No confidence motion against 16 serpents posing as ministers but parasitic on govt. –to be handed over on 6th !

(Lanka-e-News - 06.April.2018, 8.10PM)  A group of victorious UNF parliamentarians are getting ready to bring a no confidence motion against  six cabinet ministers  who were eating away  the consensual government  while being parasitic on  it , as well as  10 other ministers of the  SLFP/UPFA  - that is 16 ministers in all. The UNF group is bringing the  no confidence motion against these ministers if they do not tender their resignations. 

Athough the 16 motions have been finalized , at the time of writing this article , signatures are being collected in respect of each motion. These 16  no confidence motions are to be handed over to the speaker on the 6 th.  After getting a short date for the debate , the victorious UNF group is making moves to swiftly get rid of the serpents which  are destroying the good governance government while at the same time  being parasitic on it.

The 16  afore-stated ministers are   cabinet ministers , deputy minsters and state ministers …..

Dayasiri Jayasekera , S.B. Dissanayake, Susil Premajayantha, Anura Yapa, Chandima Weerakody , W.D.J. Seneviratne , Thilanga Sumathipala , Lakshman Yapa, T.B.Ekanayake , Dilan Perera, Sudharshani Fernandopulle , Sumedha G Jayasena, Anuradha Jayaratne , Susantha Punchinilame , Lakshman Vasantha and Tharanath Basnayake . 

The methodology to be adopted when changing ministers is different after the 19 th amendment . That is, neither the president nor the P.M. can make the changes alone. After the P.M. informs the president in writing the change is done under the signature of the president. If both do not agree they can be ousted by a no confidence motion. 

This group of vituperative serpents that is venting their venoms and vengeances against the government while shamelessly clinging on to the same government however  related an intriguing  tale….

They said , it is their party leader president Maithripala Sirisena who  advised them to vote against the government , and therefore they followed his instructions, and because  the leader of the government and the cabinet is not the P.M. and it is the president who is their leader  , they will not resign from their ministry portfolios until he says. At the debate on the 4 th , Thilanga Sumathipala too echoed similar sentiments. That is  , it is his party president cum country’s president who told him to vote against the P.M.

Yet , Mahinda Samarasinghe who was among the SLFP/UPFA group of ministers  who abstained from voting during the no confidence motion by not attending parliament on that day ,  holding a media briefing on the 5 th denied this revelation, while adding those are falsehoods, and that president did not give such instructions. Samarasinghe disclosed , because from  the day following the no confidence motion they will have to carry on the government , they should be neutral , and those instructions were issued  by the president to his group.

This announcement is of great  significance  because president Pallewatte Gamarala has issued two different instructions to two sides. In case the votes had been  cast against the P.M.,  without complying  with  the wishes of Gamarala ,the  latter had the ability to tell them to resign from their ministerial posts  , but because such a thing has not happened , there is a truth in what is exposed  by  these 16 parliamentarians who voted against the P.M. 

It is a well and widely known fact that it is Gamarala the hoppers gobbling serpent that from the time of the local government elections , and as soon as its results were announced, took the initiative and lead to oust the P.M.  An even  much better known fact to the people is , this Gamarala is so unhinged,  he says one thing in the morning without brushing his teeth, another story during noon without washing his mouth before gobbling hoppers , yet another fairy tale before dinner and blabbers an entirely different tale in his dreams. 

When this is the sad state of affairs to the detriment of the country with this eccentric  president  whose popularity has plummeted to a 4 % ,and  now after the number in parliament of his too sliding from 225 to 16 , no longer can this Gamarala be tolerated . It will therefore be in the best interests of the country to put a halt to this mad circus performed with his team of clowns like Shiral Lakthileke before he makes the entire country a loony bin.

It is not for nothing the Ven. Malwatte Mahanayake Thera issued a stern warning to this loony clown ,’do not create anarchy in the country’ on 16 th February – six days after the release of the last local body elections . Yet this buffoon who cannot rid himself of his favorite hobby of tomfoolery and playing to the gallery ignored the invaluable advice and continued wasting precious time of the country on resorting to all the sly , slimy and surreptitious activities to oust his own P.M.

At least after realizing on the 4 th what disgraceful amount of backing he has in parliament , he must cure his bleeding piles . Or he must allow the victors and the majority to run the government without let or hindrance. If he doesn’t he has only  a solitary option – get himself admitted to the lunatic asylum . If worst comes to worst , and if he is  raving mad as to refuse to enter the asylum  , the people must see to it he is helped to get admitted for his own good. 

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