President Sirisena raises his sarong high up and pounces on SLFP Secretary Duminda – later apologizes !

(Lanka-e-News - 21.Feb.2018, 6.30AM) President Maithripala Sirisena who is these days in a  frenzy and behaving like a Sillysena from the loony bin had assaulted Duminda Dissanayake the Gen. Secretary of the SLFP, based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

The reason for this wild and lunatic conduct of the president is : Duminda bitterly opposing the attempts made by the UPFA to enlist  the crooks of Mahinda Rajapakse group to form a government . Duminda had met president who is in an unhinged state these days after unleashing chaos and confusion in the country .  When Duminda had expressed his resentment against the latest moves and asked permission from president to cross over to the UNP, the president in a fit of insane rage like an inmate just released from the loony bin had attacked Duminda .

This incident took place at the residence of the president . No sooner  Duminda made the request than president had lifted his sarong high up and pounced on Duminda to assault him. Duminda had not retaliated because it is the president who was behaving like a rowdy. Later , after Duminda had gone , Sirisena alias Sillysena who always leaps before he thinks   has phoned Duminda . He had said ‘Dumi, Dumi and calmed him down .


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