He who promised to abolish executive presidency in 100 days seeks to eat his own faeces- to revert to six year term he himself rescinded !

(Lanka-e-News - 12.Jan.2018, 11.00AM)   Believe it or not ! President Maithripala Sirisena who came to power after making a thousand grandiose promises that he would abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his become the president , and reduced the term of his presidency from six to five years immediately after becoming the president , is now having tasted the wonderful succulence in  corrupt power he wields has inquired from the supreme court  (SC) whether  he can revert to his six year presidential  term.  
This is a rare specimen of a president with  a rare mental derangement who after trimming his term from six to five years himself  via the 19 th amendment is making this most disgraceful attempt. It is well to remember this is the president suffering from a rare mental disequilibrium who is also  proposing the new constitution. 

President Sirisena has sought the opinion of the SC advancing  the contention that, he swore in as president before the 19 th amendment , and therefore he is entitled to a six year term . The  president whose greed for power can only be matched by the greed of pigs for shit (excreta) has requested the SC to convey its opinion prior to the 14 th.

The SC is to meet on or before the 14 th to deliberate on this issue  while the Bar Association (BASL) has been instructed by the registrar of SC to convey their view to the SC  before 11.00 a.m . on the 11 th.
In the circumstances , if  anybody is to say the consensual government journey can still go on  with a faceless , policy less , unscrupulous , rudderless  scoundrel of a President Sirisena who reneged on  the promises he made within 48 hours ; asks back what he gave to the nation ; went chasing behind  ruthlessly to attack, specially those who sacrificed their wealth and risked even their lives to  install him in power, the mind of that  individual who says the alliance can continue ,  must be examined if he/she  is not already insane. Of course an alliance can be had with such a scoundrel, but not to honor promises, only to dishonor them; not to follow policies, only  to  discard them ; and only to eat fecal matter . 

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