President’s wild unbridled criticisms dented his image and immensely damaged govt.-UNP group

(Lanka-e-News - 12.Feb.2018, 11.00PM)  It is because of the president’s unbridled tongue - himself openly maligning and mudslinging at the UNP before and during the run up to the local body elections  , he dug his own grave . Owing to those vicious   slanders , the government lost votes and the Flower Bud gained votes , the UNP group including minister Rajitha Senaratne of the government directly blamed the president , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

These criticisms were leveled against the president when the latter met with the UNP group of the government on the 11 th. Prior to this meeting   the president and the Prime Minister too had met separately at a  discussion. 

Rajitha’s gravest  grouse was , the president should have made his criticisms among the government members without  going before the general  public to make such denunciations.  By that the president demonstrated  to the people he is a weda beri (incapable and incompetent) leader , which  created an impression among the people the government too is a weda beri administration, he pointed out.

The Flower bud which was in the filthy mud got an opportunity to gain grounds and get more votes owing to these indiscretions , the other ministers and M.P.’s highlighted. They reminded the president how Mahinda Rajapakse himself said on the TV channel ‘our campaign is being done by the president.’

President Sirisena in response requested  to listen to his  full speech in the You tube. In that his criticisms were 75 % against Rajapakses , and only 25 % against the UNP, but the media extracted only that 25 % , the president said in his defense.
Rajitha in reply  said , ‘the media of course extracts only what they can ‘market’, but it is for us to know what should and should not be conveyed to the media.’ 

The president also explained there is another side to the election results , that is , the amount of good done to the people by the government could not be duly ‘marketed’ among the people. The UNP group on the other hand elucidated to the president , the biggest detrimental  impact was , when there was a certain  incident the president and the government on two occasions expressed different opinions , the people talked about that , and not about what great benefits the government conferred on them. However , the two sides agreed to ensure against such mishaps  in the future.

Conspirators clustered around president… 

The UNP group drew the president’s attention to the buffoon Shiral Lakthileke the notorious conspirator who has stealthily crept into  the fold of the president  and is unrelentingly stoking conflicts between the president and the UNP. The MP’s pointed out this villainous rascal is spreading false rumors via the media that there is  a rift between the president and the government .  The UNP group urged the president to sack such conspirators. 

The president also informed the UNP group that he had discussions with the P.M. to make crucial changes in  the cabinet and also  effect a number of radical changes.

After the conclusion of the discussion with the president , the UNP group met with their leader P.M. Ranil Wickremesinghe separately at Sri Kotha.

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