Facebook ban lifted as hate speeches and vitriolic comments are being curbed

(Lanka-e-News - 16.March.2018, 4.30PM)  Following the swift action taken by the Facebook officials  in co operation with the government ,   civilians and criminal investigation Institutions, in order  to create methodologies and establishments , to regulate the propagation of  racial , anti religious and hate speeches , president Sirisena had instructed the Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) to lift the ban on facebook , according to a government communique.

A discussion was held at the presidential secretariat on the 15 th (forenoon) with the participation of TRC chairman , secretary to the president Austin Fernando and Facebook officials , and the decision taken at the discussion was conveyed to the president who is currently on an official tour  of Japan . The president has thereafter ordered the TRC to lift the ban on facebook.

Under the laws of the country making and spreading hate speeches and inflammatory  statements are illegal  , and the Facebook Company has agreed to act according to the Face book community standards and norms in respect of everyone. 

The two parties agreed to review the progress within a specific period , and accordingly introduce and implement efficient and effective plans and modes for the future. 

The government has expressed its regrets for the hindrances that resulted n to the community using the social media in general ,during this social media proscription.

It is to be noted though the government banned the facebook , the use of the face book in SL did not plummet to the extent it was expected.  The public resorted to the VPN to overcome the hindrance. 

This was clearly borne testimony to  when Lanka e news reported  the speech of most Ven. Dumbara Amila Thera under the caption ‘‘You are  a pest , rogue , murderer, snake gourd  to  country . Do your job properly or get out’- Sangha ‘King’ orders  president ! Despite the ban on Lanka e news , within  48 hours , over a  million of LeN  fans viewed  it ! 

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