Chicken -hearted dim –witted Gamarala threatens free media again !

(Lanka e News – 24.July.2018, 8.00PM) President Maithripala Sirisena who dishonored all the election promises , betrayed the voters who installed him in power by turning his back on them within as short as  48 hours  after  being elected , and now precariously clinging on to a 4 % popularity base after having   earned the inglorious distinction as the most incompetent incapable leader the country ever had, is again moving heaven and earth to stifle and suppress the media which are exposing the truth and critical of him.

The president addressing  the Randiyawara Rendawum maiden ceremony yesterday (23) spoke thus :

‘I wish to tell the media Institutions which are today obstructing us and  not giving due publicity to our programs, please do not   deprive yourself of  the democracy , freedom and  the media freedom which you have  been granted, only to  once again be in tears after attacking us , weakening us , destroying us and  dragging us down .’

It is to be noted already four media websites including Lanka e News have been  unlawfully banned in the country.  Because a program was conducted by TNL channel which contradicted the mendacious  statements one by one of the president , parts of the transmission center of the TNL were forcibly removed by Pallewatte Gamarala thereby tarnishing the image of good governance which he promised to establish during the last presidential elections, meaning that  president Gamarala has already  completed his media suppression mission.  

It is a pity this is a moronic president who thinks media freedom is something that he can pick from his pocket and distribute .

 On 2015-01-08 , the masses won the media freedom after sacrificing lives of editors  and journalists , losing their dear ones through disappearances, falling victims  to  assaults and arson. Therefore that freedom was not acquired  in the way this nincompoop of a  president assumes . It was not freedom  which dropped from  the pocket of  a political  imbecile like Gamarala or through his pick pocketing another.

Shockingly it  is the moronic Gamarala who promised good governance and media freedom to the people with the motive to  win the presidential elections who is now full of venom and vengeance  against the media which criticizes his lop sided policies and cranky conduct which have plunged the country into irretrievable doom and gloom. Believe it or not ! he is so vindictive that he has ordered the foreign ministry to get down 14 individuals employed in the foreign service simply because they  made adverse comments against Gamarala  via the internet .

Already , two employees who worked as clerks in the foreign missions of Canada and Poland have returned. Gamarala  is so abysmally ignorant that he does not even know , state employees such as clerks of the lower grades have the freedom to express their views and speak on politics. Yet this spineless cowardly ruler  had got scared of them and via today’s  announcement  betrayed his  inordinate fears – unable to face constructive criticisms .

This is clearly a direct  threat made to the independent mass media . Hence , all must rise against this chicken –hearted dim witted  ruler unconditionally before it is too late.

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