Molestation of students by teachers shoots up ! Culprits get away with just a transfer !

(Lanka-e-News - 18.Dec.2017, 11.15PM)  Sexual molestations of students by  teachers  have shot up  in the North steeply , yet the politicos of the area instead of taking action to punish the culprits are providing protection to them , TNA Mullaitivu member of the Northern provincial council (NPC) A. Puvaneswaran accused. 

The NPC member made this comment during the session to express views of the members following the tabling of the budget for 2018.  

Sexual molestation  of students in schools by teachers have risen steeply in Mullaitivu district , but the politicians without allowing those to be brought before the  law enforcing authorities (Police) are resolving those crimes at family levels, he pointed out. 

People  who are now residing in Mullaitivu are those  who had no fixed abode  for the last 30 years  and moving from place to place  , therefore identifying each other has become an issue . Consequently , identification of the suspects is difficult , the NPC member went on to explain. 

As the criminals  are aware minimum  punishment is meted out to the culprits , and because the politicos are aiding and abetting them , these sex crimes are on the increase . Besides , the teachers who were found guilty had been served with lenient punishment – transfer only from one  school to another , he lamented. 

Taking advantage of the financial woes ,lack of  transport facilities and other issues in Mullaitivu, not only the teachers , even others while promising to help those in need out of those problems are engaging in these sex crimes , the NPC member highlighted. 

Dinasena Rathugamage
Translated by Jeff

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