Curfew in Kandy until further notice : Face book , Viber , Websites , what’s app, temporarily banned

(Lanka-e-News - 08.March.2018, 11.45AM)     Curfew was clamped  again on  Kandy  district indefinitely  until further notice . In addition , a temporary  ban had been imposed on   face book , Websites, Viber and  What’s App across the whole Island .

At the request of the ministry of defense , the Telecom Regulatory Commission  had withdrawn these communication facilities .The government had to take these measures in order to curb the stoking of racism, and to halt the extremists from achieving their foul and mischievous agendas through social media , Viber, what’s app communication system. 

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , in those areas where conflicts are  mounting , the internet facility has been totally withdrawn .

Minister of Digital technology Harin Fernando issuing a communique regarding the ban on social media said … 

The last few days have seen new  technology created to bring people together being used to pull people apart. Social media websites such as Facebook, Whats app and Viber - which were created to bring us closer to our friends and family and make communication free and convenient, have been used to destroy families, lives and private property . For a moment move away from the smart phone , to create a new SL by helping all instead of  hatred , the minister  emphasized.

Meanwhile the UN Organization SL branch issuing a communiqué in connection with the ethnic conflict in SL had urged to abide by the rule of  law and protect human rights . It has also  requested the officials and every citizen to see to it laws are duly enforced against the culprits .

Conflicts flared up  in Poojapitiya , Akurana , Ambatenne and  Katugastota , according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

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