Ruggerite Thajudeen was tortured and killed : arrests of Yoshitha and ex DIG Anura Senanayake imminent

(Lanka-e-News- 28.July.2015, 1.50PM) Arrests of Yoshitha Rajapakse and ex DIG Anura Senanayake are imminent in connection with the death of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen which by now has been confirmed as a brutal cold blooded murder , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

The preliminary investigations conducted by the CID is now concluded , and it is now confirmed that Thajudeen was murdered and his death was not due to a vehicle accident.

The CID filed a case today in the Colombo  additional magistrate court yesterday before additional magistrate Nishantha Peiris , and next hearing was postponed until today (28).

The investigations have revealed that prior to killing the Rugby player , he had been tortured . His teeth, knee caps , and the feet bones   had been  broken. In addition his neck  had been stabbed with a sharp instrument .He has also been attacked with  a blunt instrument. 

The CID made these revelations before  court .

Thajudeen who resided at Murugan road , Wellawatte , according to what was reported at that time ,  he died on 16 th  May 2012 near the Narahenpita Shalika playground when his car he was travelling caught  fire .The police also said , his charred body was taken out from the car on the following day , that is 2012-05-17 

It has come to light that Yoshitha had got involved with the fiancee of Thajudeen , and a conflict had ensued between them . Thajudeen who was obviously angry had openly berated Yoshitha . (Rajapakses are most notorious for robbing not only  national wealth but even others’ wealth and women).

 It is suspected that following this enmity , Yoshitha had deployed his henchmen to murder Thajudeen. After killing  him , his body was dumped into the car and set on fire to dress the scene to look an accident . 

Unbelievably and most shamelessly it is the senior DIG  in charge of Colombo at that time Anura Senanayake whose favorite occupation while in police service was prostitution of official position in order to do any sordid and criminal bidding of the Rajapakses, who had given all the criminal unlawful  instructions to change the records of this murder at Narahenpita police  and falsify the true picture .

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How many murders like this needs to be revisited?
-- by Raizuh Langai on 2015-07-28

There may be some substance in this whole issue, but the timing and the prevailing political climate at this moment, it sure is manipulated by the sitting government to brig up at this juncture. Sri Lankans should not act in haste to ditch Mahinda Rajapakse who at this point in time is far better than Ranil who is working with the West to win the elections and form a government. This traitor Ranil should be defeated and elect Rajapakse for the better or the worst of Sri Lanka. But then Yoshitha has to be dealt in a separate way. Any semi illiterate person that reads this article will know that it is written in a very bias way favouring UNP.
-- by SL-walah on 2015-07-28

will we ever see justice done with a very corrupt judiciary?this case has been put off for 5th sept.....may be hoping the UPFA wins the election!....there so many pending cases where justice should be done!
-- by reggie nathaniel on 2015-07-29

SL - Walah. What you need to be written, think if its your son, father or brother will your comment be the same. If Former President Rajapaksha and his goon's are elected the next will be your door.....
-- by rislan on 2015-07-29

SL walah is either a moron or someone who works with only quarter of his brain. He does not appear to realise that without the West Sri Lanka is kaput so there is no point discussing this murder case and the government is doing the right thing at the right tiome. We all Sri Lankans now know that the entire Rajapakse familare crooks and murderers so may be Mr. Walah should join them
-- by bindusara on 2015-07-30

Any investigation over 1987 - 1989 insurgency?
-- by banda on 2015-07-30

I think its a good thing the case is scheduled after the election. If the "son" is arrested before, UPFA MR faction will go to town screaming political victimisation and play the sympathy card to seduce votes.
-- by Silva on 2015-08-01

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