Loony President issues redundant gazette notification to rescue masterminds and leaders behind racial violence !

(Lanka-e-News - 19.March.2018, 9.00PM)  The currently embattled president Maithripala Sirisena who has even  forgotten country ‘ s history and his own and therefore best known as an epitome of ingratitude and also dubbed Sillysena once again proved he is in a flat spin by issuing a gazette notification that the emergency regulation which was brought into force by him on March 6 th on account of the Kandy racial turmoil , and was to last for ten days is invalid after  16 th midnight . 

While it  is common knowledge  the state of emergency declared by him for ten days from March 6 th automatically ceases to be valid on the 16 th if it is not extended by parliament after the 16 th midnight , and a gazette notification additionally is not necessary to withdraw it , yet the president who is surrounded by buffoons calling themselves secretaries best known for tomfooleries  had also not advised him duly.  May we recall on the independence day celebrations too he committed an egregious blunder . He did not know how many years ago Sri Lanka received its independence.   

The parliament adjourned sittings on the 9 th , and was to meet again on the 20 th.  If the emergency regulations imposed  on the 06  th by the president was  in fact to be extended ,  that should have been done on the 9 th  when the parliament met last . That was by a resolution brought in  parliament by the ministry of defense under the president himself , and getting it passed. However nothing of that sort took place.

Though it was the motive of the president by withdrawing the emergency regulation by an unnecessary  gazette notification  to demonstrate that he  is a  ‘great Democrat ‘ and score cheap political plus points as usual , in truth his hidden sinister motive was to pave the way for the release of the racists who were arrested in Kandy  when  the emergency regulations were in force. 

From the very outset Lanka e news which frankly,  fearlessly and forthrightly stands by and espouses the truth come what may pointed out that the president, his cronies and lackeys are behind this communal violence . This was  amply borne  testimony to when the president during the unrest took three notorious racist monks Ithekande Sadhatissa , Elle Gunawansa and Medagoda Abeyatissa along with him on the helicopter journey to Kandy, which too was revealed by us.

Any doubts harbored by anybody in regard to our reports were cleared when the president took Ulapone Sumangala the robed racist scoundrel together with  Gnanassara the rascally monk   who is behind all the racial violence to Japan . Sumangala is the same infamous monk who  rescued another robed  racist hooligan Gnanassara a   dipsomaniac when he was produced in court for his criminalities . Sumangala arranged for Gnanassara to be released on bail in all three cases against Gnanassara   on the same day . It is while these racial monks are openly disgracing pristine Buddhism, Lord Buddha  and insulting the other true monks following the true teachings of Lord Buddha , the president who claims and proclaims he is a true Buddhist without any qualms enjoys the company  of the rascally,  rowdy racist monks even  on his tour of Japan.

Now with the lifting of the emergency regulations (president issuing a redundant gazette notification), those who were held in custody under it and against whom investigations are being conducted will get the opportunity to get released .Therefore before the  true masterminds and leaders behind this racial violence which has always proved dangerous and detrimental to  the whole country are known the accused will get released since the subsequent investigations will have to be conducted under the ordinary laws.     

President Sirisena who did not comply with the request of the United National Front during the cabinet reshuffle to entrust the law and order ministry to Sarath Fonseka (which the whole country earnestly anticipated) , instead handed it over to the prime minister temporarily , and stoked this racial violence in order to fasten the blame on the P.M. and vilify him. The diabolic design is very manifest  in the backdrop of  the desperate efforts made again to bring forth a no confidence motion against the P.M. by  the president’s UPFA faction enlisting the  support of Rajapakse’s alliance even before the flames of communal violence had died down. 

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