Sillysena’s Bond Comic-mission still comically active ! picking up new materials from garbage to sling mud – exposed with evidence !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.Jan.2018, 6.40 AM)  It is an indisputable fact that the Bond Commission appointed by president Sword Sirisena which  transformed into a ‘Sirisena’s aachige Comic -mission’ ,finally  went up in smoke . Yet Sirisena whose pet name is now Sillysena is still using its report to give fresh lease of life to the damp squib through various sources to interpret it to suit their own ends ,  according to reports reaching Lanka e news. 

These sordid activities have been confirmed by the letter sent by presidential secretary Austin Fernando to the speaker on the 24th 

After the term of the presidential Commission is over , all its powers ends  . Even the powers of the officers of the Commission cease. The funds that were allocated to it also should be spent before the final day of the Commission , and thereafter no funds can be allocated towards it. While this is the legal position , this Commission which has been transformed into a ‘Sillysena’s Comic -mission’ , is still active  according to the letter sent by Austin Fernando to the speaker of Parliament.
This letter sent amidst a huge storm of controversy surrounding  the Bond Commission report that  was forwarded  to Parliament with a number of pages missing (how many pages cannot be said for certain)  as revealed by the president himself after a lapse of several weeks.  

The president of course in his Sillysena style gave his  stupid reasons for it  which made  the legal fraternity to laugh through every orifice in their body. Sillysena’s silly explanation is , some pages of the report sent to the Parliament were  held back and hidden because those have to be kept confidential  when cases are being filed against the accused.

It is a pity Sirisena alias Sillysena is not even aware that  a case against the accused cannot be filed on the sly. Nowhere in the world that can happen. All the documents and files relating to a case against the accused shall be made available to the accused and the lawyers. Therefore , the president is brazenly and blatantly lying.    if the president is really revealing the  truth ( a habit he is never accustomed to), how can he say , those ‘confidential  pages’ which were hidden will be forwarded to the Parliament ?

In the letter sent to the speaker by the president’s secretary on the 24 th it is stated , the pages which were not forwarded to the Parliament in the first installment are the report’s attachments  , and parts  of other evidence . The secretary had further mentioned, those are with the Government printer for book binding while  promising  to forward those to Parliament soon. When that is the actual position ,isn’t the utterance of the president that those are being kept hidden  to file cases  a damn outrageous  lie ? In that event won’ t  that be an issue?

What is most anomalous in the letter sent by the president’s secretary is , the Bond Commission is still functioning although its term ended  officially on 2017-12-31 . In his letter it is mentioned  thus ,..

 ‘I have informed the former secretary of the Commission to bind the documents sent to me in bundles into books .He is during the last several days engaged in that along with the Government printer. The books so bound have still not been received by me. However , I came to know today , he had been able to forward me three such lots….’

Even the tenure of office of this Commission secretary referred to ceased  on 2017-12-31 , and nobody had extended his official term. In that case , how can this Commission  secretary carry on  those   duties  ‘ since several days ago ?’

If Austin Fernando says , the documents were sent to the government printer for book binding , that is acceptable , but what Austin says clearly on the contrary is , he entrusted that to the ex secretary of a non extant  Bond Commission. How can he do that ?  In the circumstances the most befitting description for the Bond Commission is ‘ Sirisena’s Silly Comic-mission’ . It is a common saying ,’one has to utter   a thousand lies to cover a single lie.’

It is no big deal for bureaucrats alias  booruwa-rats like Austin to dupe the public in  order to shield and safeguard opportunistic villains like Sword Sirisena ,  for that is their favorite occupation and their method of survival.  Austin therefore  can no longer say ‘ my belly is white’ because he now stands exposed from belly downwards . He has confirmed , neither his belly nor his ‘droopy’ below is white .
It is worthy of note , it is while the term of the Commission was to end on 2017-12-07 , the Commission report was handed over to the president on the 6 th of December. Since there was nothing in it to sling mud at the UNP, the term of the Commission was villainously extended until 31 st December and the  report was returned  to be re edited. 
No less a person than famous Dr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne , a reputed Cambridge University scholar exposed this villainy.

 The president later referring to the so called contents of the report made accusations  via his much hyped special statement ,only to finally realize there was nothing in the report to justify the accusations . Consequently , he and his clowns were forced to shut their mouths.

Now , a week after the report was forwarded to the Parliament , if it is being said , there are more pages to the report , surely , this  is to edit it again in order  to use the report to their  advantage. 

According to most reliable sources within the Central Bank , even now , Sirisena alias Sillysena’s ‘Comic-mission’ is picking up materials for mudslinging from everywhere including pavements to fill its bag in order to malign  afresh. The names and details of those involved shall be revealed shortly.

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