Uncivilized uncouth ‘Polonnaruwa frog in the well’ pushing country to stone age ! Hits below the belt of students and teachers !

(Lanka-e-News - 21.Feb.2018, 11.00PM)  Maithripala Sirisena alias Sillysena who is now begging on a 4 %  has by now proved beyond any trace of doubt that he is a rare specimen of a president . What he says in the night is not what he says during day , hereby he has demonstrated he cannot be trusted  even for a moment . Driven by  his uncivilized, uncultured and  uncouth traits, unbelievably yesterday he (20) rescinded a  proposal approved by the cabinet on the 14 th . This action of his  not only put the country on the reverse gear but is also leading the   country to the stone age. Moreover  ,  he betrayed his  baser instincts, in addition to displaying ,his  cruel hostility and enmity towards   the P.M. has not still ended. 

To the consternation of all , the  project he venomously rejected was that of the UNP  which  was to distribute computer tabs free to 159, 078 A/L students and 36,070 teachers . In the 2017 budget , a sum of Rs. 5 billion was allocated towards that , and on  the 14 th the cabinet approved Rs. 4 billion through the  procurement system.

It is to be noted , it is when one or two  corrupt officers were trying to make these purchases from  Metropolitan Co. at a cost higher than what was passed in the budget , following the intervention of the minister of education , the proposal was re-submitted to the Cabinet procurement board and approval was obtained on the 14 th to purchase each tab at Rs. 27000.00 . 

It is therefore imperative that  a separate investigation into whether the president well noted for his venal propensities even compromising national interests , capitulated  to the corrupt scoundrels based on  his inordinate greed  for filthy lucre in respect of the tender bids.
Sirisena the uncultured, uncouth uncivilized villainous president of the country  , yesterday ironically and cruelly rejected a project which was designed for the advancement and betterment  of society . This most callous and cursed president is so barbaric and backward that he could not realize, in his vindictive attempt to take revenge on the P.M. and the minister , he was ruthlessly wrecking and ruining the precious educational  interests of the student generation  and the teaching staff  in this advanced world.

Castrating the bullocks and buffalos of Polonnaruwa after they have wreaked havoc !

The ‘frog in the well’ president in his characteristic stone age style had pointed out in his defense ,  following the local government election results , technology and WiFi  are not the basic needs of the people. The president had further stated such a large sum of money can be used for other purposes.  The UNP ministers realizing silence is the answer to a fool have remained quiet. Nevertheless  the UNP ministers giving in is reprehensible.

It is a pity the president who always leaps like a frog in the well before thinking , after muddling up  and making a hash of his own whole manipulation to change the P.M. is now trying another deplorable and despicable machination- to hinder and hamper the projects of the UNP ministers ,and this rejection is  the first of the series he is contemplating. 

On the other hand if the UNP ministers are to remain meek and silent ,  they will have to continue to castrate the bullocks and buffalos  of Polonnaruwa only  after they have wreaked havoc to the detriment of the entire country.

Sirisena the frog  in the well of  Polonnaruwa who knows nothing and cares nothing for progress and advancement in the modern world bore testimony to this  by his rejection of  this salutary project of free tab distribution .Earlier on he even  stifled the program to make the whole country a WiFi zone. The UNP too was dumbfounded then. 

It is well to recall it was no less a person than Sirisena alias Sillysena who scuttled the Google balloon project too to provide free WiFi to the entire country . The electronic wave frequency alias  Spectrum which should be provided by the government in that connection  was instead given  by the Telecom Regulatory Commission of Sirisena to wheeler dealer Kili Maharaja for a meager sum  of Rs.10 million. 

The mahajara ( most foul and filthy) Sirasa channel of Kili took upon themselves the task of unrelentingly slandering  and castigating  the Google balloon project. Finally Google Co. left the shores of SL along with  the project . It is  therefore very  clear the free WiFi facility that was on the ready and offered on a platter to the people of SL was deprived by none other than Sirisena , yet the UNP ministers remained dumb without exposing in order not to hurt him.
Sadly , though to our ‘frog in the well’ president from the Polonnaruwa  backwater,  Computer tabs and WiFi seem unnecessary , in developed countries like Britain even the students in grade 2 and 3 are taught about the use of Tabs and WiFi. Because those children are accustomed to those latest  devices at that tender age , they can be  taught the use of the social media in the proper direction sans misuse. 

This  frog in the well president who took laxatives to defecate on the heads of the UNP finally  shat with all his might only on the young generation and their future knowingly or unknowingly. The president who is so ignorant and educated as not to know how many millions make a trillion , via  the   decision taken by him today has acted in a manner that is tantamount  to rejecting the use of a calculator by someone in the seventies.

The public are earnestly waiting for the backlash from the teachers and students associations against the retrograde and regressive actions of this barbaric brute of a president who is in his imbecility and lunacy blasting the future of the youth generation. 

It is best at least at this belated stage , Sirisena realizes he was made president by the people of the country not to continue with a presidency through him  but to abolish it within 100 days. Sirisena now rightly  dubbed Sillysena should remember this well  even when  he is now begging on a 4 %.

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