Gintota violence : Report behind the story !

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Nov.2017, 10.40PM)  Following the violence that erupted   in Gintota recently , 74 houses were damaged due to  attacks by hurling stones though no house was set on fire. 8 shops were burnt down and 8 vehicles including a motor cycle , three wheeler and Dimo Batta Van were set on fire.

About 20 victims following the  attack were hospitalized , but what is  most intriguing in this incident is , none of the casualties are from the area where the violence was unleashed meaning that it is outsiders  who had come to create mayhem. 

20 suspects who were identified as having caused  the riot were  arrested   by the police . Of them 16 belong to one race and the other four belong to another.

It is two vehicle  accidents which have   led to the riots. However it is a political leader of the area of a main political party who had initiated the violence. He is now in police custody. Since elections are around the corner , political leaders of the area are trying to become heroes through  all kinds of ploys. It is also reported,  as usual it is the robed  monks of a nearby temple who had provoked the public , and are  now moving heaven and earth to rescue their rowdy sidekicks involved.
Though it is two   minor vehicle accidents that triggered the violence , the police lethargy had added fuel to the fire. Because the law was not enforced duly and impartially the violence had escalated. 

The situation has now been defused and the STF are continuing to provide security to the people. The people who suffered from this violence have lost faith in the police , and are  reposing  implicit faith in the STF.

After the visit of the Prime Minister yesterday , and his announcement that compensation will be paid to the victims , the situation had calmed down. Yet some others who suffered damage due to other reasons are seeking to dupe the government and collect compensation , and a political leader of the area is on the sly giving support to them , based on reports.

It is to be noted , the P.M. on this tour did not visit any place of religious worship , and met with only the two factions that  had suffered damage  and losses . Those who are neutral and impartial greatly admired and lauded this move of the P.M. 

By an inside information reporter of Lanka e News.

Translated by Jeff

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