Damning expose`- President Sirisena behind country’s racial conflicts..! LeN unearths shocking details..!

(Lanka-e-News - 10.March.2018, 7.00PM) It is none other than president Maithripala Sirisena who permitted  the racial riots which started in Teldeniya to escalate when he could have easily controlled it at the inception , based on reports supported with palpable evidence reaching Lanka  e news 

When the remains of the lorry driver was in the mortuary ,  an explosive situation had prevailed in the whole area  . The OIC of Teldeniya police Wijekoon Banda who  was aware of this had phoned Kandy DIG Ekanayake and informed him that after the body is brought to the village , there is  a likelihood of a communal violence flare up . He had therefore requested the DIG  to get the soldiers of the Ambakote STF camp  that is close by and beef up the security of Taldeniya town.In fact Ambakote STF camp is just a stone’s throw away.

 DIG Ekanayake had told the OIC ‘son I have no powers in this regard and it is senior DIG S.M. Wickremesinghe in charge of Central district who has the powers . Hence please meet him and explain the situation to him.’

Are you coming to teach me how to perform my duties !

Weerakoon Banda who deployed 7 or 8 policemen   and  a mobile patrol vehicle in Teldeniya town had met Wickremesinghe , and expressed his concerns. ’Sir the body is being brought home . It is being said Gnanassara is also coming there . Therefore as  violence can be unleashed, if you can please provide me with police  security from outside and give orders to the STF camp .’ Before the OIC could finish , senior DIG has exploded on him. 
 ‘Yakko ,  you brat are you coming to tell me how I should work? All of you think I am one who does not know my work. Why are you worried about Gnanassara. He will come and go. You go and look after your duties,’ the senior DIG who flew into a rage had told the OIC , and chased him out. 

When the riots erupted at the funeral house , Wickremesinghe has sent  a reinforcement  just  20 additional cops only. He has also not given any orders to shoot to control the violence.

The Teldeniya OIC had recorded all these in the police book .This is why we say there is palpable evidence. This is recorded evidence for the investigators.

Until the STF were deployed on the orders of the  personal assistant (DIG)  of IGP, Wickremesinghe did nothing to avert the escalation of the riots . In any case , by that time the marauders and plunderers have already wrought disaster and accomplished their deadly aims .

Meanwhile Menikhinna Moulavi and Kandy Moulavi on hearing Gnanassara the hooligan monk is visiting the funeral house, and  knowing well his satanic criminal  nature despite being a monk in Saffron robes , had met senior DIG Wickremesinghe and explained the dire  situation, and requested security to prevent this impending riot. 

Wickremesinghe who chased out the police OIC had asked them ‘how can the Moulavis say  there will be violence ? Did anyone tell you that such things will happen. Don’t just get agitated  , Gnanassara will just come and go. Nothing will happen’ he had assured. The Moulavis will give evidence in this regard. 

S.M . conducted himself that way on Sirisena’s orders …

When Lanka e news probed into the insouciance and irresponsible conduct of S.M. Wickremesinghe in such a dire situation when lives were at stake and damage to property was imminent , we learnt S.M. has conducted himself this fearlessly and uncaringly based  on the instructions of president Sirisena. S.M. is a long time bosom pal  of Sirisena and he is in charge of president’s security .Because S.M. lost in the rat race to Poojitha who was appointed IGP, S.M. is nursing an inveterate grudge against Poojitha over a long period . 

S.M considers taking orders from Poojitha is beneath his dignity . Therefore ,  though S.M. had all the opportunities to avert the mayhem ahead in Teldeniya, it was president Sirisena being his bosom pal who had given orders to ignore and act in the way he acted. 

When president toured Kandy after all the damage had been done to shed crocodile tears, even Mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter considered as pro Mahinda Rajapakse ( racist) has told Sirisena,  S.M. Wickremesinghe should be held responsible for the murders and mayhem and a transfer shall be given to him. 

Cut -throat Sirisena blames the racial  hatred on UNP…

* Although the president declared a state of emergency when the violence was spreading , he gave instructions only to shoot in the air against curfew transgressors though at first criminals on the rampage can be   shot at using  rubber bullets , but Sirisena the president did not allow that . While the police were shooting in the air , the marauders and murderers who arrived from outside , congregated at the places targeted by them for hurling hand grenades .

* Following the Ampara incident , the president was aware the situation in the country was most portentous, yet he chose to send the army commander to India for a different purpose of his. Sirisena was so uncaring and reckless that  even on the 5 th when the mayhem was spreading and a state of emergency was declared , he did not call back the army commander . The security council met sans the army commander. If there is ever a buffoon  of a leader  of a country who summons a security council for an emergency session without the army commander when the country is in a turmoil , that is president Sirisena of Sri Lanka . Little wonder his pet name now is Sillysena. The army commander  returned to the Island only on the 8 th.

* Believe it or not , it was Sirisena alias Sillysena who gave instructions to release the goons and gangs involved in the Ampara violence on bail. 

It is significant to note , president who visited the Eastern province soon after the mayhem met the hard core racist foul mouthed monk to pay homage but did not even meet  the Muslim priests . In other words Sirisena despite being the president of the country only created invidious feelings among other races  by pleasing  only the Buddhist racists.

* When racial conflicts were  being kindled , as president and minister of defense what he did was, instead of giving precedence to the rule of law he did everything  totally contradictory to the laws of the country. This became very evident  , when it came to light with whom president preferred  to go to  Kandy . He took with him two out and out racist monks in the helicopter . They were Ithekanda Sadhatissa and Elle Gunawansa who are ever ready to plunge the country into flames at the first opportunity they get to achieve their selfish destructive agendas.
When there are many genuine monks who are not racial and are true followers of Lord Buddha in the country , the president who had a duty to demonstrate he was impartial  and neutral at this crucial juncture to the people who fell victims and most grieved , instead going with hardcore racist monks who do not follow true Buddhism is another of the series of unpardonable blunders Sirisena  committed  in his career as president . If he was sane and sensible , shouldn’t he have gone to Kandy with true Buddhist monks who are non racial? 

* President Sirisena when he arrived in Colombo from Kandy met with the media editors and media  Institution owners on 7 th night ( However no Institution owner came to meet with 4 % crestfallen president ) .Unfortunately for the president his  cat was out of the bag during the discussion.Before commencing the discussion Sirisena asked his own cameramen to go out of the venue. ‘These shouldn’t seep out’ he said. The  president prefaced his discussion with the remark, ‘the  general belief is , this conflict was initiated by the UNP’ which is running the government with hm.

When one editor questioned ‘how can you say that ? The president repeated the same criticism the joint opposition mounted in parliament on the 8 th. That is , it is a UNP provincial council member who was responsible for the Kurunegala incident, and that is not connected to the Kandy mayhem , while adding the Kurunegala incident was not racial. An editor naming a number of individuals who were behind this communal violence asked, aren’t these  individuals going to be arrested under the emergency regulations? Sirisena without answering that question in  his characteristic ‘obsession with eating’ habit said, ‘ha , ha , now we will go and eat’ , and invited everyone to dinner. May we point out this is how he ‘ate’ the country too by  this elusive , delusive and gourmandizing habit . 

* It is very evident the aim of elusive and delusive president was to fasten the blame on the P.M. after foisting the law and order  portfolio on him despite the   whole country  demanding president Sirisena to appoint Sarath Fonseka to that post. The president who is trying to oust the P.M. , clearly with that ulterior motive  tried to portray to the people that he is inefficient by wantonly creating  the environment for  racial disturbances 

Lanka e news which is revealing the stark truths is sure, at a not too distant date , all those facts will be confirmed when more details in this connection surface. When that happens ,  the racist marauders and murderers Gota spawned  and the deadly connection Sirisena has currently with him will doubtless become manifest  to the entire world.


Translated by Jeff

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