Rascally Uva chief minister who forced principal to kneel down turns tables on victim ! Demands Rs. 500 million compensation !

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Feb.2018, 2.14PM) The uncouth Uva province chief minister Chamara Sampath Dassanayake the brute  who is now out on bail  in the case in which he is charged with forcibly making R. Bavani the principal of  Badulla Tamil Balika Vidyalaya to kneel down before him  has sought to turn the tables on the victim, degrade  the sacred laws and subvert the course of justice by claiming a compensation of Rs. 500 million from the principal. 

It is to be noted that this rascally  minister had sent a letter of demand while there is a case against him in connection with his barbaric and disgraceful conduct at the SL Human Rights Commission. Hence, in these circumstances , the letter of demand sent by the culprit to the victim in order to flaunt his political powers is tantamount to a threat made to the principal . If a political bigwig is to abuse his powers to make a public servant   to kneel down before him , and even goes as far as to  threaten and intimidate the victim by sending a letter of demand while the case against him is being heard, such circumstances  can only precipitate  anarchy in the country with political scoundrels and ruffians taking the law into their hands , while the victims continue to suffer at every turn. This  will further imply the laws are not strong enough to punish the political villains and barbarians  who are now multiplying in the country because they know fully well of  the impunity they are enjoying .

It will serve well if the BASL too  inquires into who is the lawless lawyer who sent such a letter of demand , with a view to taking action against him/her.

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