Flower bud falls into the filthy mud even before blossoming..! 6 nominations rejected..!!

(Lanka-e-News - 15.Dec.2017, 6.00PM)  The flower bud party of Rajapakses (a byword for corruption), was rejected in respect of 3  local councils and 3  pradeshiya sabhas thereby confirming the much hyped flower bud has fallen into the filthy mud (the only place it deserves! ) long before it blossomed, and is only another stupid  family affair.

When the flower bud party forwarded its nominations for elections  in respect of Maharagama  , Weligama and Panadura Municipal councils ; and Badulla , Mahiyangana and Agalawatte pradeshiya sabhas they were rejected by the election officers.

The rejection was based on the following grounds:
The number of female candidates not duly included.
Signatures of the candidates not duly placed.
The genders - male and female not properly indicated 

And the individual named by the party not handing over the nomination
The foolish Flower bud party even before it could blossom proved what idiots and imbeciles are ruling the roost in that party when they could not abide by  simple  basic conditions stipulated in the  nomination paper.
Ajith P.Perera the permanent representative of the UNP in relation to elections in connection with this blunder had this to say, ‘ how can you entrust the local body and pradeshiya sabha to a party that does not even know to fill a simple nomination paper ?’
Meanwhile the nomination papers submitted by the SLFP for Dehiyatakandiya and Padiyathalawa pradeshiya sabhas too were rejected based on several  reasons.  

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