Maithri requests MR to rescue him from impeachment motion; agrees to sacrifice Duminda in favor of Susil !

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Nov.2017, 6.45PM) President Maithripala Sirisena has requested people discarded ex president Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse to rescue him from the impending impeachment motion in parliament against him , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This request was made by the incumbent president amidst the secret discussions which are being held by the SLFP group of Maithripala with the Rajapakse  group   of the Joint opposition , which discussions in fact  stem from the fear harbored by the SLFP group of losing at the forthcoming  local government elections.

With a view to enlist the support of the Joint opposition , the president has started to attack even the second row UNP leaders these days. This was well  illustrated  by  the mudslinging campaign that is being conducted  against the clean and corruption free UNP   ministers and M.P.s while making mention of  some phone calls  of second row UNP leaders. The sole and whole aim of Maithri’s  subterfuge is to  please the Joint opposition  and secure its support  at the upcoming local government elections.
Maithri who is undoubtedly in  mortal fear of a UNP impeachment motion against him   has  sought Mahinda Rajapakse’s  support. The worst part of this latest endeavor  is ,  Maithripala is now  engaged in a gross   betrayal of  the very UNP which saved him from Mahinda Rajapakse who issued dire threats to bury Maithri  six feet underground. Besides, though it  was UNP which put him on the presidential throne , Sirisena is today seeking Mahinda against UNP.  Serpents which gobble up eggs are safer than serpents which gobble up hoppers.

No matter what , it is learnt president Maithripala has concurred  with many of the conditions laid down by Mahinda’s group to the Maithripala group during the discussions. (That was why Dayasiri Jayasekera at the last cabinet meeting exclaimed   ‘  thank god , we are saved if we join’)
The main condition of Mahinda is  , SLFP Gen. Secretary Duminda Dissanayake  should be removed and Susil Premachandra shall take over that post , which had been accepted by president Maithripala.
When Duminda Dissanayake was intimated of this , he had said , if they are requesting him to resign from the Gen. Secretary post , he would not only quit the Gen . Secretary post but also  join the UNP.
It is well to recall when Maithripala Sirisena on 2014-11-21 abandoned the SLFP and came out , Duminda Dissanayake was one of those in that small group who stood by loyally and came out with Maithripala . Hence , the latter getting ready to sacrifice Duminda at the altar of his self centeredness and selfish opportunistic agendas is most reprehensible . This same fate was suffered by Hirunika Premachandra too earlier on…. 

At that time when the whole area was surrounded by the STF , for the inaugural media  discussion it was Hirunika Premachandra who crept out the window to extend support to Maithripala , along with Chandrika Bandaranaike (ex president). Yet , Maithripala did not appoint Hirunika as the Kolonnawa organizer which post was held even by her grandfather (late Bharatha’s father –Bharatha was killed  under most tragic circumstances) and subsequently by her late father Bharatha. Maithripala instead appointed Thilanga Sumathipala who lost at  the elections,   to that post . Finally , it was the UNP leader who came to her rescue when she was in distress and politically sidelined. She was given the post of UNP organizer , Ratmalana.  Now Duminda Silva is also being dragged  down  to that same  despair. 

In any case , a former SLFP secretary S.B. Dissanayake has strongly objected to the removal of Duminda from the Gen. Secretary post and replacing him with Susil Premachandra. He too had stated , if that happens he will join the UNP. S.B.  has already discussed with the UNP leader  regarding his cross over to the UNP. However the UNP leader had told him not to get  ruffled , and to wait for a while.

It is learnt  president Sirisena is already offering baits to a powerful UNP stalwart holding two ministerial portfolios and a popular UNP figure.
Await more reports on the betrayals and opportunistic politics  of Maithripala Sirisena of the rainbow revolution .

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