President against facebook :His secretaries ‘Muckthileke’ and ‘Wala payaiy Goda payaiy’ force Facebook Co. to ban facebook

-Conference against ban today!

(Lanka-e-News- 14.March.2018, 11.00PM)   The precariously perched  4 % embattled  president Maithripala Sirisena went  so far as even to ban the facebook pages which are criticizing him, falsely citing racial conflicts as an excuse.. There are two most  notorious and infamous characters among those  of the stone age facebook villains   by the name of Shiral Lakthileke (NGO crook) dubbed  Muckthileke for his worst filthy unscrupulous  ways and therefore was chased out of the UNP  , and ‘Wala payayi Godapayayi’ (one foot in grave pit and  other in cesspit)  . Shiral is the co ordinating secretary to the president and the latter is the president of TRC and president’s secretary.

The rascally duo had drawn the attention of  the Facebook Co. , to   the condition  which stipulates ,if the facebook ban is to be lifted , the account of the facebook which informs the TRC and CERT Institutions should be banned.  Though the CERT is a somewhat independent Institution , the TRC is president’s political organ. The Facebook Institution has not accepted the view of the rascally duo so far.

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , within  the group of facebook accounts , it is Lanka e news which is in the first place .

This group of villains  without a court order proscribed Lanka e news  and obstructed its legion of viewers from accessing it. Fortunately however  it is because of the existence of  facebook account they were  able to  access it. Nevertheless , it is now the despicable motive of these villainous scoundrels to obstruct Lanka e news  at the moment when  exposures against racism are being made . A website aiding and abetting the move of  these rascals   posted  a report which added fuel to their fire  to the detriment of the country.

By a news report ‘Lanka e news will automatically appear’ it was pointed out most of the Lanka e news viewers via VPN are from the areas where the conflicts raged , citing Google trend data in support. When we made inquiries from Google Co. it came to light that was an absolute lie , and on that day it is Sabaragamuwa residents who had read Lanka e news most. There were no racial conflicts in Sabaragamuwa province.

The owner of the misleading  website , a  most noted  media coolie wheeler dealer tried to portray that  Lanka e news website is one  that contributes to racism , whereas  , it is a well  and widely known unassailable fact , that we never foment racial  hatred or religious animosities. Besides we are totally opposed to that . We have  always crusaded against racism and religious extremism , and will carry out that crusade  in the future too.   In addition Lanka e  news was the first to fearlessly hurl the first stone at  a traitor of a president who is now clinging precariously to a 4 % popularity.

Barbaric brute vis a vis the  UNP on the decline due to him. 

Even when the UNP of the consensual government expressed its resentment against the continued  ban on social media after the communal tension had ebbed  , the president due to his stone age qualities and backboneless nature ,in order to achieve his own dastardly objectives  rejected the UNP request ,  thereby incurring the wrath and displeasure of the nation. 

It is worthy of note , the UNP took measures to provide computer tabs and internet facilities to all GCE A/L students because  it did not fear the youths accessing the internet  to gather information. Yet  when the stone age boorish president stood in the way of this , the UNP kept its mouth shut. Even when UNP was trying to appoint a minister of law  and order of its choice , Sirisena objected . Shockingly , the UNP accepted the rejection and remained silent.  Currently when the frog in the well president from Polonnaruwa backwaters based on his stone age concepts  is continuing to ban  the social media, the UNP  which is against it is yet  remaining silent.(the UNP does not subscribe to the view expressed by Daya Gamage– that is his foolish story that there is vilification via social media )

While the precariously perched 4 %  Sillysena who knows well  he has no future is on the road to perdition   while indulging in  all the anti national destructive and barbaric activities in his desperation , it is a pity the UNP with a 30 % base is still trailing behind that mentally deranged Sillysena by saying ‘ to save the consensual government’ 
A comment made by an individual is  worthy of mention at this juncture when faceless Sillysena is banning the facebook accounts to cover his own incompetence and egregious  blunders  .The individual had commented on the face book ‘the government which won via the face book is also going to lose through the facebook.’

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