Police acted wrong in Ampara incident – Law and Order ministry !

(Lanka-e-News - 06.March.2018, 5.00PM)   In the recent outburst  of violence in Ampara , the law and order ministry under the prime minister (P.M.) issuing a communiqué had mentioned ,  when enforcing the law there had been lapses , and the B report that was produced in court by the police was incomplete .

The law and order ministry with a view to conduct a comprehensive investigation has issued  instructions to  the DIG in charge of Batticaloa . The communique also states the ministry is taking measures to ensure that justice and  fair play  prevail  without partiality in order that the confidence of the public is boosted. 

While action is being taken to expeditiously grant compensation to the private properties , business establishments and for restoration of the Mosques which were damaged, the communiqué specially  thanked the Maha     sangha , Muslim Moulavis , other religious prelates ,  the media of the area and other sections of the public that  acted with patience and commitment  to restore peace during that critical period when feelings were running irrationally high.

The communiqué also emphasized that the government is taking stern action to enforce the laws most strictly against all those who were parties to this  violence irrespective of status or rank . 

Police partiality …

According to reports reaching Lanka e news , the police  produced five B reports to the courts as though those incidents were unconnected to each other in relation to  this violence which caused   damage  to Cassim hotel , Raheem hotel , two Muslim business places and a Mosque .Moreover ,the police reported to court  those were not  incidents of  violence  . In that event these violent  crimes committed will only  fall  into the category of minor offences.  The Police also had produced 5 suspects in relation to the attack on Cassim hotel only.

No suspects were produced by the police  in connection with the attack launched on the other places including the mosque . All the charges were filed against the five suspects aforementioned. Since the police had indicated that it was a minor tussle between the parties , bail was granted to the suspects ,  to which the police too did not object. In addition the Police had deliberately not recorded the evidence of the main eye witnesses .

The senior DIG was present in court , and  the lawyers, Kalid Muhaimin , Mohomed Rahsdi and Radeef Ahamed who appeared on behalf of the aggrieved parties  citing grounds told court it was not a personal conflict. They pointed out this has been portrayed as a personal issue in order to circumvent the International Covenant on civil and political rights (ICCPR)

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