Kumarasinghe Sirisena brother of Maithri in London to pocket IDD revenue -Kumarasinghe –Lalith –Wegapitiya troika illicit deals exposed

(Lanka-e-News- 25.June.2015, 3.25PM) Kumarasinghe Sirisena , who holds the post of chairman of Sri Lanka (SL ) Telecom and Mobitel , the younger brother of the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena traveled all the way to London recently to manipulate a deal to divert  the revenue in  billions of rupees from foreign calls into his widely gaping pockets, what   ought to come into the coffers of the government of SL. Lanka e news London office is in receipt of information that he was in London to ensure the  success of this conspiracy. 

This illicit business termed ‘Call termination’ operates via  international calls which are deceptively treated as national  calls. That is the higher  revenue that ought to be received by the  Telecom and Mobitel Co. is fraudulently limited to national call revenue . The resulting difference in the revenue straight goes to line the pockets of president’s brother , Kumarasinghe Sirisena.

Kumarasinghe had discussions regarding this traitorous deal while in London with a SL Tamil national businessman owning a prominent mobile phone chain , who is well known for marketing  international calls at very cheap rates, serving as a ‘terminal’  of the call termination racket.

Interestingly , Kumarasinghe visited London along with his son on a private tour. No sooner he arrived than he was taken by another plane to London where he was met by Lalith De Silva , an ex CEO (chief executive officer) of the Telecom Co. , a most notorious crook of the Rajapakse era who became famous for his most infamous corrupt nature. It is this notorious traitorous villain who acted as the intermediary for the transactions with the Tamil national . Like birds of a feather flock together these rogues got together with assiduous ardor.

Lalith De Silva was one among the many notorious crooks who addressed rallies from the stage of Mahinda Rajapakse during the last presidential elections. After the advent of the government of good governance he was sent out from his post with great difficulty. Now , president Maithripala’s brother had made this crook his closest  aide to put through the shady deals. Kumarasinghe has also taken every possible measure to make Lalith as his advisor at Mobitel. 

After the clandestine discussions with the Tamil national, aforementioned, Kumarasinghe and Lalith have flown direct to China from London on Saturday (13). This is to discuss the next nefarious deal- how to plunder via  the equipment purchases  the SL telecom and Mobitel Co. are going to make from the Huawei Co. in China.

The other businessman who was associated with Kumarasinghe Sirisena was another notorious racketeer Wegapitiya . Kumarasinghe has appointed him to  the board of directors of Mobitel . Now the two of them are ready to pocket  another  massive sum from the Rs. 200 million generator import deal. Unfortunately for this crooked duo , the director finance of the Co. is opposed to this generator tender being awarded to a Co. that enables the duo to collect their illicit commissions.The duo are so infuriated over it that  Wegapitiya had via  sms messages threatened the director finance with death.
Wegapitiya has in a fit of rage threatened the Mobitel Co. high officials that if he takes his sword out he never puts it back into the case without shedding blood , and if he takes his revolver out he does not put it back without firing. Wegapitiya is therefore by hook or by crook trying to award the tender to a  Co. from which he and his pal Kumarasinghe, the two wheeler dealers  can collect their illicit commissions.

To make matters worse , the daughter of Gagan Bulathsinghala who was made the air force commander recently despite clear , cogent and copious evidence against him substantiating his corrupt and criminal activities, is going to marry the son of this Wegapitiya. The need to make Bulathsinghala the air force commander was most paramount for Wegapitiya and none else.This is not for  any other reason but to further facilitate illicit deals and rackets . There are rumors afloat already that Gagan’s first and most enthusiastic move  after becoming the commander is to purchase a fighter aircraft for SL even when there is no war in the country – his motive in the backdrop of his putrid antecedence is  therefore obvious.  

Kumarasinghe Sirisena during the tenure of the  last Rajapakse regime was engaged in cutting trees . After the elder brother became the president , Kumarasinghe became the Mobitel Co. chairman by force after compelling the president’s secretary Abeykoon to write a letter appointing him as the chairman even before the cabinet was appointed.(LeN reported on this sordid episode earlier on).

Let us warn ,Lanka e news is intently watching and following the culpable and criminal moves of Kumarasinghe Sirisena the younger brother of the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena, for the government of good governance of the latter came into power  after defeating Basils and  Gotabayas the crooked and criminal younger brothers of Mahinda Rajapakse , and on solemn promises to the people that bribery , corruption and crimes would be stamped out . Of course we know without any trace of doubt that president Maithripala never resorted to vices, or  vile activities of any sort , let alone plunder of national wealth. 

We are in possession of the file relating to illicit felling of trees by Kumarasinghe Sirisena , which was suppressed, while we are also aware that though Kumarasinghe is a brother of the president , he is not from the womb of the same mother .

We are curiously watching how the elder brother Maithripala Sirisena is going to speak of  good governance for the benefit of the country while his younger brother Kumarasinghe Sirisena is gobbling up illicit commissions in millions under the very nose of his elder brother to the country’s detriment

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