Sirisena abysmally ignorant of laws seeks AG’s advice only after LeN report ! It is time he resigned….

(Lanka-e-News - 18.Feb.2018, 8.25PM)   It is Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the views, which  exposes the truth fearlessly, forthrightly and frankly  come what may that  revealed under the caption  ‘an impeachment motion against president Sirisena for intentional violation of the constitution !’ that the president cannot change a prime minister under the 19 th amendment of the constitution according to his whims and fancies based on name lists of his buffoons and baboons  , and an impeachment  motion against Sirisena is therefore ominously  staring in his face .It is thereafter   president Sirisena alias Sillysena had come to his senses and sought the advice of the Attorney General (AG) , according to reports of other media of SL. 

Kumara Welgama M.P. following discussions with the President told the media ,the president had obtained AG ‘s advice and the former disclosed that to Welgama. 

The P.M. who made a  special statement ,responding to queries raised by the media  confirmed  what was reported by Lanka e news  by revealing,  changing a P.M. is a role of the Parliament. At any rate the eagerness of the president to change the P.M. had wilted  by this afternoon.

Going by the attempts and ardor of the president in the wrong direction ,it is evident  he has only betrayed his abysmal ignorance  of the 19 th amendment of the constitution that was passed during his own tenure of office as president under his very nose. Little wonder he is now dubbed Sillysena  , a nickname supported by both  rhyme and reason.

It is a pity , it is the people of SL who have to face the debacles and despair after putting on the throne of president , an uneducated  nitwit and nincompoop who does not know how many years ago his own country gained independence ;  does not know how many millions make a trillion ; waits  to sing praises and proses after going on retirement; and utters whatever that comes to his mouth after protruding out his unbridled tongue (thinks only after leaping). 

It is therefore best if  president who has by now  proved beyond any doubt he is also the worst enemy of the nation  by kicking out the mandate of 6.2 million people who reposed implicit faith in him , and therefore now reeling under  a 4 % popularity resigns of his own  volition immediately  without waiting any longer before his last vestige of honor too has evaporated.  

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‘An impeachment motion against president Sirisena for intentional violation of the constitution !’ 

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