Sirisena who plunged country into chaos and disorder grants law and order portfolio to Madduma Bandara !

(Lanka-e-News - 10.March.2018, 1.00PM) President Sirisena who plunged the country into chaos and anarchy, and best noted for lop sided thinking made another appointment on 8th Thursday  in his characteristic style. He appointed Ranjith Madduma Bandara as the minister of law and order while  a great majority was demanding Sarath Fonseka shall be granted that portfolio. In the photograph is Madduma Bandara being sworn in this morning. It is worthy of note within two weeks , two  ministers had been sworn in for this post , in close succession.  

Following the last cabinet meeting , UNP Gen. Secretary Kabir Hashim and UNP president Malik Samarawickrema met the president and requested him to entrust the law and order ministry to Sarath Fonseka. It is a well and widely known fact the president the self proclaimed ‘hero’ who has fallen to zero level immediately after the recent election results  , is in his desperation  seeking  to cover that up   by seeking a reconciliation with Rajapakses .

It is the consensus , having started from nowhere after making all the false promises and committing betrayals the president is now fast getting there. Owing to his dastardly efforts to rid the prime minister with the objective to achieve his foul unscrupulous selfish  agenda of currying favor with the corrupt despotic    Rajapakses , the country has been plunged into utter chaos and a state of anarchy, while he is in a flat spin himself.

When his efforts to chase out Ranil turned  topsy turvy  like all his grandiose promises  to the people , Sirisena alias Sillysena sought to chase out some UNP ministers, with the result he changed the law and order minister  according to his own whim and fancy. Because Sirisena showed a bitter dislike to appoint Sarath Fonseka whom  UNP preferred , the law and order ministry was without a minister in charge for several weeks.

Interestingly , in the secret discussions between Sirisena and Mahinda the main topic was refraining from granting law and order ministry to Fonseka ,for obvious reasons. 

Meanwhile communal conflicts  began to spread across the Island. Amidst this, pressures began to mount that Fonseka shall be given the law and order portfolio .Yet that did not materialize because of Sirisena who is kowtowing to the Rajapakses , who in fact were chased out by the people to install Sirisena as the president based on his solemn promises to the people including abolition of executive presidency which he could not fulfill until now  .

It is a pity , Sirisena alias Sillysena has still not abandoned his destructive selfish self propulsive aganda which is driving the country into a holocaust.

At any rate , may we add Ranjith Madduma Bandara is a senior minister and has been a parliamentary representative since 1989.

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