Police clamp curfew on Kandy to quell racial violence

(Lanka-e-News - 06.March.2017, 5.10PM) With a view to quell communal  violence curfew was clamped on Kandy district by the police.

A personal dispute had  erupted  between three trishaw drivers and a lorry driver who were all drunk,  and when  this argument escalated into a clash , the lorry driver was attacked by the three trishaw drivers . The lorry driver succumbed to his injuries after being treated  in hospital for five days , and  the three  trishaw  drivers were arrested by the police.

The funeral of the deceased was yesterday.(05)  Since the attackers and the attacked belong to two distinct groups of the population , and memories of  recent Ampara incident  have triggered a racial violence in Teldeniya . The enraged groups had set fire to 20 business establishments on the funeral day.
The police in order to control the situation has imposed a curfew this afternoon in Kandy district. It is reported a monk of the Madawala temple is provoking the public to engage in violence.

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