Blood thirsty Padeniya‘s doctors alias Draculas lust for blood again !

(Lanka e News -04.Aug.2018, 10.00PM) The mafia of Padeniya’s doctors alias draculas who remained  dormant for a  while  from their blood thirsty activities because of the opposition mounted by the people had again started their lust for blood of patients again !

This doctor mafia  staged a strike on the  3rd compromising the precious lives  of the helpless hapless patients despite their duty under oath to protect and rescue the patients .

 Every profession in the world has the  right to strike because it is a right to enable them to win their just demands. However the Padeniya doctor alias Dracula mafia in Sri Lanka stages strikes not to win justifiable demands of theirs but rather on matters which do not concern their profession at all. That is when the state is signing a useful profitable trade  agreement  with another state. Believe it or not ! this mafia due to  its crazy mania is staging strikes against the trade agreement SL is signing with Singapore. Their objection is , because Singapore doctors are coming to SL , the rights of these maniacal self centered rascally doctors are being deprived.  One reason is :if a doctor draws a  salary of 4 to 4.5 million (in SL rupees) in Singapore is to come to SL for a low  meager salary with minimum facilities, he is a mental patient  and  not a doctor.  

The health sector of Singapore is so advanced that the salary payments and facilities are  high so much so that even nurses of the state health service (NHS)  of England (where the head office of Lanka e News is located) who enjoy all the facilities there , are now   most anxious to work in Singapore  after throwing away their jobs in England.  

In such circumstances , if such Singapore doctors are to come to work in SL capitulating  to the mafia of Padeniya’s Dracula doctors , those doctors must either be insane or have lost their senses of course. 

Let us assume , even for some mad reason the Singapore doctors arrive in SL for employment , surely that is going to be greatly beneficial and not at all harmful to the country .

When the rich Sri Lankans  travel to Singapore for medical treatment  wasting our foreign exchange and spending colossal sums of money, won’t those  expenses be curtailed if the Singapore doctors come to SL ?

No matter what contention Padeniya mafia advances in their defense , those are the same as or worse than the grounds cited by these moronic demonic doctors earlier on when they objected to the Indian ambulance service in SL.

In any event it is crystal clear , these bloodthirsty Doctor Draculas who  are striking ostensibly citing  the trade agreement are truly having other evil  ulterior motives. It is to bring back the corrupt blue brigand Rajapakses back to power . It is obvious they struck work on the  3rd because they are in league with the corrupt criminal Rajapakses  who staged a Janabala protest on the  2nd. By now it is well known the medical profession in SL has been reduced to the level of a group of  pavement idlers by this Padeniya mafia owing to wasting their official time on the pavements  staging meaningless senseless protests to the detriment of the patients and the nation.

These Doctor Draculas had presented a list of demands to justify their unjustifiable strike . The health minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne however had furnished the following answers to those …

The GMOA had said , the Vat applicable to doctors which was 12 % has been raised to 24 %

In fact , the Vat levy has been raised to 24 % only in respect of doctors earning more than Rs. 350,000.00 per month. Hence the  same  12% levy still applies to those doctors earning below Rs. 350,000.00 per month.The announcement that the Vat has been increased to 24 % is a baseless allegation therefore  .

The GMOA alleges the Vat Levy of 15 % imposed on  private hospitals is to impose tax burdens on the people .On the contrary , since last month , the Vat levy which applied to private hospitals had been totally withdrawn.A trade union  like  the GMOA being unaware of this fact  is a matter for deep regret .Because the government has completely withdrawn the Vat applicable to hospitals , the Vat levy attaching to patients is inapplicable whereby the patients are granted a relief.  

Therefore it is obvious this  unjustifiable strike of the GMOA  is not in the interests of the nation .

It is worthy of note , the government has decided to reduce the indirect taxes which are burdening the ordinary  people. It is with this objective  in view it is collecting taxes from the high income earners.

It is an incontrovertible fact owing to the unjustifiable and unreasonable strikes staged by the Doctor mafia  based on their inordinate greed for filthy lucre, and self centered interests which are their true hidden overriding motives , a large number of patients  had to face abysmal suffering in the past.  Based on reports reaching Lanka e News , a number of private organizations are now getting ready to take  legal measures on behalf of the rights of the hapless and helpless patients . It is therefore best if the Padeniya’s  doctor Dracula mafia in their own interests stops its cruel activities which compromise lives of patients,  before it is too late.   

It is hoped the realization will first and foremost dawn on these doctor draculas , there  can be no  progress for the country and the people with such a GMOA at the helm of which there is  a pack of idiots with GOMA (cow dung) in their heads . Hence  they must first mend  their ways giving priority to that rectification instead of staging stupid senseless strikes.  

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