The communiqué betrays hidden selfish agenda of ‘Mangi’ ; Media Minister has forgotten even UNP name !

(Lanka-e-News - (Lanka-e-News - 31.Jan.2018, 11.30 PM) The mask of  minister of mass media and finance Mangala Samaraweera who during the last 7 months while being in the government was on  the sly helping the Maithripala  SLFP group , was torn into shreds  ,and his true hideous double faced identity became  known when  the special  statement issued  by him targeting  the forthcoming elections was published. His special statement is in our possession.

This communique  issued under the caption  'March to freedom or return to fear?', though on the face of it is progressive, Mangala had in fact promoted the campaign of Maithri group. In that communique which urges to cast the vote for the sake of  freedom, nowhere   is it stated to cast the vote for the UNP on that account. There is no mention of the UNP at all. Who doesn’t know today  that the Maithri SLFP group is soliciting   votes for freedom?  Can a genuine UNP media minister therefore issue an election  communique leaving out the UNP name? 

Caravan in the middle of a  muddle 

Mangala Samaraweera is of course universally known  as a world cup winner in somersaulting and pole vaulting  in the political arena for the most nefarious reasons.  He is a Machiavellian who changes colors so fast that it could  earn the envy even of  a chameleon . He who espouses the cause  of  peace today, can in a few months join with the racist JVP to stoke war . In addition he can mingle with the hard core racists at the same time . What is most remarkable about all these chameleon and culprit ways of his is ,he can resort to all these   villainies and treacheries with consummate ease. Being possessed of  innate evil traits his favorite sport is opportunistic politics for self gain and self propulsion  , while party and policies mean nothing to him going by his putrid antecedence.  Of course being a masquerader , somersault Sultan and opportunist ,he knows how to gather grounds to justify his  ruthless stealthy and  unscrupulous actions. Though those grounds of his may serve his selfish  purpose , they are however sans policies .

So when such a minister  Mangala Samaraweera issues a communiqué , needless to say, everyone knows he is seeking to rescue a desperate sinking equally policy-less unscrupulous Maithripala  not with  a thin thread but with the thickest rope ,despite the well known fact it is this same Sirisena alias Sillysena who is openly insulting and vilifying Mangala’s genuine leader – the P.M.

It is a well and widely known fact some days ago , a 19 th century outdated law pertaining to women drinking beer was  brought to limelight  and updated in order to inflate the punctured balls of Maithri so that he can  jump up like an inflated rubberball. Rajitha himself exposed  this at a recent cabinet meeting while adding ,even the cabinet did not know about such a law being introduced. Mangala is not an infant to introduce such a law to be taken up at the debate  during the run up to elections. Double faced Mangala thereby was  obviously playing a ‘double game’ 

When accepting the finance minister portfolio Mangala the masquerader  gave Ravi Karunaratne a ‘kiss’ which was like the kiss of death – even before a week had elapsed , Mangala axed all the UNPers in the Institutions , some even via gazette notification . In their places Mangala appointed all the staunch  SLFPers , among whom were many misfits  who are not suitable for the posts. Amidst all that villainy , finance minister Mangala did not forget to establish  a ‘beyond  limit’ bond between his sister’s advertising Co.- Bates strategic allinace pvt ltd and Chaturika  Sirisena (daughter of president) to ensure that his sister’s Bates ads also comes close enough to that of Chaturika’s .

Kudu(heroin) Sameera back at work secretly !

No matter  how much Mangala brags loudly and proudly that he works in accordance with  the laws, those words are never translated into deeds. This was well illustrated when his secretary Sameera Manahara (Mangala’s bottom half) was arrested by  the STF along with a quantity of heroin ; a huge publicity was given that he was sacked from Mangala’s service. Yet , unbelievably ,he is back at work on the sly from 2018-01-01  even while the case against Sameera is still being heard in court. In order to rescue his ‘kudu koluwa’ ,Mangala held  media conferences at that time and  uttered a profusion of lies.  He even told, the Police Commission had decided to dismiss STF chief Latheef. The latter ,a most reputed officer is still in service without any hindrance. 

Need we warn afresh about  the fate of a country and where it is headed when its  finance minister is one whose   closest ‘bottom half’ is having closest  ties with well known top heroin magnates of the country. 

The heroin  chain of  Sameera who became a billionaire within a short period  is well known to the international heroin investigators though Mangala pretends he is unaware.  But we are of course fully aware , at a not too distant date kudu Sameera the indispensable bottom half of Mangala will fasten that kudu label – ‘kudu Mangala’ on his minister too. ( We are issuing this forewarning because of our solicitude  for Mangala who was an erstwhile friend of Lanka e news ) 

The mask of faceless politician Mangala who is openly and shamelessly  doing the sordid biddings of Maithri’s SLFP group while also being a UNP minister got torn off  on the 25 th with the release of the media communique titled ‘March to freedom or return to fear?

What is most perplexing and rudely shocking about this communique is , while it makes mention of abduction and murder of journalists, and attacks launched on media Institutions including arson, it makes no mention of the illegal  ban imposed on the news website during his tenure of office as media minister. This is obviously because his latest mentor is Maithri .

In order to dupe the nation   he has concocted choice words and grandiose phrase,   that is ‘Change is incremental, political systems are entrenched and sometimes immovable; but the will to change remains as strong as ever.'

Mangala who consistently says, he would retire from politics after he is 65 years old, cannot gainsay the fact that he is now bootlicking Maithri in order to ingratiate himself into his favor nursing the vain hope of becoming the prime minister.  The latest communique of his has betrayed  this self centeredness and hidden ambition.
The bottom line : Traitorous  leaders are the outcome of a foolish  nation. 


Translated by Jeff

Mangala’s contorted communique is hereunder…

March to freedom or return to fear?

The National Unity Government ushered in through a historic and revolutionary election in January 2015 has recently marked three years in office. As the Government attains this milestone, our achievements are many, but the road ahead of us remains as long and challenging as ever, and Sri Lanka stands again at the cusp of a crucial election in three weeks time that will determine the course of our nation in the years ahead. 

Once again, it is an election that will decide if democratic institutions and traditions, painstakingly rebuilt since January 2015 will be torn down and laid to waste again. It is an election that will determine if Sri Lankans will live free or under the yoke of fear, impunity and grotesque abuse of power by a single family and its henchmen. 

For this local government election on February 10th is much more than a regional contest to capture political power in urban and municipal precincts. It is an old regime’s first real attempt to recapture power and restore an old, corrupt and dictatorial order. 

Incumbency fatigue and the monumental challenges ahead of Sri Lanka as the country strives to march towards sustainable peace and prosperity, weighs heavily on the January 8th constituency and the representatives elected to serve them. Disillusioned by the road ahead, which seems fraught with difficulty and the potential for lost opportunity, this constituency may waver. But I believe it is important to try and build on what has already been achieved and keep the window open for peace and change. I believe it is important to have a long memory. I believe it is important to be long-sighted and clear-headed about the monumental choice facing all Sri Lankans in this crucial election. 

As memory fades and we are embroiled in the politics of the present, it is easy to forget that once, not so many years ago, a Government shot and killed its citizens for the crime of demanding clean water.

We need to ask ourselves, where all the white vans have gone. Where have the grease yakas gone? 

We must question why the Government’s political critics and dissidents are not being thrown in jail. Why media organizations are not attacked and burned any longer. Why journalists are not being abducted or killed. 

Remember the night races – the gift of an indulgent father who wielded all the power of his presidential office to ensure his sons could have a good time? 

Remember the time when young men paid with their lives for the crime of being a rugby rival? 

Remember when an incompetent brother in law to the President ran the national airline to the ground? 

Remember how it was impossible to speak openly about the excesses of the ruling family except in hushed whispers not so long ago?

Of course, these are basic freedoms that citizens in any functioning democracy should take for granted. But it must never be forgotten that there is a profound co-relation between the end of this tyranny imposed upon the citizenry and the fall of the Rajapaksa regime in 2015. And it is this culture of extravagance, abuse of state property and state terror that is trying to make a comeback in the February 10th local government election. 

Electoral inroads made in this poll could be used to attempt to recapture national control in future elections. So while the forthcoming election may be a ‘little one’ it has national consequences that could reverberate for years to come, casting long shadows over the lives of Sri Lankans who have begun to live unfettered and free again today.  Yes, perhaps we are not where we hoped to be by this time. But we will get there. Change is incremental, political systems are entrenched and sometimes immovable; but the will to change remains as strong as ever. 

With the Rajapaksa regime and its fellow barbarians at the gates once more, Sri Lanka is at another crossroads at this election. In a way, this makes the choice clearer for all those citizens who want liberty, democracy and peace. On February 10th the people will have to choose once more – will we continue the march to freedom or herald a return to fear?

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