Sirisena family’s murder contract : Life of illicit lover of Chathurika at stake !

(Lanka-e-News - 18.Feb.2018, 8.25PM)  While president Maithripala Sirisena is begging  for a 4 %,  and is desperately trying to cover up his  fiascos even by plunging the country into unprecedented chaos and calamities , his own family members too are leaving no stone unturned in their desperation to conceal their own stormy  problems in the domestic front- they  are even getting ready to sacrifice the life of an individual ! It is very unfortunate Lanka e news that  has received this information  is most reluctantly compelled to reveal  this to the public.

This most shocking news is ,the legitimate husband of  Chathurika Sirisena the daughter of ‘president father’  has given a contract to the underworld members to murder her paramour.
It is not the aim or motive of Lanka e news to peep through keyholes which it considers as unprofessional . But when the murky and illicit activities within a room turns into a threat to the life of  any individual , it becomes necessary that we expose the details however lurid , and no matter who is planning it. Besides , in the palaces of rulers where there are love tangles in which for true love lives have been sacrificed , if there is one ‘Dascon’ in SL  that is more than enough . Another  ‘Janaka Liyanage’ is not necessary.

The background story .. 

….. the name of the  illicit husband of Chathurika Sirisena is Janaka Liyanage. The latter’s illicit sex relationship with Chathurika had begun during the last presidential election . That is after Liyanage entering the house of Maithripala Sirisena as his video publicity producer . Thereafter he was a regular visitor and moved freely within the house.
After Maithripala became the president , Liyanage had been frequently visiting the house and meeting Chathurika  very often. Coincidentally , Thilina Suranjith, the   legal husband of Chathurika and Liyanage had been classmates , and therefore the frequent visits of Liyanage were considered as a matter of routine.
After Maithripala became ‘president father’, Chathurika had started an advertising business with this Casanova the one we are speaking about. 

As the  joint business was growing so was Chathurika’s illicit affair . Unfortunately,  while  that has plumbed new depths of bad taste , and the bud deep down was  blossoming , Thilina had caught them red handed. Chathurika however has not behaved like a wife guilty of infidelity , instead she has begun dealing blows to the legal husband. This was because Thilina is noted as an  all  Olympic records breaker ’ in the game  of hurdle jumping’ . 

Dematagoda Ruwan ….

No matter what , right now Chathurika and Thilina are not living in the same house. She has been provided with a house in Empire super luxury housing complex in Colombo  by Kili Maharaja , while another businessman has provided her with a super luxury house at the Liberty Plaza .  However Thilina the legal husband is barred from entering any of these houses. 

Only Janaka Liyanage who plumbs the depths has permission to enter. If by chance legal husband Thilina visits Chathurika’s residence , he is told by her ‘ Thilina please go away , as Janaka will be coming any moment.’ To that extent legally married daughter of the president enjoys ‘women’s lib’. 

Thilina had  made umpteen complaints to ‘president father ‘ as son in law , but without avail. This is because it is indecipherable whether the daughter is cast in the mold of the father or vice versa. 

Thilina who is now left high and dry by the infidelity of Chathurika and the indifference of the father in law , has as a last resort given the contract to the underworld group to assassinate his friend Janaka , the illicit lover of Chathurika . An assistant of Dematagoda Ruwan  , an  underworld leader who is currently in jail had undertaken the contract . Janaka the modern Casanova ( one who serves the purposes of  women who are ‘kasanavas’ ) who got wind of this is now leading a secretive  life .

In any event if any harm befalls Janaka , it is the son in law of the president who will be  directly answerable . Indirectly the family of the president too will be liable.

Murder contracts – free and simple ..

Lanka e news is exposing this murder contract ahead because we are fully aware of  the monumental dangers besetting  such contracts in SL.

 A business family - friends of Lanka e news were residing  in Kaduwela at one time. That  family was involved in politics  and  had three brothers who were toughies. 

Two of those brothers and a  youth who assists  them of the family were shot and killed on the same day by  a single  hired assassin.

Later , when the killer was getting exposed he had been met by the hired assassin who was paid Rs. 5000.00 and offered a  Sri Pada pilgrimage.  Are three lives that cheap ? In other words what was proved is , in SL  contract killing is that simple.

In the circumstances , Lanka e news is therefore most gravely concerned about  Janaka Liyanage whom it had never known  , yet what is most paramount in this context is,  a most precious life  is in peril .

(Special correspondent of inside information service of Lanka e news )

Translated by Jeff 

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