Is Sirisena wearing clothes to hide his shame, lies or ward off dengue ; vis a vis Susil’s utterances ? (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 29.Dec.2017, 11.45PM)   It is a most  pertinent question whether president Sirisena is wearing banian and clothes to cover his shame  (animals don’t wear clothes) or lies or to ward off dengue resulting from mosquito bite vis a vis the repugnant statements made by Susil Premajayantha.
If there are any patriotic SLFP members who had even the slightest idea  of casting the votes for the SLFP group of Maithri at the upcoming local body elections , that inclination would have evaporated  following the speech made by Susil Premajayantha at the media  briefing held on the 27 th.

Susil  said unequivocally , after the elections , undoubtedly the SLFP will join with the Flower bud crooks … ’why should we join with the UNP? It is the SLFPers who are in the Flower bud too , then why should we join with the UNP without uniting with the  SLFPers?’ he asked. 

This is the second or third occasion such sentiments were echoed by them. In other words what they are saying is , like how Maithripala Sirisena went on all fours to  join with the Rajapakse den of thieves only to be disdainfully rejected  before the nominations , they are in the ready to cringe and crawl to join the Rajapakse rogues even after elections. 

President Sirisena who speaks  about a clean and pure reign day in and day out and murmurs that even in his sleep ,   have been proved as  unalloyed lies   based on the statement made by Premajayantha . If the president  is to install a local body administration jointly with the corrupt and crooked Rajapakse racists, surely there cannot be  a pure and clean administration whether the president is  awake ,asleep or dreaming.   
It is a pertinent question whether president Sirisena is wearing banian and clothes to cover his shame  (animals don’t wear clothes) or lies or to ward off dengue resulting from mosquito bite.  There is absolutely no doubt in the circumstances  , the pro good governance masses are going to  wonder whether they voted on 2015 -01-08 to elect a garbage man whose verbiage is lost in  stinking garbage. 

By the way , special mention must be made about the knowledge of Arithmetic of Premajayantha (vide video) , a senior SLFP politico .He says , the group that receives 60 % votes will not get any representation in the additional list, implying that the UNP which secures 60 % will have to join with another  group and form an alliance and if the SLFP and the Flower bud join they can secure 55 % votes . It is only according to the arithmetic of only bankrupt politicos with cow dung in their heads like Premajayantha who can arrive at a  55 % remainder  (not 40 %) after 60 % is taken off  . By these hollow and shallow statements of Premajayantha it is clear what Premajayantha is  uttering are ‘ kavi  chanted to rid their sorrows’ 

It is imperative that the Flower bud Rajapakse rogues who cannot stay in their homes even after leading  the country into rack and ruin , and Maithri who trails behind these rogues blindly and disgracefully be jointly defeated in toto , vis a vis  the grave   danger signals to the detriment of the country issued  by Premajayantha via his  utterances.

Premajayantha’s video footage hereunder 

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