President Sirisena’s greatest betrayal imperils lives of officers who investigated nefarious decade frauds and murders..!

(Lanka-e-News -25.Nov.2017, 11.50PM) Following the most traitorous and dangerous decision taken by president Maithripala who has lost all his sense of shame (if he had any) and direction ,  to join with the corrupt murderous Rajapakse Blue brigand who were defeated ( virtually chased out)  not once but twice by the people, the chiefs of investigation divisions who conducted investigations risking  their own lives with commitment in the best interests of the country to apprehend the criminals including  crooks and  the corrupt involved in monumental frauds as well as murderers have been driven into a deep predicament . Their lives are at stake ! according to reports reaching  Lanka e news. 

With President Sirisena who is  the defense minister cum chief of the commanding forces directly  colluding with the criminals , the culprits are now thoroughly encouraged and are emboldened  so much so they are now in apposition to come forward openly and fearlessly to take revenge on the investigating officers. Consequently ,the lives of  these officers and their families are in great peril. These officers speaking to Lanka e news revealed , if the other parties of the government including the prime minister do  not understand the deadly explosive situation , and take immediate measures to provide security to them and their families ,  several of these honest officers would have to leave the Island seeking political asylum in foreign countries. 

Even the honest officers of the legal divisions  who rendered assistance  towards the investigations are facing the same dire ominous situation .

It is significant to note when Gotabaya  was to be arrested for his crimes on the orders of the Attorney General (AG)  ,it was Maithripala Sirisena who prevented the arrest of Gotabaya . Moreover, the officers of the AG’s department  raising no objections to the granting of bail to Lalith and Anusha  simultaneously by the High court , was also owing to the orders  issued by Sirisena.  Because of this illegal arrangement the state counsel conducting the case of Lalith and Anusha did not appear in court on the date bail was requested. 

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Sirisena is absolutely currupt,he is a fithy bastrd of aman ,he is preventing the arrest og Gotabaya Sirisena in saudi arabia would be sent to the electric chair,a filthy man never to be trusted
-- by surath on 2017-11-26

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