Gazette notification issued by president Gamarala for third time is also flawed , parliament officials point out !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.April.2018, 8.45PM)   The gazette notification No. 2068/24  issued on the 26th  has  mentioned the time of re convening parliament sessions as 02.15 p.m. 

Parliament officials pointed out when an official  letter is sent by the government and if an afternoon  time  is mentioned it should  be  2.15 (p.m.) and not 02.15 (p.m. )  for , if the time of reconvening sessions is in the afternoon it should be either 2.15  (p.m.) or 14.15 and not 02.15  .  If two digits are used for the hour , and if the time is in the afternoon it has to be 14.15 and not 02.15 

It is a pity Pallewatte Gamarala the political moron  who knows sweet bugger all about country’s administration  , and his buffoons who call themselves as presidential staff but just  clustered around him only to  fart around could not issue a correct gazette notification even on the third occasion !

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