P.M. before Bond Commission ; Maithri installs secret camera to watch his Comic-mission proceedings from home !

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Nov.2017, 10.40PM)   President Maithripala Sirisena  has installed a secret camera and microphone in his residence to watch the proceedings of the Bond Commission alias ‘Bond Comic-mission’ of his , as well as to enjoy the comedy drama that is being staged there   , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division .

Those lawyers cum liars of  the Bond Comic-mission who are always seeking to shine like  ‘stars’ and outshine others are therefore behaving in whatever grotesque  manner to  please the president , it is learnt.

In any event , this is the first time in SL’s history  a prime minister (P.M.) appeared to give evidence before a Commission while holding office, and that P.M. is Ranil Wickremesinghe. It is to be noted the questionnaire sent to the P.M. was returned with the answers .

For the questioning of  P.M. today , the Attorney General himself made his appearance before  the Commission, reports say.

It is well to recall when Ranil Wickremesinghe was the leader of the opposition during the Chandrika era, he  unhesitatingly gave evidence before the ‘Batalanda Commission’ .The final report of the Commission however exonerated Wickremesinghe of all charges while  also  pointing out there weren’t sufficient proof  to find him guilty. Yet like now even then there was heavy mudslinging against him. That mudslinging was so  much so that  mud had now formed into mounds at several places.
Though the Bond Commission  was established to probe into irregularities , if any  when treasury bonds were issued , this Commission of the president began with  the primary aim to be a muddy den to sling mud at political opponents. And  by now it has transformed into a president’s Comic- mission  having gone  even beyond  villainous mudslinging. There is enough testimony  to prove this. Hereunder are some …

1. When Perpetual Treasuries Co. was purchasing the bonds , though it was imperative to probe whether any undue profit was appropriated under those transactions without any doubt , during the last government , that was deliberately neglected. 

2. At that time , during the period of the last government the  Central Bank Governor Cabraal got  his sister appointed as a Director of Perpetual Treasuries Co.  , and with Cabraal’s exit , his sister too left the Co. There couldn’t have been a more close relationship and a dubious move  than that when the controversial bonds were  issued. Yet despite the fact she should have been summoned before the Commission , the latter purposely ignored that.
3.  In that transaction , Perpetual Treasuries Co. had purchased only 60 % of the shares , while the balance 40 % was purchased by other companies. If truly , it is to be determined Perpetual Co. made  an undue profit , that must be ascertained vis a vis the other companies which purchased 40 % of the shares . Unbelievably ,those companies were not summoned deliberately.
4. What is the profit a private Co. should collect in a transaction involving the government ? What profit is it entitled to? What is the limit?  These are still moot points. In any event a private Co. earning a profit is not a crime, and it  is there to make profits. 

If only the profit is earned causing a loss to the government that becomes a crime. The Commission instead of investigating that is wallowing in mud. This was  well illustrated by the many calls that were revealed  by the Commission as allegedly exchanged between the chief of the Co.  and  the politicians. But the fact of the matter is so far the world has still not discovered a methodology in economics to determine  the profits made based on the number of phone calls exchanged.  However since the Bond Comic- mission of the president has seemingly  discovered such a method , perhaps it is why it is vying for the Nobel prize for 2018, in economics.
The Commission after purposely concealing the number of phone calls taken by Perpetual Co. chief to the opposition politicos , is highlighting only  the calls taken to the UNP members of the COPE Committee . From this,  the aim and objective of the Comic-mission is obvious.

For example , the time spent  on the solitary  call supposedly taken to  Ajith P.Perera is zero  min. The time consumed  on the supposed phone call taken by Ajith Perera to the perpetual securities chief is also zero  min. It is deducible from that Ajith Perera has only responded to a  missed call.  Yet highlighting that mud was slung at Ajith Perera . 

Over 800 calls have been taken by the Perpetual security chief to Mahinda Rajapakse , but those have been suppressed . Even the 6 SMS  messages sent by  Maithripala Sirisena to  Perpetual chief were hidden . Why ?
Going by the aforementioned stark facts , because Maithripala Sirisena transformed his Bond Commission into a mudslinging Comic-mission , hereafter  , it will  be impossible to avert the loss of faith of the public in such Commissions  appointed by  a future  president of the country ,  for the credibility of the Commissions is already totally eroded.

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