S.B.’s speech exposes actual motive behind extension of period of Bond Commission alias “Comic-mission’’ !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.Oct.2017, 11.30PM) The Presidential Commission which was appointed ostensibly to inquire into  the irregularities and corruption if any ,when issuing treasury bonds is by now well and widely known as a degenerative Commission and a damp squib because it has deliberately deviated from its original objectives and transformed into a president’s  Comic –mission aiming only at maligning and mudslinging at UNP leaders . 

In any case ,  this Comic -mission was extended again on the orders of the president for a further 6 weeks. Incidentally  this was the second time its period was extended. 

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , the sole and whole aim of this extension is to exploit this Comic- mission to mount scathing attacks on the UNP during the forthcoming local government elections.

The  dastardly and diabolic motives became very clear thus: Though the  Commission revealed  it required an extension to prepare its report following conclusion of evidence, but now   after the extension of the period by the president it is being  said , more witnesses have to be summoned and evidence must  be recorded.

This is obviously an absolute contradiction of the earlier announcement . In other words the actual motive of this extension is thereby betrayed - to perpetuate the mudslinging that is now being carried on  against the UNP even during the period of elections.
The whole spurious drama enacted through the Comic-mission deliberately aimed at humiliating and mudslinging at the UNP leaders with the support of  huge media publicity  came to light. That is  when the allegation that Anika had to flee the country in fear for her life because of  a supposed  threat made  by a relative of a minister , was proved as  baseless and  a calculated   concocted lie.

Lanka e news exposed this disgraceful and diabolic manipulation with cogent evidence recently. That is, it was proved without any trace of doubt  Anika left the country even before this so called  threat was made. Indeed two ministers are exerting undue pressures against  the CID ‘s investigations into this bogus threat . This was further confirmed indirectly when the police media spokesman on the 26 th revealed as usual there were no such pressures brought to bear on the CID by  the ministers . By these the true colors of president’s Bond Comic-mission has come  to the open.

Meanwhile the  TV  channel of Kili Maharaja ( an infamous despicable  stooge of the president) through the Sirasa channel known to the public as  ‘Sirisena’s clandestine  frequency’ is unrelentingly slinging mud at the UNP leaders . This villainous traitorous  channel is being used by the degenerative ‘Comic-mission’ to malign and insult the UNP leaders.

The ‘Sirasa’ which slung mud with the patronage of the president at the prime minister first , then went on to malign and insult Ravi Karunanayake and  Lakshman Kiriella ,has now begun attacking Akila Viraj Kariyawasam . Earlier on Mangala was castigated by it , but  now after Mangala Samaraweera , who is clever at ‘double games’ and double crossing became the minister of finance as well as  media , crept  into  the good books of Maharaja ,he is playing safe.
During a meeting held recently chaired by  the president with the participation of ‘SLFP Maithri’ group acolytes , S.B. Dissanayake has raised his opposition to the mudslinging targeting the UNP  , when the president has retorted ‘so, why are you  bothered?’ When S.B. had argued  , by vilifying  the UNP the entire government is being demeaned before the public , the  president had  revealed there is need for him to demean the UNP so that when he is quitting his seat , an SLFP government shall be formed.
From   the foregoing  it is abundantly clear , the actual motive of the president behind the extension of the period of the Bond Commission now degenerated into a ‘Comic-mission ‘ is to continue with the mudslinging against the UNP until the local body elections, and for no other reason. 

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