Weerawansa the ‘cardboard patriot’ caught like a rat in the trap! Rs. 50 million unaccountable wealth ; Bribery Commission lubber sent to enjoy abroad !

(Lanka-e-News - 07.Dec.2017, 10.00PM)   A case was filed by the Commission investigating allegations of Bribery and corruption against notorious  Ex minister of housing cum  leader of NFF ,Wimal Weerawansa whose name is by  now synonymous with frauds (implicated in other cases of fraud including passport) . The case was filed based on a number of charges because Weerawansa could not account for his  massive amassment of illicit wealth to the tune of about  Rs. 50 million .

During the investigations of the Commission , it was discovered that Weerawansa the self proclaimed patriot is after all a ‘rat’ out and out  and not a ‘patriot’ . His  assets were worth a  whopping Rs. 74,000,000.00, and of that Rs. 4,920,000.00  was unaccountable wealth illicitly earned. Because Weerawansa the ‘rat’ and so called loud mouthed  ‘nationalist’ could not explain  or account  as to how he earned this colossal sum , investigations were conducted into  how  Weerawansa earned this amount between the period 2009 and 2014 to ascertain whether he is also among the many political rats who are gnawing at the country’s revenue and destroying the national economy while making loud and proud brags they are patriots and nationalists. 

Based on government valuation , the Hokandara house of his is worth Rs. 18.5 million . In addition he has two more houses each worth Rs. 5 million.The value of his lands had not been included in the valuation . Weerawansa has two lands too – one is worth Rs. 4.7 million and another is worth Rs. 750,000.00 at Udupila  which had not been disclosed. His wife who was directly involved in a passport forgery fraud too has assets to the tune of Rs. 14 million which the Commission had detected.
The total value of his assets is Rs. 74 million , whereas the total income of the  great ‘patriotic rat’ Weerawansa during the period between 2009 and 2014  was Rs. 24.8 million only. Weerawansa could not explain how he earned or account for his Rs. 49. 2 million worth assets. Weerawansa and his wife Sashi the racketing traitorous  duo posing and parading as great patriots cum nationalists  had no extra income other than his  ministerial salary and allowances, while Sashi had no income at all.  Under the circumstances , the Bribery Commission filed a case against Wearawansa  the cardboard patriot alias ‘traitorous rat’ .
It is noteworthy , at the time when former Director  General of the commission Dilrukshi Wickremesinghe quit her post , this case was only two weeks away from being filed. Sadly after  Sarath Jayamanne dubbed ‘lubber’ took over as the new Director general , this case was mysteriously relegated to a dusty corner for over a year without filing action.

We must make special mention this case was finally filed yesterday solely because of the diligence and vibrancy of the incumbent Bribery Commission president Weerasuriya a former judge. The entire country salutes him .  President Maithripala Sirisena best noted for appointing and promoting worst misfits to high ranking posts extended the term of office of this ‘lubber’ and sent him immediately on an overseas tour. Believe it or not the cost of this lubber’s  tour is  Rs. 1.1 million. 

 Irrespective of his   frivolities  and jollities this lubber  is enjoying now while holding the official post    at the expense of  public funds ,because he  has the  patronage of those in the highest in the hierarchy, one day without any iota of doubt he is going to be indicted by the Bribery Commission . Let us remind all including those pampering the cruel , crafty and the crooks that none can escape retributive justice.

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