CJ confirms LeN exposure : There are ‘rogue judges’ among judges –says CJ before judges themselves.!

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Oct.2017, 10.45PM)  As  Lanka e news had been revealing time and again there are ‘rogue judges’ among the  judges , and culprits among the referees, so it was confirmed , based on an announcement made publicly by  Priyasad  Dep the present chief justice at a conference before the judges themselves. 

The CJ disclosed  on the 21 st ,  based on his investigations  it has been confirmed  there are a number of individuals who are acting in a manner that is not compatible with the legal profession , and that situation  is not untrue . The CJ made this exposure without mentioning names.

At the conference held on the 21 st from 9.00 a.m. attended by  magistrates and district judges across the whole Island at the supreme court complex ‘Ceremonial court’ yard , the CJ made this announcement in Sinhala.

Commenting further , the CJ said , he has received a number of complaints about the malpractices and corruption of judges and chief justices , but when investigating though there aren’t concrete evidence , on the face of it there is a group which is conducting themselves in a manner that is not in consonance with the profession and ethics  of the  judges. 

There is such a group  in the Colombo chief magistrate courts . They are postponing cases without any grounds and even  leave the bench without hearing the cases  duly during  court time  , the CJ charged, while adding there are also such judges even in the high courts, and they  have got caught to him red handed. 

In any case laws are being enacted in accordance with the constitution , and the judges will have to obey those laws duly with a view to dispense justice. At least now the judges should follow correct practices and procedures , in order to serve the public , the CJ exhorted. Thereafter , SC judge Buwaneka Aluvihare delivered a lecture on granting of bail to accused in cases.  According to the Bail Act remanding is  the exception and   granting bail is the rule , he pointed out. It is true remanding pleases the public but remanding without grounds is wrongful , he noted.
In the evening a lecture was conducted on environmental laws , and a question time was allocated .  

Magistrates and district judges across the entire country including those of the North and East attended the conference .Many  of them seemed to be happy at the end. They  were happy that a conference was held with the participation of all the district judges and magistrates across the Island , instead of holding conferences at district levels. While  CJ was highlighting  the malpractices of some chief justices who are paid homage to like gods in some areas , it was evident some of them were rather unnerved and in fear as though they were guilt ridden. In any event they  seemed  pleased over the fact that all of them got an opportunity to assemble and meet at one point.
Meanwhile there exists  a shortage of 35 high court judges in the country , and that has  not still been met, and the Judicial Service Commission has sent a list of names  to the president  to make his selection . The president however  has told the Commission to send  some more names to make his choice  , it is learnt.

No matter what , the public are now watching,  like how cases were filed based on contempt of court charges by the two legged buffaloes and buffoons against Lanka  news and deputy minister Ranjan Ramanayake for exposing the unscrupulous judges , whether similar cases will be filed against the CJ too on contempt of court charges .

By Special Lanka e news court inside information reporter

Translated by Jeff

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