Sanctity of justice deflowered by unscrupulous judges like Dehideniya and Gunaratne..! -Crooked Gota who robbed 91 million public funds encouraged not punished..!

(Lanka-e-News - 29.Nov.2017, 11.55PM)  The two shameless unscrupulous appeal court  judges Lakshman Tikiri Bandara Dehideniya and Shiran Gunaratne  deflowered the sanctity of justice in broad daylight by delivering a most atrocious verdict today (29) in the case against notorious  ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse .These two judicial villains  issued an interim restraining order to immediately halt the legal action that is being taken under the Public Property Act  against Gotabaya who robbed Rs. 91 million of public funds to construct a mausoleum for his dead parents . This court order  also  averted  the arrest of Gotabaya until the 6 th of December .

This rudely shocking interim restraining order was issued following a writ petition filed by lawyers , Sanath Wijewardena and Romesh De Silva on behalf of Gota. The application prayed  to issue  a writ declaring the B report  60485 / 4/ 15 based on the public Property Act    submitted by the ASP to the Galle magistrate court as  null and void.

The petitioners alleged that the expenditure    of  Rs. 91 million of public funds to build the late D.A. Rajapkase mausoleum was  a civil transaction involving the D.A. Rajapakse foundation and Land reclamation and development Board, and  the ‘crime’ therefore cannot be considered as coming under the Public Property Act.
We say this decision is  a clear gross miscarriage of justice and a sordid deflowering of the sanctity of the law not without reasons……

It was obvious even before the petition was presented , the two judges had decided to issue the restraining order and the verdict  in favor of Gota. 

The primary  ground which substantiates our allegation is, the sum of Rs. 91 million of public funds which was ‘misappropriated ‘ to build the mausoleum by Gota is what belongs to the Land reclamation and development Board of the government , and there is no other private sector partnership  in that. In other words all those are public funds pure and simple. Besides , mind you , it is no less a person than the Attorney General (A.G) who had given unequivocal instructions to file the case under the Public Property Act . Hence legal luminaries and experts who are shocked by this gross perversion of justice said , the appeal court cannot change that directive before the case has come up for trial. 

The second  ground is , only after the case is taken up for trial in the lower court and during its proceedings it can be determined whether the case is coming  under the Public Property Act or not, and not by the appeal court ahead.  Hence this decision of the Appeal court is  not only completely erroneous   but also an absolute miscarriage of justice to all intents and purposes.
The eagerness of the two culprit  appeal court judges to commit professional villainy had outrun their sureness  for obvious reasons. If this sordid procedure is to be  followed by judges  , no lower court will be able to conduct trials in Sri Lanka .The appeal court is there to review decisions of the lower courts , and not to muddle up everything like in this instance,  and overturn the lower court procedures. 

The third ground : This petition was filed yesterday , and was heard today itself to give this judgment in an unholy haste when the whole country and the world are aware of the lethargic nature of our court activities with cases languishing  in dusty corners for many years. Usually, petitions take at least a month to be decided , but Gota’s was an exception. Before one could say ‘Jack’ Gota was back at home like a culprit  mouse having escaped from the trap.  It cannot be forgotten , it was the same unscrupulous judge Shiran Gunaratne who exonerated  Duminda Silva alias kudu Dumiya  of all charges via a unilateral Kekille court decision in the multiple murder case in which Dumiya  faced charges of murdering six individuals. 

In addition  needless to reveal here,  who brought political pressures to bear on this case,  because it was no less a person than minister Sarath Amunugama  who is currently on a tour of Korea  with president Maithripala Sirisena  who said after convening a media briefing  on the  27 th  that Gotabaya had not committed a crime under the Public Property Act , and he is not a rogue.

Today , two days later , the two Kekille court clowns alias appeal court judges   have indirectly echoed the same sentiments in their sordid judgment. 

The knowledge of law of Amunugama who gave the ‘verdict’ before the court decision ,  became very  manifest when his notorious promiscuous  mistress was induced  to illegally contest elections while she was a dual citizen  , only to be subsequently  thrown out from even her parliamentary post .
Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the  views , which reveals the truth come what may fearlessly , frankly and forthrightly reported on the 23 rd , for the first time that , while the AG has given an order to arrest Gotabaya , at the request of Medagoda Abayatissa and Ithepana Dhammalankara , it was president Sirisena who had given a directive to  halt the arrest.
Incidentally ,  it was Maithripala Sirisena’s own national list M.P. Malith Jayatileke who made the shocking  disclosure in his book that Maithri within a few days of his becoming the president on UNP votes held secret discussions with Gota at his Paget Road residence in the night , after extinguishing the lights.

Earlier on  too the Supreme court issued an injunction order against the arrest of Gota  in connection with his  criminal involvement in the massive  MiG jet fraud . All these instances and more clearly prove that the judiciary of SL abjectly sways  and stoops before the powerful crooks no matter how corrupt  they are , even if those criminalities are  confirmed  beyond any doubt. Unless this disgraceful scenario in the country in which the powerful criminals enjoy impunity , and not only have their  say but even their way changes  , even the highest in the hierarchy engaging in corrupt activities is not a matter for surprise.  

It is for the 6.2 Million  people to decide now , whether are they going to still permit crooked and corrupt Medagoda Abayatissas , Amunugamas, Dehidenyas , Gunaratnes and Rajapakses to circumvent the laws with impunity and flourish at the expense of the country ?

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I hope this does not happen with the 27 murdered in Welikada where this "Hero" is among the primary accused as per Com. Reports?
-- by punchinilame on 2017-11-30

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