‘Incorrigible joker’ Sillysena managing economy along with his incompetent SLFP ministers is joke of the century !

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Jan.2018, 10.30AM) President Sirisena speaking on the platform of election rallies has proved he is fast becoming  an ‘incorrigible   joker’ and a Sillysena. After revealing a  most offensive hellfire  joke in Kosgama , ‘Sword Sirisena’ related  another joke in Kegalle at the recent  election rally.

 ‘During the past two years I allowed the UNP to manage the economy  in the way they wanted , but I now  wish to make it clear to you , from this year I am going to take control of  the economic management through the National economic Council ‘ Sword  Sirisena asserted. 

This announcement of Sirisena confirmed further he is  indeed Sillysena . His  stupid statements and conduct as of late , raises a most crucial question : Whether Sword Sirisena  the head of the cabinet of the consensual present government  is not going to accept his  responsibilities  pertaining to the government’s economic management despite being the chief ?  Or is ‘Sword Sirisena‘ trying to say he is  president Sillysena of another government and absolve himself of the responsibilities ? 

Doesn’t the president know the national economic Council cannot pass laws and enactments , and can only proffer advice to the president and such  advice via the cabinet have  to be implemented by the Parliament which again are  headed by Sword Sirisena alias Sillysena and none other. 

This story of Sillysena is of  any worth , only to the idiots and imbeciles in the SLFP ’s Maithri group of buffoons who are eagerly waiting to puff themselves with pride even on Sillysena’s silly utterances. 

The Maithri group of ministers which has proved to the entire nation it is incapable of even distributing fuel and manure on time , managing the national economy is the joke of the century.

 Sword Sirisena who was a frontline cabinet minister under ex president Mahinda Rajapakse cannot disclaim responsibility for the country’s economic devastation which resulted under that reign as he was  also contributory as minister to that economic debacle  during that Rajapakse   nefarious decade. Is  Sirisena  as Sillysena now hoping against hope that the people  are equally silly that they  would have forgotten how he raised his hand for every diabolic and  despicable decision taken by the then  government ? 

It is because Sirisena who is now crowing from rooftop about grandiose plans and  policies , announced then in no uncertain terms he would be non partisan and act sans party affiliations that the people forgot his putrid past at that time to make him president. 

Today,  though he is mounting SLFP local body election platforms wearing dark  blue attire ( Blue Brigand) and making a big din , it is high time he also realized, the people have not forgotten what solemn promises he made on the presidential election platforms  and dishonored those after becoming president . Neither can he divest himself of all the liabilities attaching to him for the egregious wrongdoings  committed during the corrupt and crooked Rajapakse reign when he was an intimate and integral part  of it.

It was recently proved beyond doubt that the bunch of buffoons best known for tomfoolery, and  who call themselves as SLFP ministers of the consensual government are unable to get down even the country’s necessary fuel  on time, and even are  unable to distribute the manure to meet the country’s requirements  on time.    Then, are these the SLFP ministers trying to take control of the national economy ? What would happen if Sword Sirisena who does not know a word of English takes control of the national economy  after he himself  proving what an unreliable  villain he is   when he made most   misleading and bogus announcements to the entire nation via his most  special statement on the Bond report despite being a most responsible president of the country ?

While the English version of the report states nowhere  ‘a case shall  be filed against Ravi Karunanayake ‘  , Sword Sirisena in his special statement said, ‘the report says ,a case shall be filed against Ravi Karunanayake’

Now that the truth is out , and the report he was hiding has come out , it is confirmed Sirisena alias Sillysena  despite being the president of the country has blatantly and brazenly lied to  the entire nation. Need we further elaborate on what would be the state of the national economy when such an uneducated Sillysena with an immature brain takes over that  too ? It is only an immature moron like Sword Sirisena who would choose a fashion designer as finance minister over a chartered accountant for that post .

Sirisena alias Sillysena who could not even  run the environmental ministry which he is right now (mis) managing  , and made a hash of it on an unprecedented scale; could not  manage the Wilpattu forest and 20, 000 acres of the forest in Trincomalee when those were destroyed , now bragging he can manage the national economy is not only most ridiculous but even ludicrous unless of course in his abysmal ignorance thinks ‘managing ’  and ‘mismanaging  ‘ are the same.  It is better Sillysena understands his limitations before he flaunts  his ‘capabilities’. Otherwise it is the country that is going to suffer with such a clumsy joker at the helm poking his  filthy  fingers into every pie. 

There is no room to take over ministries under the 19 th amendment 

The  speeches made by Sirisena have only betrayed his ignorance of the constitution which governs  the country’s administration .By seeking court opinion to  satiate his inordinate greed to continue in power for 6 years , he became a laughing stock  , in spite of his looking for scapegoats to fasten the blame when  his  imbecility and mental immaturity were  exposed by the court decision.

The president  taking over ministries from time to time is not permitted under the 19 th amendment . Perhaps the president is resorting to such actions in keeping with his innate idiocy – this is a president who can be most misled and least led . In all probability he  is following another idiot’s wrong interpretation  of section 43 (3) of the 19 th amendment . 

Section 4 (3) states thus :
The president can at any time ,  change the composition of the cabinet , as well as change the subject and tasks entrusted to the cabinet . However that power shall not apply to   changes affecting  the continuity of the Cabinet of Ministers and the continuity of its responsibility to Parliament.

In the first paragraph  though it is stated the structure of the cabinet can be changed , in the second paragraph it is stated the continuity  of the cabinet and the continuity of its responsibilities to Parliament  cannot be changed. By that it is understood the president cannot take over the ministries.

According to section 43 (2) of the 19 th amendment , ministers cannot be appointed without the consent of the Prime Minister, and section 46 (3) states the president cannot remove a minister without the advice  of the P.M.

Therefore  Sword Sirisena ‘s statement in Kegalla on the 20 th  that his undertaking to handle the country’s finance and he will continue as president until the rogues have gone into the dirtiest hell is the biggest lie he has concocted just to hear  the loudest whistle of the gallery crowd to which crowd he always caters. 

In any case the bottom line is : whether ‘sword Sirisena’ who is sure going to drop to fourth place at the local body elections on 10 th February , can continue unashamedly  as president  ?


Translated by Jeff 

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