SLFP ‘s proposal to continue executive presidency is due to those who have got the taste of corrupt power and robbing !

-Ex president Chandrika during special discussion with LeN

(Lanka-e-News - 18.Oct.2017, 11.00PM)  When the president handed over the letter appointing her as the Attanagala organizer , she  felt ashamed , but now she does not consider that as  something derogatory , because the Bandaranaikes by having been organizers of  Attanagala  for the last 90 years have created  a world record , said Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge  a former president of the country. 

The proposal of the SLFP to continue with the executive presidency is contradictory to the promise made by the president , and the latter is  hence caught between two worlds . It was she for the first time  proposed that the executive presidency shall be abolished unconditionally , Chandrika asserted.

During the recent discussion with the editor, Lanka e news  , Chandrika in relation to her  appointment as organizer for Atanagalla , the abolition of executive presidency and the current political situation explained  as follows :

Chandrika  Bandaranaike who explained at length about her Atanagalla organizer post went on to comment thus :

''It was the first time in history, SLFP lost in the Gampaha district at the last two elections.  After the founding of the SLFP in 1952,  for the first time the SLFP lost  was on 2015-01-08 , and that was because of my moves- we wanted to defeat the squalid era at that time , and because of that we did it. 
It was Arjuna Ranatunge who was appointed as the organizer for Attanagalla at that time.   We worked for  him even providing my staff . At the August elections , a large group including myself opposed nominations being given to Mahinda Rajapakse yet  the president gave him nomination . Even until today I do not know the reason for that. 
When nominations were granted to Mahinda , Arjuna and I kept  away from the SLFP campaign. After defeating Mahinda 7 months ago , how could  we work with him again?  Arjuna contested under the UNF. During that time , under the laws governing the SLFP, when contesting under another party , the contestant loses not only the membership but even the electoral organizer post .

Accordingly , Arjuna lost the membership and the electoral organizer post.  At that time I accepted the post of Attanagalla organizer temporarily. Since August   2015  I have been  the Attanagalla organizer. 

Recently , we had a meeting to discuss the future political affairs  of the party. I also participated in it. The president on that occasion issued fresh letters under his signature to the party organizers . When my name was also announced and a letter appointing me as Attanagalla organizer was handed over to me, I felt rather ashamed when my name was mentioned. 

Yet I do not think that  was a deliberate  effort to degrade me. My father , mother , Anura and I have continuously been Attanagalla electorate organizers. This year , we have completed 90 years as Attanagalla organizers. I think that is a world record.”

Upon inquiries made by Lanka e news from Ms. Chandrika Bandaranaike regarding the proposals made by the SLFP and should the executive presidency be continued ? She gave the following answer …

''According to the agreement signed with the UNP and Civil Organizations on 2015-01-08 , the president promised to abolish the executive presidency .Now the SLFP says that should be continued. As far as I am concerned  the pledge we made should be honored. Because I am insisting on that , from the top to the bottom , all of them are angry with me. Now some are claiming it is we who first removed  the executive powers. In 2000, when I proposed a constitution I consented to totally abolish the executive powers unconditionally, and a new chapter too was introduced. That constitution had provisions to grant sweeping powers to the Tamil people. It was I who did that. Yet it was Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP that foiled it. But that was what should have been done.

 Now I hope the president would fulfill the promises. It is my view the president is between two worlds – caught  between the opinion of the party and president’s own. However  it is my view that the president will finally  honor his promise made  to the people that he would abolish the executive power .''

Commenting further on the proposals made by the SLFP to retain the executive presidency , Chandrika a former president  had this to say ...

''Some of those in the SLFP , after being in power again and again , and robbing again and again , have descended to a state in which they cannot be without power. It is only these individuals who  bring proposals which  will eventually destroy the present president , the party and the country .''

-Discussion with Sandaruwan 

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