No more extensions, poor Maithri’s power greed notwithstanding- 5 years only ! AG exposed !!

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Jan.2018, 12.15 PM)  Lanka e news always  first with the news and best with the views reported under the caption ‘SC decision conveyed to Sirisena unofficially ! accepts defeat – reacts like the fox in sour grapes story !’ on the 15 th (in Sinhala on the 13 th)
As was revealed then , so  the presidential secretariat  on the 15 th  (yesterday) had issued an official notification . 

The presidential media division issuing an  extremely brief official communique has broken the sad news ( most sorrowful as far as  the president is concerned ) that ‘the SC which examined the request made by the president pertaining to the presidential term , has informed the term of the president is only 5 years’ 

Presidential media division 

Sadly, President Sirisena who  like a “Sillysena” sought the court opinion after swallowing  a deadly sugar coated pill offered to him by the president’s stooge Chitrasiri , an SC judge , and AG Jayantha Jayasuriya, had to bite the dust .

 Maithripala Sirisena who always  leaps before thinking finally had to face only  abject humiliation and disgrace before the people to whom he made a solemn  promise umpteen number of times  that he would abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his coming to power, only  shamelessly broke that promise ,by seeking   an extension of another year instead on  his presidential term. 

The whole nation salutes the chief Justice who by this decision inspired the  confidence of the people in the judiciary. 

The crucial question is how can the  Jayantha Jayasuriya the AG of all people after misleading the poor president (his power greed apart), and betraying his gross ignorance of the basic law continue in that post? Shouldn’t  he be forced to  wear a lungi or a jungi  in the future is the next urgent question? 

It is unfortunate , Jayantha Jayasuriya went ahead to mislead the president despite the 19 th amendment which clearly stipulates that  the president cannot extend his five year term , not because   he did not know the law (in fact he cannot plead ignorance of he law  being the AG) but because being a despicable stooge and lickspittle of the president , he could  not give a negative answer to the president’s desperate request stemming from  the latter’s excessive power lust.

Now it is crystal clear why Jayasooriya has put over 100 crime files forwarded by the FCID and CID after investigation in cold storage , and forgotten them for years , and at whose request  to the detriment of the country .

Is the AG’s  department to incur the wrath of the people by transferring itself  into the Paget Road  residence garbage of the president ? Or cases going to be filed within 3  months in respect of these files languishing in dusty corners for more than two years ? This must be decided by Jayantha Jayasuriya and none else.

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