of Maithripala Sirisena the common opposition candidate , and defeat is writ on the wall for... Read more >>

The Hazards Of Misunderstood Democracy

(Lanka-e-News- 13.Jan.2015, 2.23PM) Nepal, after centuries of rule by powerful monarchs embraced democracy in April 1990. After several unsuccessful campaigns against the Government, the Nepali Congress allied with several Communist parties.. Read more >>

What will be the future of Sri Lankan Airlines?

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Jan.2015, 11.30PM) The national airline beefed up with political and “Nil Balakaya” friends during the past ten years will now face a very decisive juncture, if the airline is to push forward with its planned Best Airline in South Asia d Read more >>

Ranil warns military chiefs :Only security operations in public interest no untoward illicit operations – ‘if you will be fair , we will be fair’

(Lanka-e-News- 08.Jan.2015, 9.00PM) Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe upon receipt of information yesterday that after the conclusion of voting today -the day of the Presidential elections that an army operation is being planned , immediately phoned Read more >>

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