SLFP to boycott cabinet ! Utter chaos and confusion ; no decision yet on whether these parasitic serpents will get out !!

(Lanka-e-News - 09.April.2018, 11.45PM) The group of SLFP cabinet ministers better known now  as venomous serpents who brought a no confidence motion through the opposition against their  own government while being in  it held discussions tonight chaired by the president . The SLFP special Central committee which met tonight (09)  under the leadership of the president purportedly to decide whether those villainous ministers should continue in the government or not , could not arrive at a decision. They had  to postpone   the meeting until tomorrow without taking a decision.

In any event the group(group of serpents),  which voted in favor of the recent no confidence motion and the group which did not arrive for the voting have decided not to attend the cabinet meeting tomorrow. This decision made by the president who is the head of the cabinet boycott the cabinet meeting. The reason for this boycott is , the backbenchers of the UNF already  making preparations to stage a massive protest if the group of serpents are to attend the cabinet meeting   tomorrow. They are to stage the protest just in front of the venue of the meeting. 

The group of shameless serpents have also held a separate meeting this morning . It was decided at the meeting to resign from the government and sit in the opposition. A letter requesting permission for this was handed over to the SLFP Central committee.

The whole country is vehemently questioning these shameless ’ serpents’,   after turning hostile towards  their own government  by voting for the no confidence,  whether they are wearing clothes to hide their nudity or to escape from the bites of mosquitoes of the garbage dump from where they had emerged .

 In any case the UNF of the government is in the ready to bring a no confidence motion against these unscrupulous stinking scoundrels . Because the group with the general secretary of the SLFP kept  away from voting in the earlier no confidence motion saying they are in disfavor of it ,  the UNF emerging victorious in  this no confidence motion by a  majority is easy .

If the SLFP is to boycott the cabinet continuously , then it is a separate UNF government that will result automatically .

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