Sirisena unrelenting in his efforts to change P.M. – More plots ahead ! UNP members ask why P.M. is giving in ?

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Feb.2018, 7.00PM) The despicable and detestable  efforts of president Maithripala Sirisena to oust Ranil Wickremesinghe from the post of Prime Minister (P.M.) is still continuing , and the president is seeking to accomplish that aim within a month if not in a fortnight  via even other means, based on confirmed reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

With this in view , the conspiratorial president is having discussions secretly with the UNP  group which is disillusioned with Ranil ,after summoning them . 

The next abominable  move of Sirisena is to steer forward a no confidence motion against the P.M. from among the UNP membership , and plans are afoot , thereafter to support that after  joining hands with the Mahinda Rajapakse Blue Brigand.

JVP M.P. Bimal Ratnayake who is currently on a tour of Britain, during the interview over the BBC revealed , they would not stand by the UNP in the proposed no confidence motion against the P.M.

Obviously , it was  part of the conspiracy of Sirisena to postpone  the SLFP cabinet reshuffle for a fortnight. 

It is a well and widely known fact going by  the local government election results , it is the SLFP group that  steeply dropped to a drastic 4 % which   should  first reshuffle its cabinet members , and not the UNP group which achieved   more than a 32%  (very much above the SLFP group). But because the P.M. has become a ‘yes’ man  to everything before the president (the con man) , and is not taking a firm stand ,  the UNP cabinet reshuffle  was done according to  the con man.  One example is Sarath Fonseka being not appointed as the minister of law and order despite countless requests.

Since the day the UNP government came to power , it was their aim and agenda to provide computer tablets free to students and teachers . Even this most salutary move for the welfare of the nation was opposed by president Maithripala.  The UNP members therefore are justifiably asking  , why is the P.M. silent and just waiting while the president is bullying the UNP?

It is the plan of Sirisena during his final phase   of his tenure of office to chase out the UNP  and after  joining with the Rajapakses (the den of thieves) to hand over  the P.M. post  to one of them . Thereafter with the props , prods and propulsion of those crooks and the corrupt,  to field himself as a presidential candidate. Incidentally ,Mahinda Rajapakse cannot contest the presidential elections again.

It is an indisputable truth   Sirisena who came to power on the first occasion on the votes of the UNP after gobbling the rotten hoppers of Mahinda at a pace faster than the eggs gobbling serpents.  Now it is even more clear ,  his  sole and whole aim   is  to come to power on the votes of SLFP/UPFA/ Flower bud parties .But  of course not before committing the biggest betrayal the world has ever known! 

Sillysena alias Sirisena thinks the failure of the Flower Bud to win over the minority votes is to his advantage .That is a wrong notion after   grave wrongs being committed on those who are pro good governance  and  still laboring under the belief that he is  the president of good governance of 2015-01-08 .

The  president by saying the executive presidency shall be retained , and by trying to  join with the Rajapakses he has only demonstrated without an iota of doubt he is a traitor , and a deadly  enemy of the people’s mandate, irrespective of what sophistries or defenses he advances to repudiate the valid charges mounted against him. Hence those who are hoping a good governance government can still be continued with such an unhinged shameless faceless president  , are laboring under a delusion ,and headed for  a monumental disaster. 

In  the circumstances it is imperative the country is rescued before it is too late from a faceless, policy-less , rudderless , clueless leader who is so mentally deranged that ,what he says in the forenoon  is not what  he says in the afternoon , and what he says in the afternoon is not what he says in the night.  In other words he has three policies which change like a chameleon changes colors.

Being most unscrupulous and hypocritical and so mentally deranged   ,  Sirisena is one who would sacrifice all the top priorities and aspirations  of the people , and  the paramount national interests at the altar of his own selfish self seeking aims,  agendas and ambitions as long as he can achieve  those regardless  of the solemn promises he made to the people and   what disaster strikes the nation . Therefore if the impending catastrophe is not averted , the UNP which lost 17 in the past will  lose 27 in the present  climate.

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