‘You have not only jeopardized your country but even ours ‘ Modi slams Sirisena to the face !

(Lanka-e-News - 16.March.2018, 4.30PM)   ‘Not only you plunged your own country into dire peril    but even India’ Indian prime minister Narendra Modi roundly blamed president Maithripala Sirisena.  According to diplomatic sources , Modi had bitterly  berated Sirisena the currently 4 % popularity  president of Sri Lanka (SL)  when the latter attended the solar power conference in India recently . 

By SL opening too many doors much more than are necessary for China , it has driven the entire Indian zone into  dire peril  , Modi had pinpointed. Sirisena in his defense  had said, there are stipulations in the contract entered into regarding the Hambantota Port and Colombo port city  with China , that those cannot be used as war zones.
Modi disdainfully rejecting  Sirisena’s explanation  had asked  to his face ,who is the fool who fights a war according to requirements on paper? 

When Sirisena was trying to blame it on the P.M. Ranil Wickremesinghe by saying those were done by him , to exculpate himself , Modi had replied , ‘ We have a better understanding of your P.M. We know him,’ while saying ‘ ‘I know who chased India from Sampur .’ When  listening to that , Sirisena was dumbfounded. (Sirisena was behind that).

It is the view of Diplomatic divisions,  no matter what , Modi’s  attitude can be considered as a refusal to the face of president Sirisena, and   that India does not accept him. This portends ill to the future of SL , the same sources added.  

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