Emergency declared Island wide ! Curfew extended; Bhikkhus collect Rs. 1.5 million ransom from Moulavis if Muslims are not to be attacked !

(Lanka-e-News - 07.March.2018, 10.30AM)  Following the racial riots that erupted in Teldeniya- Digana districts tending to spread across the country , the president after a cabinet discussion decided to declare a state of emergency for ten days Island wide , by virtue of the powers vested in him. If the emergency is to be extended thereafter , the parliamentary approval will be necessary.

Meanwhile the curfew that was to be withdrawn early morning yesterday in Kandy district was extended to Teldeniya and Pallekelle police divisions . 24 arrested by the police

The racial riot which erupted following an attack launched on a Sinhalese lorry driver has claimed the life of a 28 years old Muslim youth by now. 

The lorry driver who died has been having most cordial relations with the Muslims in the district , and the Muslim youth who died too was most closely and cordially associated with the Sinhala Buddhist community. On the facebook of the Muslim youth there is even a  photograph of his taken  in the vicinity of the Dalada maligawa . He is a youth suffering from hearing impairment.

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , on the day before the riots , the infamous leader of a Bhikhu organization best noted for provoking worst communal  hatred in this country had attended the funeral house  of the Sinhala youth. It is to be noted , this is the same monk who masterminded the Beruwala violence too.
These monks after reaching the funeral house have telephoned the Muslim Moulavis of the area and threatened , because the blood is boiling of the Sinhalese , the Muslims are going to be attacked ,and if that is to be averted , a sum of Rs. 2.5 million shall be paid to the relatives of the deceased.

The Moulavis have told the monks , that youth who was involved is one who does not even attend the mosque , and no Muslim will come forward to get  him out on  bail over this attack . The Moulavis have also spoken most kindly and told , they are prepared to pay compensation but not the colossal  ransom  of Rs. 2.5 million demanded by the monks.

The Bhikkhu leader has then brought down the ransom  to Rs. 1.5 million  and the Moulavis have  paid that sum to the Bhikkhu leader. The latter   had then come  to Colombo again  that night . Whether that sum collected was paid to the deceased’s relative is unknown. The group who organized the violence  the previous day  had nevertheless launched the attack on the Muslims  ,and incited the racial riots. The investigating officials  should probe into these lurid details.

While the three youths who caused the death of the lorry driver should be meted out maximum punishment , the monks who are propagating racial hatred and animosities through the face book wantonly should also be duly punished.

This being a Buddhist country , the monks should act with compassion  and mercy, without desecrating the sacred saffron robes. As they are expected to be sentinels of the true Buddhist faith so  they should set an example  to others .   

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