Cader a Muslim for Hindu affairs and Aluvihara a Buddhist for Christian affairs ! President’s mental disorder further confirmed !!

(Lanka e News -13.June.2018, 7.00PM) President Pallewatte Gamarala who is suffering from a mental disorder and hence  wreaking havoc on the country while also his popularity base has  dropped to to a precarious 4 %   once again proved his mental imbalance when appointing state ministers and deputy ministers yesterday (12)– he committed a most grave outrageous indiscretion   which triggered  bitter  resentment  and disillusionment among the Hindu and Christian communities  in the country.

When making appointments on the 12 th , he appointed a Muslim ,Cader Osman as the deputy  minister of Hindu affairs , and a Buddhist ,Ranjith Aluvihara as the state minister for Christian affairs.

It is an indisputable fact that a Muslim knows nothing about Hindu affairs , and likewise a Buddhist knows nothing about Christian affairs. This has been deliberately done by Gamarala therefore to give a slap in the face of the Hindu and the Christian people living in this country  because there are enough Hindu and Christian MPs who can take over those responsibilities duly.

The enemies of the government describe the good governance as a cowherd government . If such unbelievable hostile actions are directed against the very people who propelled this government into power , certainly there is a lot of  truth in describing good governance as a ‘cowherd government’ . 

The following State ministers and deputy ministers were sworn in yesterday..

State ministers ..

1.Tourism development and Christian religious affairs – Ranjith Aluvihara

2.Hill country new villages infrastructure facilities and community development – Lucky Jayawardena

Deputy ministers

1.State administration and management and law and order – Nalin Bandara

2.Agriculture-  Angajan Ramanathan

3.Environment- Ajith Manaperuma

4,Internal affairs and Wayambe development – Edward Gunasekera

5.Resettlement , rehabilitation northern development and Hindu affairs – Cader Osman

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