Those who desire the Rajapakses can get out ! I shall not form govt. with the corrupt –president to SLFP group !!

(Lanka-e-News - 11.Feb.2018, 11.30PM)  President Maithripala Sirisena firmly asserted that he has no objections to anybody leaving him to join with the Rajapakses while warning that he is not prepared to form a government along with the corrupt individuals . The president made this categorical  statement during the discussions with the SLFP group of parliamentary members today (11) 

It while the SLFP ministers and M.P.s were talking among themselves that a separate government can be formed after leaving the consensual government and joining with the ‘Flower Bud’  which had secured more votes at the local body elections , and that they can  form a government jointly with the Rajapakse’s alliance along with those coming out from the UNP, the president summoned the SLFP group  to a discussion today  (11) to issue this warning. 

The president at the very outset itself  of  his speech made the enunciations hereinbefore mentioned. He made it abundantly clear that  anybody who wishes to join with the Rajapakses can get out , and he is not ready to form a government with the corrupt culprits , while also adding he is not prepared to go on his unstoppable anti corruption journey along with the corrupt. He emphasized , in the not too distant date he will be taking a number of  vital decisions .
After the president’s stern speech , nobody talked about forming a separate government nor made proposals to join with the Flower Bud to run the local councils. 

It is  worthy of note , previously , minister Susil Premajayantha publicly announced, a separate SLFP government can be formed , and when the local councils are being formed  , they should join with the Flower Bud. 

Interestingly , Susil too was present at this meeting, but he never uttered a word – understandable of course because he belongs to the SLFP hypocritical cut -throat  groups  who  would readily sell their souls for a mess of pottage if that would serve their  most selfish self propulsion and self advancement, yet what is not understandable is , how such political renegades are  tolerated by their  party leaders ?

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