President’s gaze on illicit commission blinded him : Faces retributive justice after ousting Sinniah !

(Lanka-e-News - 05.Nov.2017, 11.30PM)  Due to  the appointment of Navy Commanders and sending them on retirement being treated by the commander in chief of the forces owing to his lack of education like churning out  hoppers in the boutiques of Polonnaruwa , again the illicit activities  in  the Indian ocean  off the north of Sri Lanka (SL)  which were  halted after  30 years by former Navy commander Travis Sinniah have resumed.  Now ,with the  weakening of the  highly  successful security operation  that was put in place by Sinniah , the same old clandestine fishing activities have begun.

It is a well known fact that Travis Sinniah was the most talented Navy Commander of SL to hold  that post. Following his assuming duties as the Navy commander owing to his commitment and tremendous efforts , the burning issue which existed for the last 30 years of Indian fishing crafts poaching on our territorial waters , was almost completely halted , as a result  those fishing crafts could not come into our  territorial waters to illicitly engage in fishing .   

Indian fishing crafts in thousands per day usually poached on our territorial waters.  This problem was so gigantic that when  Rajitha Senaratne was the minister of fisheries he had to visit India to hold discussions with Prime Minister Modi in this connection.  Prior to his tour,  in order to gather evidence in regard to the  poaching carried out by Indian fishermen ,after speaking to  international establishments clear  satellite photographs were taken in the nights . Based on one such satellite photograph , the number of Indian crafts that had trespassed on out territorial waters in one night was more than 5000. It is  an open secret and common knowledge ,   Modi was shocked beyond belief when he saw the  photograph shown by Rajitha,  that he went on striking his head with his fists several times.

Helping Indians.. 

After Travis Sinniah was appointed as Navy Commander, because of the new stiff security surveillance net  he put in place , during his tenure of office (just two months ), only 6 Indian fishing crafts poached on our territorial waters. This was most welcome and  beneficial to the country . He deployed unique methods. He also did all this in a manner that would not offend India. 

He deployed all the large vessels with the navy along  the northern territorial waters   , and augmented the illumination of the sea so that the Indian fishermen can identify their territorial limits while at sea. He dubbed that operation  ‘Helping India’. That is , it was  a means to save the Indian fishermen from being arrested unnecessarily. This methodology was lauded not only by the Indian fishermen  but also by the state of Tamil nadu. 

In contrast ,  what  another  former moronic navy Commander who looked and behave like  an Ape during his tenure of office  did to combat this issue was , jumping into the Indian boats and slapping the fishermen. Sinniah did not resort to that  barbaric method. His was sophisticated and welcomed by all. Owing to his strategy , the crafts which encroached on our territorial waters in thousands were reduced to as few as six per two months .

It is a pity , it is such an exemplary and talented Navy commander who was sent home in two months by Maithripala Sirisena the uncivilized commander in chief of the forces, for which action Maithripala  deserves a place in the ignominious records of the Guinness book . 

It is very unfortunate after the retirement of  Travis, others did follow his strategy and portrayed that is not possible ,consequently the old illicit activities in the Indian ocean have re commenced. On the 2nd at dawn 13 Indian fishermen and 3 crafts poaching in the eastern side of Delft Island off the north sea were taken into custody by the SL Navy

In addition , on the 1 st , a number of Indian fishermen and their crafts have encroached on our territorial waters in the night . But before  the SL navy patrol could  seize them , they had escaped. 

Meanwhile the navy had taken steps to hand over the 13 Indian fishermen and their crafts apprehended to the Delft fisheries investigator .

It is  well and widely known to the whole world being  a stark truth , Travis Sinniah was sent on retirement in two months after his appointment as Navy Commander because of his integrity and courage when he objected to  the purchase of an old decrepit Russian warship by the government spending  billions  of rupees on a deal  tainted with corruption  , thereby  depriving  Maithripala Sirisena’s family of huge amounts of illicit commissions . 

Though this  monumental racket is known to the whole wide world , it is only   Dayasiri Jayasekera who did not know it , when he told a  damn  lie at the recent cabinet meeting when  questioned by the media. He lied not only using his mouth but even the stinking orifice down under . And the others who did not know were ,  the  ‘Portuguese’ journalist  who picks up and eats whatever crumbs and ‘throw away’ food  that fall off the plate  of Chaturika, and  the mahajara (dirt and dross)  media secretaries  of Maharaja.

Country’s security at stake because of sordid and corrupt  aims…

In the circumstances , it is impossible for  Maithripala Sirisena to pretend he is clean any longer when his illicit commission traits and habits are no longer secrets. His commission collection from an Australian Co.  when he was the minister of irrigation is universally known ,and proved beyond doubt. That too is now  no secret. The world bank based on its exhaustive and extensive investigations concluded bribes were collected but because it cannot do anything against a president , it could only blacklist the Australian Co, which offered the bribe, international media reported . That is a universally acknowledged fact.  

It is also the consensus , owing to  Maithripala Sirisena’s sordid motives and crude inferior traits the country’s security is at stake.  While they   relate fairy tales full of concocted lies to explain why Sinniah was sent on   retirement two months after his appointment as Navy commander on the  assumption that the people are  so foolish they would believe their   dastardly lies, the whole country on the other hand knows the monumental  corruption and  the actual underlying reason .
The ‘fairy tale’ they relate now is , because all navy officers who were engaged in the war desire to retire , steps were taken to send Sinniah on retirement in two months (even lesser period than given to   three months broilers). If that is their contention , how come his predecessor Raveendra Wijegunaratne alias  bearded ape was given an extension of 6 months even after his period of one year as commander was over ? Was it because there were no suitable navy officers who engaged in the war at that time ? 

A commander of the forces is appointed based on  the batch with whom he was recruited to the forces, and the best from it is selected .The officers are accustomed to thinking the whole group is appointed when one officer from among them   is selected .  There is no country on this planet which gives commander appointments to all in a  group.
These blatant lies were told then because  of the need to give an extension of six months to Raveendra and keep him back until the report of the three committees which decided against the purchase of the dilapidated warship could be changed using him. 

The three committees appointed were : 

1.Committee No 01
The Committee headed by Rear Admiral Dharmendra Wettewage (He is now the defense attaché at the SL embassy in U.S.)
2.  Committee No. 02 
This was headed  by Rear admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe when he was Naval operations Director (He was made the Navy Commander after Sinniah. But he will be retiring in a month.) 
3. Committee No. 03 
This was headed by voluntary commander in chief of the Navy Rear Admiral Neil Rozairo .

All these Committees disapproved the purchase of the Russain warship. However after extending the service of Raveendra , that report was amended through the latter in favor of the purchase. Hence the story weaved by the president  despite being the highest in the hierarchy is an absolute unalloyed lie.
It will be unsurprising and not surprising if these mendacious Machiavellian scoundrels are struck by cursed lightning for all the lies they uttered to cover up Sinniah’s  retirement – sending him home  even before he was assigned the official car and residence  based on their  conspiracy , and for all the subterfuges they are using   to achieve their foul aims and traitorous ambitions at the expense of the country and the people. 

There are legal provisions for the previous commander of the forces if necessary to use  the official vehicle and residence for three more months maximum without releasing those to the newly appointed commander. 

That is  to permit time for the former   commander to find a vehicle and a residence. Doesn’t that legal provision therefore imply  , this is because of the full belief a newly appointed commander is not expected to be ousted within three months of his appointment  ? From this, any sane and sensible person can understand what an insane and insensible action Sirisena had resorted to like a thief despite being  the commander in chief .

The advice proffered by Field Marshal about Sinniah  to Maithri…

Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka who expressed his opinion  in regard to Sinniah had advised president Sirisena against taking such a step . He had also told Sirisena, a new commander of the forces requires at least one year to organize  his subordinates , and it would never be possible to get a navy commander like Sinniah for even  another 50 years.

Fonseka has further stated , during the final phase of the war , he did not have any support from the Navy Commander at that time , Vasantha Karannagoda . Consequently , he had to directly deal with Sinniah  and therefore he knows very well about  his  abilities and prowess. (It is an open secret that Fonseka and Karannagoda were not in speaking terms during the entire period of the war) . President was also informed by him  it was owing to the skills and abilities of Sinniah and none else ten LTTE warships were attacked and sunk during the war. Sadly , whatever advice given by Fonseka were unheeded by the president because his overriding interest was collecting   the huge illicit commission dangling before him on the warship deal .

A source very close to the president revealed , because  Karnnagoda is implicated in the student murders and was responsible for the white van criminal operations ,he whispered to the president to send Sinniah home before the cat is out of the bag. In addition , a media coolie who is president’s sidekick had also sneaked on Sinniah to the president calling Sinniah as an American spy . Sinniah had to suffer despite his patriotic contributions to the country  partly because of  these baseless allegations and because a moron was there to pay heed. 

Though these  influences could have had an impact , more than all those influences  , the primary ground was the inordinate greed coupled with   the fear harbored by President that the colossal illicit commissions from the Russian warship deal would be lost yy him  because of Sinniah .

It is by now an incontrovertible truth , the day Maithripala Sirisena loses the immunity he enjoys now, that day he will have to face the consequences of his crimes of subordinating and jeopardizing the country’s security  to achieve his most selfish and rapacious  ends.  

By a special correspondent

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