‘Asia’s black Lion’ Lucian Pushparaj vies for World’s ‘Mr.Atlas’ crown

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Dec.2017, 9.45PM) Known as Asia’s ‘Black Lion’ and winner of All Asia body building championship contest 2017 , Lucian Pushparaj arrived in Texas , America on 2017-11-26, and is currently participating  in his training programs. 

Body building champion Ronnie Coleman who  won the Mr.Olympia title 8 times is training Lucian at Metroflex body building center , Arlinton City . Not only to Lucian  , even to other  body builders of the world this is a very rare opportunity.

Lucian who won the ‘Mr. Sri Lanka’ crown in 2013 was abroad for about 3 years participating in body building programs ,competed  in the Asia’s body building contest in 2017 amidst abysmal poverty along with his sponsor, a Kuwaiti national.

361 participants from 26 countries took part in that contest , and it was Iran which had been winning  that  crown for 50 years without interruption. However in 2017 , it was Sri Lanka ‘s Lucian the body building ‘wonder’ who won the All Asia championship crown  most unexpectedly .

Since that day of his victory what he received  were not flowers ,  garlands and red carpet welcome but brickbats.   Two skunks Nihal and Kapila who stink a mile who could not bear to see him win and were jealous of Lucian over his amazing   triumph left no stone unturned to reverse his hard earned victory by publicizing in the newspapers  he was a proscribed  contestant from SL and that was a banned  contest .
As a result of the villainy and jealousy  of these two  skunks , when Lucian  returned to his homeland after doing proud to his country and winning the coveted body building crown , it was only the ordinary Sri Lankans who were there to receive him . While government and Sports ministry were quiet over the great achievement of this great national hero who surprised not only Asia but the entire world with his shocking triumph, it were only the ordinary citizens and fans who treated him like a king wherever  he went.

Irrespective of  how far the stench of the skunks travelled , but now it has been confirmed he is the amazing  legally accepted winner sans ban ,and champion at the internationally recognized  competition.

Though SL Body Building conference officials treated him indifferently and showed discrimination against him ,  he is now the cynosure of the eyes beyond the shores of his motherland . He is to be given his pride of place and fully encouraged by none other than Shan Helamba   the chief of Riokoko  , a famous American businessman who is also well known in SL . ‘A prophet is not without honor except in his own country’ is a common saying .

Helamba along with the United states Global Body Building officials has laid the first foundation stone for international fame and success for Lucian. The latter was  invited to participate in the competition to be held in Arlington , USA on 9 th of December .

When Lucian applied for visa to travel to America , it was refused . That too was because a group of officials of SL ‘s Body Building conference sending a petition against him to the US Embassy .

However after Shan Helamba intervened , through his determined efforts Lucian obtained the visa when he applied the second time. Lucian finally left for America carrying the Lion flag with  the primary aim to do proud to his country and earn international recognition  for  his motherland.
Lucian who is as fit as a fiddle and in robust health is now undergoing training under world famous body building trainer , Big –J an American national .

The first competition is scheduled to be held at Arlington Convention Center , Arlington on 9 th of December between 10.00 and 11.00  in the morning . The final competition will also be on the same day at 3.00 p.m. (USA time) which according to SL time is about 3.30 a.m. (10 th) . This contest can be watched live by browsing www.gboonlne.com website. Contestants from 8 countries including USA will be participating in this most famous body building competition.

Organizers of the competition say , by 8 th December all participants shall be in  Texas , Arlington . It is specially worthy of note , this is the first time , a Sri Lankan contestant is participating in such a high profile body building contest in America.
Lucian is daily receiving messages of blessings and encouragement from his fans from all walks of life. Thousands of Sri Lankans  in America have already reserved their tickets to witness the competition in Arlington on the 9 th , to cheer and inspire Lucian , based on reports from Texas. 

It is to be noted , it is with the patronage and support of Ceyhinz Link Internatinal Co. , Texas , America ,  Lucian Pushparaj is participating in this event .

Meanwhile millions of fans of Lanka e news should be wishing from the bottom of their hearts that Lucian Pushparaj of SL will win this Mr.Atlas 2017 crown convincingly and with consummate ease. 

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