‘Every precious drop of water from the sky shall be diverted to the sea to save Polonnaruwa hotels of Sirisenas ‘ -Parakrama Bahu the great

-special LeN correspondent

(Lanka-e-News - 4.March.2018, 3.00PM)  During the past three days , 8 sluice gates of the ‘Parakrama Samudraya’had been opened . As a result of this, a huge volume  over 1000 cubic feet of water  for a second is flowing into the sea and being wasted for no reason. No matter what the irrigation engineers may say , there hadn’t been such a heavy  downpour in Polonnaruwa to necessitate the opening of  the sluice gates of the Dam though it is true it was raining in the North Central and the Eastern provinces. Yet, it is to be noted  not even  a single dam in those provinces is overflowing .

The water level of the Parakrama Samudraya rose before the minor  rainfalls . That was because the water was diverted on the sly at Moragahakanda .This was done to ensure the farmers of Polonnaruwa get a supply of water without any shortage during the upcoming Yala season . But that program went awry because of the sudden rains. In other words there was no proper planning and because of illicit motives. 

Prior to the digging of the Parakrama samudraya the volume of water covered an area of 106000 hectares . Though this should have increased by another 10,000 hectares , the actual  increase was by  3900 hectares only. That is because  Polonnaruwa irrigation officers have seen to it the water level does not rise since the garden of  ‘Sudu Araliya’ tourist hotel built along the border of the tank  gets inundated by water. This Sudu Araliya hotel belongs to none other than  Dudley Sirisena the brother of Maithripala Sirisena the president of the country. Even now in order to extend the garden area of Dudley’s hotel, the  tank  is being excavated using backhoes . Anybody who visits the site now can see  that with his/her own naked eyes . 

In addition to ‘Sudu Araliya’ hotel of president’s brother , Dudley Sirisena , another super luxury hotel ‘Thidas Arana Lake hotel’ of president’s daughter Chaturika Sirisena had also been built along the periphery of Parakrama Samudra tank recently. That hotel garden has to be safeguarded by the Irrigation officers , no matter the circumstances.  Hence , even if there is a drizzle , they have no option but to open the  sluice gate to protect the hotel .
The other hotel , ‘Thidas Arana’ of Chaturika Sirisena is along Polonnaruwa Road.  It is worthy of note , before she became the daughter of ‘president father’ ,that was just a kiosk like restaurant even without a liquor license. Hence the drunkards who drank outside flocked to that restaurant to buy their ‘bites’ and revel. There were no rooms for renting. But, thanks to president Sirisena’s good governance , that kiosk has turned into a huge super class hotel during the last 3 years. 

The Polonaruwa farmers are fortunate in this instance , because that hotel is not constructed on the land of a tank. Hence, the farmers are not hit below the belt therefore. 
Parakrama Bahu the great who ruled our country from 1153 to 1186 built the Parakrama Samudra reservoir with the sublime objective to use every drop of water falling from the sky, and  to ensure not a drop of water is wasted  or diverted to the sea unnecessarily .  But today under our good governance Polonnaruwa Sirisena , the precious water is being wasted wantonly by directing huge  quantities of it to the sea , all because , the super luxury hotels of Polonnaruwa Sirisenas have to be safeguarded at any cost .

Sri Lanka is a rare country where the savagery of the rulers co exists with the gullibility and docility of the common people.
Photographs :
Sudu Araliya hotel of Dudley Sirisena (brother of president Sirisena), Thidas Arana Lake hotel and Thidas Arana hotel of Chathurika Sirisena (daughter of president Sirisena)- photos  from Internet 

By Lanka e news special correspondent 

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