Divulapitiya subordinates of criminal IGP who is enjoying impunity follow in his footsteps: Cruelly murder an innocent suspect ! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Oct.2017, 4.30PM) A group of murderers of the Divulapitiya police crime division following in the footsteps of their IGP Poojitha (who is free after brutally assaulting the lift operator for not performing meditation) had ruthlessly assaulted an individual as a result of which that individual had died while in police custody.  What ‘s more ! Every effort is now being made to suppress this incident .

Kaiwala Appuhamilage Gamini Edward (50) residing at Kelepitimulla , Hunumulla  was a watcher of  a house of an affluent   family. Gamini Edward  was arrested by the Divulapitiya police on the  2 nd following a complaint lodged by the owner (lady) of the house that Gamini  is the  suspect in connection with the loss of a valuable article in the house.
Simply based on this complaint and without any evidence , the police had arrived at the house where Gamini was , and arrested him. After taking him to the police station, the suspect was assaulted and forced to  admit that he committed the robbery . Despite Kaiwala Gamini saying , he cannot accept a crime he has not committed , the police had continued to brutally assault him all the time. Kaiwala who was taken into custody on the  2nd was produced before the Minuwangoda magistrate court on the  3rd when he was remanded until the 10 th.
When Kaiwala Gamini was produced in court , his lawyer had told court that he was assaulted by the police . But the judge at that moment had taken no action though the judge could have immediately sent him before the judicial medical officer.  After Kaiwala Gamini was dispatched to the Negombo remand prison , when his relatives went to see him , they were not permitted .

Based on reports , the police officers who arrested him have continued to ruthlessly assault Kaiwala Gamini while he was even in remand custody forcing him to admit he committed the crime. If the judge had only acted duly and produced him before the JMO , this second round of brutal assault would not have taken place.

When Kaiwala became very critical within prison , on 4 th morning he was admitted to the prison hospital , but as his condition turned for the worse , he was transferred to the Negombo hospital on the recommendation of the prison hospital doctor. According to Negombo hospital sources , Kaiwala Gamini was dead even when preparations were being made to admit him to Negombo hospital . In other words it was the corpse of Kaiwala Gamini that was dispatched  to Negombo hospital. Kaiwala’s daughter giving evidence said , her father who was brutally killed while within the police and prison ,told her before his death he was assaulted by the police and forced to admit to a crime he never committed.
The conduct of the police following this ghastly murder is most vexatious.  Though the post mortem examination was conducted on the 5 th , the day following the  murder , its report has been   delayed until the 10 th.  Based on unofficial reports , the report of the medical specialist states death was  due to multiple internal injuries , yet this autopsy being  conducted under the police ASP , Negombo , is unfair.
Though the Divulapitiya police crime division acting OIC Saman Priyankara was interdicted , the other police officers who assaulted Kaiwala Gamini have only been given transfers to Peliyagoda police. Like Saman , these brutal rascals too  should  have been arrested , but that did not happen. 

Besides , nobody of the prison who aided the police officers to assault the deceased while within remand prison had been arrested or questioned. By creating artificial  delays the police are  indulging in altering   records at  the police and prison ,as well as  destroying evidence  with a view to suppress another cold blooded murder, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

By the good governance government’s lukewarm and lethargic attitude towards the criminal activities of the IGP himself which had been proved with video  evidence , and by not taking deterrent action against him , the government has indirectly encouraged  the low rung police officers too to commit crimes . When the chief is a criminal and enjoying impunity ,his subordinates turning criminal is inevitable . In the end it is the society that has to suffer the consequences of the lawlessness of the law enforcers. 
The video footage is hereunder 

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