Obscene ostentation of Chichee sons surpassed..! Wristlet of Sirisena’s son in law is worth Rs. 8.8 million, waist belt is Rs. 6 million, and pair of shoes is Rs. 3 lakhs; whither SL?

(Lanka-e-News -10.Jan.2018, 6.45AM) It is most unfortunate after  publishing  the  report then  about the ‘ChiChee putha’ (a son of corrupt Mahinda Rajapakse) who wore Louis Vuittton wristlet worth Rs.150,000.00 and a pair of shoes worth over Rs. 300,000.00,  we are now  shockingly compelled  to publish a worse obscene ostentation and profligate lifestyles  of the son in law and son of  president Sirisena,  who won the presidential election making  solemn promises of forming and maintaining   a good governance government . The son and son in law of president Sirisena have obviously broken  the ignominious records of ‘Chichee’ son. 

It is a well and widely known fact president Sirisena and his family are currently at the point of ‘death’ by strangulation internationally , owing to their  inordinate greed to collect over US dollars 4 million on the Russian warship deal which prompted them to smuggle out an international criminal Russian hacker wanted by America a to Russia  . It is this same president’s son in law (husband of Chaturika  Sirisena )Thilina Sampath who  is wearing a wristlet worth Rs. 8.8 million ! a waist belt worth Rs. 6 million and  a  pair of shoes  worth Rs. 300,000/- !!

White gold -! ‘Even I am not  that worth !’

The Rs. 8.8 million worth wristlet of Thilina is Audemar’s  Piguet, a most expensive wrist watch in the world. Not enough ( according to reports reaching Lanka e news ) , Thilina also has three more super luxury wristlets , namely Rolex, Pathe Philip and Cartier worth Rs. 3-4 million. Those who do not know about wristlets will think these are not so expensive going by appearance. 

The super luxury belt of Thilina  is worth over  Rs. 6 million and  is made out of Taurillon leather  obtained from a rare kind of cow in Switzerland , and sewn out of white gold from Dubai. As the fastener has the Alphabets L and V which symbolize Louis Vuitton , and can be identified by anyone , Thilina has replaced the fastener with one made out of white gold from Dubai. Consequently the value of the waist belt is Rs. 6 million!

Daham Sirisena's pair of shoes ‘ Santoni’ is  worth Rs. 300,000/- , and the waist belt  (about Rs. 200,000/-)  of Maithri’s son Daham Sirisena too  belong to  the Loius Vuitton class.

It is a pity  Maithripala Sirisena  who immediately after becoming president , went into an ordinary shoe shop in Colombo on 2015-06-01 to make an exhibition via photographs that he is a most  ordinary citizen and a most ordinary leader  who buys  most ordinary pair of shoes  , has now metamorphosed into  a most  extraordinary citizen now wearing extraordinary sandals worth over Rs. 100,000/- ! 

Though all these expensive adornments  look ordinary , those are actually of  colossal  worth. Only world’s celebrities wear high priced items of that quality . If  anybody identifies those and reveals   the immense worth of those to the super duper son in law and son,   they do a play acting and question ’is that true ?’ ‘Is that so much worth?’ or say  ‘I really do not know  ….’ ‘Even I am not that worth’ and ‘ this was given to me as a gift by  someone.’  The cunning Sirisenas resort  to such histrionics while sporting  a bogus smile to fool the gullible masses.

President’s son in law who could not repay the loan given by Sarath Amunugama….

This  Thilina Sampath who is today wearing Rs 8.8 million worth wristlet ,and a belt worth Rs. 6 million before his FL (father in law) became president was a pauper who ran  a photo studio in Polonnaruwa and went bankrupt. 

Even to start the studio Thilina  he had to  borrow money using the influence  of his FL who was at that time minister of health. During that period Sarath Amungama was the minister ,projects. Under his project, loans were granted to individuals  under whom ten or more people worked, to purchase equipments . The maximum loan granted was Rs. 15 million.

Using the influence of Maithri , Thilina  obtained this loan. After buying a camera or two  and opening a studio he did  not give employment to ten people though that was mandatory for the borrower.
Thilina who is by birth a loafer  after receiving the  loan amounting to over Rs. 10 million went  wild on a merry making  mission. He wasted  his money on women in Colombo  . Sleeping in Hotel rooms, and flirting with girls. Owing to Thilina’s sexual starvation and lust , disputes erupted at home with  Chaturika almost divorcing him.

By then he had run into arrears with his loan re payment . It were  Maithripala  Sirisena and Dudley Sirisena who  intervened to resolve the dispute. His loan arrears were settled by Dudley  Sirisena, while Maithripala  boosted Thilina’s business by making it compulsory that photographs for identity cards , passports and driving licenses are obtained from Thilina’s studio. It is about that time the last  presidential election was held. 
Based on what president’s son in law Thilina wears and the ornaments he  flaunts , one can imagine to what  unbelievable extent the 6.2  Million people have been fleeced , robbed and plundered by the unconscionable , unscrupulous and unashamed Sirisena family after the presidential election .

What is  perplexing and intriguing about all this obscene ostentation and wasteful expenditure spending millions on  what he wears is , Thilina is able to indulge in such monumental profligacy without any official business of his own and the  two advertising Firms are run in the name of Chaturika. We shall reveal how Thilina earns such colossal sums of monies in our next article. 

After Thilina Sampath’s involvement in the smuggling out  of most wanted Russian criminal hacker leaked out , Thilina who got alarmed closed his face book account, obliterated all details about him in the internet  . All  these stark facts are kept hidden while  Thilina through his  masquerades conducts himself as a popular figure. 

Year 2018 is going to end the mirth and merriment (Nandana Vindana) of Gamarala

It is noteworthy Maithripala Sirisena who came to power making  loud solemn promises an umpteen number of times that he is going to abolish the executive presidency within 100 days  of his becoming president , as well  as  halt all the monumental corrupt practices and criminal activities of Rajapakse nefarious decade,  sadly at the end of his three years reign has only  duped the entire country in the  manner mentioned in the above paragraphs.  How did Sirisena family amass so much wealth?  Who gave massive gifts worth Rs. 8.8 million , 6 million or 7 million ? are crucial questions . Surely nobody gives gifts of this huge value for nothing or without ulterior motive. 
Certainly these are ‘Deal payments’ and ‘extortion collections’. While  claiming  he has a sword ,and it cannot be said , whether it will be relatives or friends who will be slashed, he is deceiving the country.

6.2 million people threw  out Rajapakse’s lock, stock and barrel not for a Gamarala to  build a selfish  empire for his family at country’s expense.  These deceptive practices , self seeking abendas and profligacy  of Gamaralas shall be stopped once and for all. 

Surely people cannot go on day in and day out  falling victims to Gamarala’s diabolic deceits.  2018 should therefore be the year that ends Gamarala’s mirth and merriment at public expense .


Translated by Jeff.

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